How to Get Rid Of Cold Sore Overnight? 8 Fastest Tips

How to get rid of cold sore overnight

How to get rid of cold sore overnight? Many of us face red-pointed outgrowths on lips that are in a group at any part of lips, usually in corners, or inside mouths.

These outgrowths are called cold sores or fever blisters.

They are itching and pain. They will irritate you a lot because it is a viral infection. Most of the times, it is symptoms of Herpes.

There are two kinds of Herpes

  1. HSV-1, and
  2. HSV-2.

Usually, HSV-1 causes cold sores. It is a contagious viral infection that spread due to oral sex, sharing utensils and kissing.

Commonly, it is known as oral Herpes. It even causes ulcers and blisters too. Because of this infection, cold sores are questioned and considered as a stigma.

HSV-2 can also cause these outgrowths, but its chances are low.

Although cold sores can heal automatically within two weeks or 14 days, if you want them to heal faster within overnight, then you have to use some creams or apply remedies.

There are so many remedies and creams which can cure it. Usually, they take around 24 hours to treat sores, but if you would apply them several times a day, then you will desire result.

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Cold Sore Remedies Overnight

How to get rid of cold sore overnight
How to get rid of cold sore overnight

Some of the remedies which are easy to apply are:

1- Tea Tree Oil:

If you want to treat your sores with something easy to buy and easy to use, then pick tea tree oil!

Tea leaves are used to extract tea oil from them. It is beneficial to treat Herpes, dandruff, acne and many other problems by preventing the growth of viruses and their development in other areas.

To treat cold sores, apply the oil at the affected part after every 15 minutes when it gets dry. In this way, your outgrowths will be cured overnight.

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2- Cream And Lip Balm:

Nothing is better than the application of cold and pleasant smelled moisturizing cream or lip balm.

Their coldness stops the growth of virus and halts their development if they are applied in the early stages of the development of sores.

Try to apply antiseptic lip balm. It will cure flush out Herpes faster. However, it is better to use it with cotton three to five times a day if you want fresh lips the next morning.

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3– Ice:

It is a common saying that ice can heal sores faster. Although they reduce the pain, the remedy would work if you would apply other treatments as well because ice can reduce the pain only by seizing their growth.

It cannot heal the scars. Therefore, it is better to use aloe Vera or yogurt besides using ice in the affected area.

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4- Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has a cure for everything related to skin and hair. To cure cold sores, cut the leaf and take out its liquid part in a bowl. Soak cotton in liquid and apply the extract on the wounds.

By overnight because of its antiviral effects that inhibit the growth of virus and Herpes.

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5- Yoghurt:

Like every dairy product, yogurt has several benefits to health and skin and hair.

Because of having lysine and immunoglobin in it, an application of teaspoon of yogurt on the affected area can heal your cold sores within a night and give you pink lips back.

You can even add honey or vinegar in it, as well, to enhance its effect. Try to have less contact with the affected area.

Apply the mixture or simple yogurt with the help of cotton or something else; otherwise, Herpes might spread to your hands and may cause something else.

6- Lemon:

Lemon is a highly acidic vegetable due to which it can treat cold sores within the night, but the remedy is painful because of the same reason.

Therefore, soak cotton little in lemon juice or dilute the juice with little water to make it less painful.

Too much application can injure your lips more. That’s why apply carefully and in a small amount.

7- Black Tea:

Nature has a cure for everything. Take the example of black tea. Black tea is commonly used to lose weight, keep the mouth healthy and to treat cold sores as well.

To treat cold sores, you have to put some of it on cotton and apply it on the affected part for 20 minutes.

Apply it numerous times a day if you want your pink and soft lips back till the next morning.

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8- Medications:

Ointments and tablets can treat cold sores overnight too if you apply or have them a few times a day.

Take an example of Valacyclovir. Generally, it can cure your sores in two to three days but if they are not too severe and if they are minimal, then 12 hours or whole night is enough to cure them.

You are required to have at least one tablet or single dosage and secondary dosage of 2000 mg in the time of 12 hours. Besides this, there are other medications too which you can use like:

  1. Penciclovir
  2. Acyclovir, and
  3. Famciclovir.

Penciclovir is available in the form of cream but Acyclovir, like Valacyclovir and Famciclovir, can be purchased in tablets form too.

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Medications and ointments are beneficial too, but the recommendations of doctors are essential before their usage; otherwise, their excessive or minimum usage could make your lips severe.

So, these are few ways to get rid of cold sores within overnight.


Cold sores or fever blisters are very irritating and painful outgrowth on lips or inside the mouth.

There are many causes of it, but most of the time, they are the symptoms of Herpes.

So, if you have Herpes or cold sores, then do not have oral sex when your treatment is going otherwise, it can be worsened.

However, at many times, stress and lack of sleep can cause cold sores and other blisters.

Therefore, it is better to have a wholesome diet and eight hours of sleep because food and sleep have a solution to all problems and disorders.

I hope this article (how to get rid of cold sore overnight) has helped you to cure your blisters and painful outgrowth while maintaining your diet and sleep cycle.

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