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7 Exercise to Gain Weight for Females at Home 2020

Exercise to Gain Weight for Females

Gaining weight is not a popular topic among many, however, not everyone desires to lose weight. The best exercise to gain weight for females at home. Some individuals want to add some extra pounds and if you are one of them, this is the place for you.

The issue of gaining healthy weight is a challenge, especially when it comes to women, below are some easy exercises to help women gain weight.

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Exercise to Gain Weight for Females

If you have weights and a gym instructor, then you can do the squats while holding the weights above your shoulders. However, make sure you have a qualified gym instructor when using weights or other equipment.

The third variation involves jumping, in the regular squat you stand and go back to the squat position for several reps, for this squat, as you stand you jump.

This is a more intense squat and will require more agility but the good thing about this exercise is the versatility. So do not be afraid to start and let yourself grow each day.

Weight Gain Exercise For Beginners

Exercise to Gain Weight for Females

1- Push-ups

Push-up is a brilliant exercise if you are looking to gain weight around the upper body; they are easy and do not require any equipment. On a mat or comfortable surface lie down, then lift your body and use your hands for support. Repeat the motion for several reps.

2- Yoga

For your body to function normally, it is important to relax, and yoga relaxes the mind by relieving stress and improving sleep. Lack of sleep may affect one’s eating habits. Yoga enhances appetite, and this consequently leads to more meals, which then means weight gain.

3- Swimming

Swimming is an ideal way to gain weight, as well as promote cardiovascular health. It is an exercise to gain weight for females at home. When you swim, the body uses up energy, in turn, increasing appetite.

For one to gain healthy weight, it is essential to use methods that help you use up just the right amount of calories while still consuming more foods to gain weight.

4- Running

Like swimming, jogging works by increasing appetite; research shows that jogging or running at 6mph will help use up about 150 calories. After running, one gets exhausted and feels the need to get re-energized, and this is made possible by a nutritious meal, which will, in turn, help in gaining weight.

5. Jumping rope

Jumping rope is a vital cardio exercise; it is not only easy but can be done in the comfort of your home or by the park. Low-intensity cardio like jumping rope helps to increase metabolism, which subsequently increases one’s appetite.

The above exercises are easy, can be done at home and require minimal or no equipment. The good thing about this workout routine is their help in gaining healthy weight by enhancing and improving metabolism as well as improving one’s entire wellbeing by reducing stress.

6. Squats

The squat is an excellent workout, especially if you are looking to add some extra weight around your back and the legs. Squats is a great exercise to gain weight for females and male.

There are many variations of squats, but all can be done at home, squats will not only help you gain weight but also helps to improve one’s posture.

To do a squat; while standing to ensure your back and shoulders are straight, bend in a squat like position, but ensure your back and shoulders remain straight.

Stand and repeat this motion for several reps a day. For the best results, you can gradually add the reps as your body will gain more strength and stamina.

Success Tips- How to Gain Weight?

  • Have a goal.

Having a clear vision of how much weight you want to gain will help you keep at it, great tip weight yourself regularly, also this will help you identify changes you need to make along the way.

Unlike weight loss, weight gain requires a proper diet. The goal is to add extra kilos, so do not be afraid to eat a few more snacks in the day. However, the goal is to gain healthy weight, so be sure to include healthy snacks in your menu.

For instance, you can have a chicken salad as brunch, then prepare a healthy, more nutritious lunch meal. Another important tip, stick with your diet, for the best results you need to be consistent.

When it comes to dieting in weight gain, focus on diets that offer an all-around nutritious experience. Consume meals with carbs, proteins as well as fiber.

  • Caloric intake.

You need to know your caloric need, knowing the number of calories you need on weight loss is as important in weight gain. However, when it comes to weight loss, you are advised to maintain or lower your caloric intake.

When it comes to weight gain, you need to know how many calories you need to increase. To do this, first know your basal metabolic rate, this is the number of calories you need if you will be inactive throughout the day.

After finding out your basal metabolic rate, multiply this number with your activity level, highly active people require more calories, after identifying this now you know how much calories you need to eat for a productive day and how many you need to add.

Knowing your caloric needs will help you prevent unhealthy weight gain, which may lead to other complications.

Find Motivation

You can join a group working towards the same goals as you, being part of a team, keeps you motivated. Besides the external motivation, find internal push, this is what defines your purpose. Additionally associate with positive people, having positive family and friends will help you push more toward achieving your goal.


Find out what works for you, some foods are allergic, so before changing your menu, consult a doctor. This will not only make the process easier but also safer.

Final Remarks

Exercise to Gain Weight for Females. For your desired body, it is essential to find out what works for you and if gaining weight is your thing, what are you waiting for? Do those squats for several minutes a day, relax and enjoy the fresh air as you do your yoga in the afternoon. But most importantly, as you gain weight, ensure you do it the right way.

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