10 Best Cold Sore Treatments Fast And Naturally (2023)

10 Best Cold Sore Treatments Fast And Naturally (2023)

Cold sores or fever blisters are getting common nowadays. Every other person in the USA is suffering from it; yet, it is taboo to discuss it in terms of dating because it is the symptom of HSV-1 in most cases. HSV-1 or genital herpes is caused by the Herpes Virus, which is passed due to unprotected sexual intercourse.

10 Best Cold Sore Treatments

Some remedies and ointments guarantee core sore treatment fast. Some of them are:

Cold Sore Treatment Fast

1. Abreva Docosanol

It is a cream that consists of chemicals and components that can heal blisters faster. The cream can lessen itching and irritation. However, the patients are required to apply it at least five times a day if they want their pink lips back.

2. Lysine foods and tablets

According to research, L-Lysine speeds up the healing process of cold sores because the menus and pills, rich in L-lysine, have Vitamin C, licorice roots, and Echinacea, which improves the immune system and make it able to defend against herpes and its symptoms. So, have super lysine tablets and increase the intake of meat, cheese, and eggs.

3. Lemon balm

Lemon balm is rich in antiviral properties and components, which help in reducing redness and itching. Besides this, the lotion can protect you from future blisters and infections because it stops the growth of the herpes virus. Therefore, it is instrumental. It can be bought from any pharmaceutical store. So, buy it and get cold sore treatment fast.

4- Propolis

Propolis is a component or chemical that bees collect from plants and flowers to make their hives. The compound is rich in antioxidants and antiviral ingredients which keep the virus from spreading in all areas and heals the fever blisters faster. According to an experiment in 2002, rats and rabbits showed lesser symptoms of HSV-1 when they were treated with an ointment that had five percent of Propolis.

5. Zinc oxide cream

Zinc oxide reduces the replication of the herpes virus, which results in faster healing and a reduction in the sensation of burning and itching. 

Try to apply three times a day if you want to cure your sores within one and a half-day. The cream is better than a placebo cream.

6. Ice

Although ice does not halt the development and multiplication of the virus, its coldness can reduce pain and itching. Therefore, it has been used for cold sore treatment fast, still, despite it being considered as not a beneficial way to treat. So, instead of the following science, use it and lessen your pain. You can put an ice pack or cube of ice in the affected area by holding it with the help of a cloth.

7. Sunscreen creams

Too much warmth and heat from the sun and the environment can make blisters and cold sores severe because of ultraviolet rays that are harmful to humans. Therefore, apply facial sunscreen and sunblock on your face and affected areas to keep them safe.  They are not costly to buy.

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has a solution for every skin problem. The resolution and the thick paste inside its leaf are rich in amino acids and different vitamins which include

  1. B1
  2. B2
  3. B6, and
  4. Vitamin C

That plays a vital role in healing lesions and strengthening the immune system. To apply Aloe Vera, pluck its leaf and cut it into halves horizontally. Take out its paste and apply a small amount of it to the affected area with the help of cotton. Apply it every day until the sore is dried.

9. Tea tree oil

The oil is made from the extracts of black tea leaves. They are rich in antiseptic components and chemicals which help in drying out sores faster. They have a solution for your dandruff and herpes. So, dilute the oil with olive oil and apply it to the lesion more than five times a day to heal them faster and rapidly.

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Dairy products are the best way to treat your skin problems. Yogurt is one of them. It is rich in immunoglobin and lysine due to which applying a teaspoon of yogurt on lesions can heal the lips faster by reducing the growth of the virus. Patients can even add honey or vinegar too to enhance the effect and make the healing more rapid. It is important to remember that do not apply it with a spoon, or the virus will spread in you too.

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice is very acidic; therefore, it is beneficial because the acidity halts the growth of the virus and cures them faster. However, it is painful. That’s why dip the cotton once in lemon juice and then put it on the affected area. If it is painful, then add some water to the milk, and then apply it via cotton.

Black tea:

Black tea contains tannic acid, which can work as a natural healer to lesions and different problems of skin and hair. To treat your lesions and fever blisters, apply it on cold sores for 20 minutes via cotton. Try to use it numerous times to cure your lips fast.

Antiviral medicines and ointments:

There are different antiviral medications and creams, which are recommended by doctors the most to treat their patients. Some of them to keep if you are looking for cold sore treatment fast mechanisms. Some of them are

  1. Famciclovir
  2. Penciclovir
  3. Acyclovir, and
  4. Valacyclovir.

Famciclovir, Acyclovir, and Valacyclovir are tablets. A patient is required to buy any of them and has 2000 mg of single and secondary dosage within 12 hours. Penciclovir is an ointment. You can use any of them, but first, ask your doctor and then make a purchase.


So, these are a few cold sore treatments in fast ways. Besides them, the best and the most effective way is to work on your immune system. Your immune system is a system that protects you from all viruses and germs. Try to have wholesome food at breakfast, healthier food at lunch, and light but nutritious food at dinner. Maintain your sleep cycle. Wake up and sleep earlier. Do exercise daily, and during sores, do not do oral sex and share your things (food, lipstick) with anyone; otherwise, they will catch it too.

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