5 Best Healthiest Breakfast in the World 2020

Healthiest Breakfast in the World

Healthiest Breakfast in the World: Breakfast is the first and important meal of any given day. It counts a lot on our health and behavior too.

Literally, the breakfast you eat impacts in many ways. There is no better way to keep you energized, focused and of course happy through the major part of the day. And, it is not a wise option to skip breakfast.

So, it is your responsibility to eat the healthiest breakfast in the world, every day! What makes a healthy breakfast?

Let’s explore the different choices of healthiest breakfast in the world.

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Why Should You Eat the Healthiest Breakfast?

There are many obvious reasons you should stick on to healthiest breakfast in the world.

After several hours of continuous sleep, when you wake up (whether fresh or not) your body demands energy and nutrients.

Why? Every cell in the body works when you fall asleep. There is no rest even when you rest.

So, to lit-up the metabolism and kick start your day, your body demands healthy breakfast foods.

You can eat anything in the morning, from sugar loaded cereals to deep-fried foods as breakfast, which ought to give you energy.

Yet, the after-effects may not make you happy.

Breakfast – Food Ideas

What can I include in the morning meal to make it a healthy breakfast in the world? There is plenty of healthy foodstuffs out there waiting for you to pick.

1. Fruits

Fruits are delicious and nutritious. There are plenty of options to choose from. In fact, you can eat the seasonal fruits that grow in your locality. Eat as whole fruit, a part of breakfast.

2. Protein shake

If you are on a low carb diet, still need energy you can count on protein shake as healthiest breakfast in the world.

The choices are unlimited, to make it delicious and satisfy your flavor palette. You can add fruits, veggies, greens, and anything you wish to make it healthier breakfast. Of course, protein shakes are fulfilling breakfast.

3. Eggs

Well, eggs are definitely the best choice for easy and healthy breakfast recipe ideas.

In fact, eggs are the most versatile ingredient that you can cook and eat as you wish.

Eggs are stapled ingredients across every country in the world. From boiled eggs to egg toast, eggs make portable, easy and delicious breakfast on any day.

4. Smoothies

If you want to include more fruits and vegetables every day and cut down carbs, smoothies make the best option for you.

Yogurt, a few cubes of ice and your choice of ingredients. You are good to go! Smoothies are fulfilling and keep you fuller for longer without making you feel exhausted.

5. Grains

We don’t tell you to eat whole grains or refined grains. When you think of grain-based recipes, there are plenty that pops.

The simplest and healthiest breakfast in the world is multigrain porridge. A big bowl of hot and delicious porridge topped with choice of nuts and fruits kick starts your day in a blissful way.

You can cook porridge with milk and get all the essential nutrients too!

You can eat a combination of foods for breakfast – Hot porridge and some fruit.

Adding a choice of fruit in the mornings controls the craving for sugar (or sweet food). If you got a sweet tooth, you could reduce relying on high caloric sweet foods.

Healthiest Breakfast in the World – Skip it All Along

Oh yes, we said, skipping breakfast may not suit everyone. There are instances you can skip the first meal.

However, skipping breakfast remains a better option for healthy breakfast ideas rather than eating unhealthy breakfast.

When you know what the not so healthy breakfast foods are, you can easily shortlist the delicious and healthy breakfast recipes.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas in India

Every state in India represents the specific culture that reflects in the food choices. So, there are plenty of options to choose from healthy breakfast ideas in India.

  • Idly (A lot of rumors that UNESCO declared as the world’s healthiest breakfast)
  • Poha with veggies
  • Upma with veggies (Low calorie and energizing)
  • Sprouted grains porridge
  • Dosa with veggies
  • Vegetable paratha and curd
  • Museli and fruits

Top Worst Breakfast food Ideas and Options

  • Breakfast cereals are definitely the healthiest breakfast options for you. The world may have shown you otherwise. Cereals contain refined grains and refined sugar. These cereals are highly processed and don’t count as the healthiest breakfast in the world.
  • Pancakes and Waffles Some countries eat waffles and pancakes as their morning meal. It is often a staple easy breakfast recipe during weekend mornings. While you get proteins from eggs, refined flour, fructose, syrup, etc makes it unhealthy!
  • Fruit Juices Fruit juices make a bad choice and never count it as an easy healthy breakfast recipe. Already you must be aware that fruit juices contain artificial flavorings, preservatives, etc which adds more calories than nutrients. Even if you drink fresh fruit juices in the mornings, it ain’t gonna help you as a healthy breakfast food. Eating whole fruits are healthier, delicious, and highly nutritious. You can add a glass of fresh juice along with your breakfast option.

Healthiest Breakfast in the World UNESCO

Rumors had it that South India, especially Tamilnadu’s gastronomical delight, Idly with a bowl of spicy dal makes the healthiest breakfast in the world, declared by UNESCO.

Nevertheless, Idly literally makes the healthy breakfast recipe in the world. It has proteins and carbs which load up your energy.

At the same time, it is light and doesn’t make you feel heavy. Being a steamed breakfast, it literally becomes the healthy breakfast food in the world.

Healthiest Breakfast in the World

Eat foods that give you energy. Also, make sure that you get the flavors right. If you got a sweet tooth, eating savory or spicy foods won’t help you and vice versa.

When you eat energy-giving foods (Recall the term from your school days) it makes you crave less for carbs during the rest of the day.

So you can add moderate carb foods for breakfast. Eating nutritious, energizing and a balanced breakfast simply counts as a healthy breakfast in the world.

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