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Top 5 Best Exercises to Gain Weight for Females (2023)

Best Exercise to Gain Weight for Females: Are you searching for quick ways of  Gaining weight? Are you sick of your too-skinny look?

Most people today look for ways to lose weight. However, there are people who are jostling with underweight issues. It is worth notable that being underweight is as critical as obesity.

It also leads to several health issues like malnutrition and body weakness. Eating well can help you gain weight but a good exercise regime can actually make a difference by shaping up your body in the right way.

Yes! A consistent exercise regime is essential to gain the desired muscle weight. Gaining weight abruptly can distort your body shape and defeat the purpose of gaining weight.

Way exercise is useful in losing weight, similarly, exercise plays a vital role in gaining weight and shaping up your body beautifully. If you too looking for the best exercise to gain weight for females at home, here we go!

Exercise to Gain Weight for Females – A Pro Tip

Squats exercises are a proven way to gain weight for females. However, these squats are recommended with some variations to get results faster.

Weights and a gym instructor are all you required as a beginner to do the squats. Hold the weights above your shoulders. A qualified gym instructor is highly recommended while using weights or other equipment to avoid any serious injury, especially when you are a novice user of such equipment. 

Another variation involves jumping. Under the regular squat, you stand and go back to the squat position for several reps. But to add the variation as jumping, you stand and then you jump.

7 Weight Gain Exercise For females at Home for Beginners

Weight Gain Exercise For females at Home for Beginners

#1- Push-ups

Push-up is a brilliant exercise if you are looking to gain weight around the upper body. It is easy and does not require any equipment. You can do it easily at home. Here are the steps to follow to do Push-ups correctly:

  • Lie down on a mat over your stomach.
  • Place your hands on the ground with the shoulder width apart and plan to be flat.
  • Now lift your body and use your hands for support.
  • Extend your arms fully while keeping your legs and back straight
  • Now lower your body slowly by bending your elbows
  • Only toes and hands should touch the ground
  • Do 15 reps in 3 sets

#2- Pull-Ups

If you have a weak wrist or a neck injury, you should avoid this exercise. Otherwise, it is one of the most effective exercises to shape your biceps, Trapezius, Forearms, and Deltoid Muscles. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Make a firm grip on a pull-up bar with outward palms. 
  • Keep your hands in line with your shoulders
  • Take your feet completely off the ground by pulling up your body
  • Pull the body until your chin reaches the pull-bar
  • Now lower the body slowly by keeping your arms straight
  • Repeat it 10 times in 2 sets

#3- Bench Press

To shape up your back, triceps, traps, and Anterior deltoids, this exercise is very helpful. However, you need to be very careful while using the weight bar to avoid any shoulder injury. It is recommended to do this exercise under the supervision of a trained.

  • Lie on a bench over your back and keep your body relaxed
  • Grab the bar above by stretching your fingers Lift the weight bar slowly by stretching your arms
  • Pull down the bar slowly by bending your arms at a 90 degree
  • Repeat it 4-5 times

You should include high-calorie foods to gain weight. but in moderate quantities. 

#4- Bench Dips

This exercise largely helps in shaping your triceps. However, if you have back or neck problems, you should not try this exercise as it strains them excessively. Keep your shoulder blades pulled back and your chest to be puffed to get the maximum results. The steps to do the bench dip exercise are:

  • Choose a stable and wide bench.
  • Lean your back against a firm bench in a perpendicular position
  • Take your legs forward and bent at the waist to create a perpendicular position at the torso
  • Slowly lower your buttocks and inhale
  • Bend your elbows and push your body down to create a perpendicular position to the floor
  • Straight your arms and lift your torso to get back to the starting position.
  • Exhale while coming back to your starting position

#5- Lunges

While cardio exercise; is important to keep your heart healthy, it can also help in gaining muscle weight. Lunges are another effective exercise that helps to gain weight. While doing lunges, avoid leaning back. Lunges are particularly useful in shaping your buttocks, Quadriceps, Hamstring, and Core. 

Exercise to Gain Weight for Females

Make a consistent workout routine to get the desired results. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • At starting position. stand straight with hips aligned to your feet
  • Take a deep breath by engaging your core.
  • Take the left foot a step forward and kneel the right knee to the perpendicular position to the ground.
  • Liftback your body by pushing back on your heel to get back to starting position
  • Hold some weight for improved results. 
  • Repeat this exercise 20 times

#6- Squats

The squat is an excellent workout, especially if you are looking to add some extra weight around your back and legs. Squats are a great exercise to gain weight for females and males.

Exercise to Gain Weight for Females

There are many variations of squats, but all can be done at home, squats will not only help you gain weight but also help to improve your posture.

Here are the steps to do the squats in the right way:

  • Stand straight in line with your hips
  • Raise your arm forward with a perpendicular position to the ground
  • Join your plam in front of your chest and keep the entire body tight
  • Lower your buttocks and breathe deeply in a position as if you are sitting on the chair Keep your thigh parallel to the ground and hold the position for a few seconds
  • The bent knees should not cross the big toes Come back to the starting position Repeat it 10 times
  • These exercises are helpful in strengthening your muscles and help in shaping your body.
  • Besides these exercises, there are other factors that are helpful in achieving your weight gain target

5 Amazing Success Tips- How to Gain Weight?

Here are some success tips which will bring you closer to your weight gain targets:

1. Have a Goal

Having a clear vision of how much weight you want to gain will help you to go for it. Weigh yourself regularly to identify changes you need to make along the way.

2. Diet

The way weight loss requires a regulated diet, weight gain requires a proper diet too. The goal is to add extra calories to your diet to gain weight.  Add a few more snacks in the day to your diet. However, the goal is to gain a healthy weight, so be sure to include healthy snacks in the required portions of your menu.

For instance, you can have a chicken salad as snacking after breakfast and prepare a healthy lunch. You should be consistent with your diet to get the desired results. Consume meals with carbs, proteins as well as fiber to ensure a balanced diet.

3. Caloric Intake

You need to know your caloric need, knowing the number of calories you need for weight loss is as important as weight gain. However, when it comes to weight loss, you are advised to maintain or lower your caloric intake.

4. For a healthy weight gain

You need to know how many calories you should increase. Calculate your metabolic rate. This is the number of calories you need if you will be inactive throughout the day.

After finding out your basal metabolic rate, multiply this number by your activity level. Highly active people require more calories and vice-versa. After identifying this, you will derive the calories you need to eat for a productive day and how many you need to add.

Knowing your caloric needs prevents unhealthy weight gain, which may lead to other complications.

5. Find Motivation

You can join a group working towards the same goals as you are. Being a part of a team and sharing your progress frequently will keep you motivated. Besides the external motivation, find an internal push. Associate with positive people who can push you more toward achieving your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can women take to gain weight?

Homemade protein smoothies, Rice, Nuts & Nut butter, Potatoes and Starches, and other protein supplements are highly recommended for women who want to gain weight. 

Which exercise is considered best for gaining weight?

Squats are considered best for gaining muscle weight. When you stress your muscles and bone with heavyweight, it induces the testosterone level in your body and builds your muscles. However, it is important to start light to avoid any spasms in the initial days.

How does a girl gain weight fast?

If a girl eats more often, avoids drinking water before meals, relies on weight gain shakes, and adds a calorie-rich diet to her meals, it can help her gain weight fast. 


Exercise to Gain Weight for Females is important to ensure a healthy weight gain It is essential to find out what works for you. If gaining weight is your thing, what are you waiting for? Do these simple exercises every day along with a healthy calorie intake. Remember, gaining weight is important but gaining it in the right way is more important. 

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