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How to Get Rid of Back Fat in 2 Weeks?

How to get rid of back fat in 2 weeks?

How to get rid of back fat? Fitness is slowly becoming a normal routine in our everyday lives.

Not even a single person you see every day will never say, “I never work out.”

Each one of us has one fitness routine such as walking, jogging, swimming or yoga and a lot more to add.

Some go crazy with building their muscles stronger and stronger.

What not? We all are going crazy about fitness day after day.

7 out of 10 people you see work harder to lose their belly fat.

Again a sizeable number works hard to improve their shoulder strength, core strength, and most importantly lower body strength.

But very few ask the question, “How to get rid of Back Fat?”

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How to Get Rid of Back Fat In a Week?

How to Get Rid of Back Fat
How to Get Rid of Back Fat

In fact, a lot of us are unaware of this. When we say back it deals with our spine, erector, rhomboids, etc. None of us is worried about our back health.

Several clinical studies say, neglecting your back health is a potential reason for PCOS, Infertility, Diabetes and a lot more similar illnesses.

Especially women are more prone to this condition than men. So here we answer the question, How to get rid of Back Fat?

Fat in any part of your body never goes off just like that. You need to work out hard for days and months to get rid of that.

Here are some workouts which you can do to rip off that back fat.

Bent-Over Row

This targets a variety of back muscles and increases your strength as well as size. It is a weight training exercise and there are several variants in it.

  • Take dumbbells in both your hands,
  • bend down and make a 90 Degree pose lowering your upper body.
  • Keep your hands straight facing the ground and slowly take your hands upwards.
  • Back part of your shoulder gets strengthened and adds more flexibility.

The number of sets should vary based on your core strength. For someone new to start with, it actually turns out hard to cross 15 Rows at once.

Hence always consult a fitness trainer before beginning on it. Also, see to it that you take weight which can support your body.

Apparently, beginners are recommended to begin with a weight of 10 KG or 12.5 KG weight.

Wide-Grip Lat Pull Down

If you go to a gym pull down machines are widely used by all. This is again strength training to add more stamina to your back muscles.

  • Now seat yourself comfortably based on your height on the pull-down the machine.
  • Most importantly, sit straight and start pulling it up to your upper chest.
  • Then slowly release it.
  • While doing this your upper torso must remain stationary and your arms alone should move.
  • Always remember, inhale and exhale deeply while doing this.

Repetitions will vary depending upon your existing strength. Consulting your fitness trainer and asking him/her to set goals will eventually help you lose fat in the proper way.

Also, follow a proper diet while doing such workouts.

A proper diet and right set of repetitions will help you lose fat in the right way possible.

How to Get Rid of Back Fat Fast at Home?

1- Lying Lat Pullover

  • Lie back on a bench and hold the inner bar of your dumbbell with both hands.
  • Now extend your arms completely backwards and you will find stretches on your triceps.
  • Again bring it to the front slowly.
  • You can stretch as much as possible.
  • Also, do not overstretch which might lead to cramps or even injury.
  • Ensure you’re moving in a slow and controlled fashion.
  • Taking it rapidly will always exert you so much that you can’t do more.

2- Most importantly

Keep your back flat against the bench. This workout involved your back, shoulders, and triceps.

You’ll get overall wellbeing and improved flexibility with this workout. If you’re still a beginner ask your trainer to let you work on something simple first and then move on to this.

As a beginner, your muscles might not be ready for this. Hence you need to move slowly and steadily while working on such things.

If you don’t have a bench, you can always lie down straight placing a pillow on your back.

Don’t forget to breathe in and breathe out well while working out on this.

3- Seated Cable Row

Sit in the low pulley work station handling the straight bar attachment wider than your shoulder-width apart.

Now push your torso using your legs to let your arms fully extend and support the weight.

Arch your back, chest forward, shoulders down and pull the bar towards your weight. While doing this, always ensure you never lean forward.

Bring your shoulder blades together while finishing the row. This targets your erector, lats, trapezius, biceps, deltoids and wrist flexors.

Most importantly, never draw your elbow out. Also, you shouldn’t be shrugging or pulling your upper torso back while rowing.

A fitness trainer will recommend three sets of ten reps. Again, it will vary depending upon the individual’s capacity to work out.

5Superman Pose

Lie upside down stretching your hands and legs. Now slowly together raise both at once. Stay in the same position as much as possible.

This is usually seen as a stretching exercise. But this works well on your back. This targets your back, glutes as well as your hamstrings.

You may feel a good stretch on your back while doing this. The longer you can stay, the healthier and stronger your back turns out i.e.

fat-free back. Again consistency is the key while doing this. You must repeat it for at least twice a week which will actually improve your back health.

If lying down on the bare floor is uncomfortable, you can use gym balls to do this too.

Well, now that we have seen some of the exercises that are essential to maintain a healthy back and we have eventually answered the question,

How to get rid of back fat?. But getting rid of back fat is again a combination of several other factors. One such is consistency.

One should consistently follow these exercises routines and with proper guidance. Only with those, your back stays healthy forever.

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