Top 10 High Testosterone Faces of Men And Women (2024)

high testosterone

How interesting this can be? Testosterone can dramatically transform everything from a man’s perspective. To give an example, a man with a high testosterone face, which means a high level of testosterone is easily attracted to women with feminine faces and charms.

What is testosterone? Nothing but the male hormone! Let’s explore more about the characteristics, habits, benefits, and many other aspects of men with high testosterone.

The testosterone levels in men increase during puberty. It reaches a peak during the end of the teenage years and may gradually lower in the latter year. Post-30s, men normally experience a low level of testosterone. The level of testosterone in men decreases every year as a result of aging.

What is testosterone?

What is testosterone? Testosterone is a hormone secreted by the testes to enable the body to develop male characteristics.

High Testosterone Face

In males, testosterone also plays a vital role in the development of secondary male sexual characteristics like increased bone and muscle mass, and the production of body hair.

However, in females, testosterone does not play a crucial role in these aspects, although it is present in high levels. Testosterone replacement therapy has recently been shown to be an effective treatment for low libido, erectile dysfunction, and aging.

High Testosterone Face 2024 – Testosterone Levels in Men

Testosterone levels in men become crucial in many aspects. High testosterone face and levels have a direct impact on mate preference. High-testosterone men are accustomed to victory, and they do expect the feminine and appealing women to assemble.

Heavy muscles, masculine face, small eyes, chiseled body, and an appealing personality, thanks to the testosterone in a man’s body. It impacts body growth.

Testosterone, the important male hormone is responsible for masculine features and attributes. Let us look at the functions of testosterone in a male’s body.

Functions or Roles of Testosterone in Men

  • It commutes from the brain
  • It acts as a messenger
  • Supports sperm production
  • It is responsible for the genital transformation
  • It impacts the behavioral traits
  • A man’s beard, body, and hair – Testosterone levels in men decide it
  • It is responsible for libido – low testosterone no or low libido
  • Muscle mass and muscular physique
  • Supports the skin tissues
  • Promotes fat metabolism
  • Keeps the bone density intact
  • Essential for a healthy heart

How Do You Know Someone Has Signs of High Testosterone in a Man?

There are a few factors that easily show that a man has a high testosterone face. The following are the few things that show a man has a high testosterone face and runs with a high testosterone level.

low testosterone face
  • Precise high facial width-to-height ratio
  • Smaller eyes mean a man is exposed to a higher testosterone level
  • A well-defined jawline
  • Eyebrows are placed closer to the eyes
  • More facial hair – especially a beard, and thick eyebrows
  • Large nose
  • Structural, angular face
  • Clear and well-defined cheekbone

Normal And High Testosterone Levels in Men?

Women do have testosterone but in a small quantity. Women with high testosterone levels tend to grow facial hair and adopt men’s behavior. Here is the table of testosterone levels in men and women.

High Testosterone Face

Infants and children

AgeMale (in ng/dl)Female (in ng/dl)
0 to 5 months75-40020-80
6 months to 9 yearsLess than 7-20Less than 7-20
10 to 11 yearsLess than 7-130Less than 7-44


AgeMale (in ng/dl)Female (in ng/dl)
12 to 13 yearsLess than 7-800Less than 7-75
14 yearsLess than 7-1,200Less than 7-75
15 to 16 years100-1,200Less than 7-75


AgeMale (in ng/dl)Female (in ng/dl)
17 to 18 years300-1,20020-75
19 years and older240-9508-60

What comes as High Testosterone Benefits?

There is more to high testosterone levels. It not only makes them look appealing in the eyes of the women but also enables a lot of benefits. What comes as high testosterone benefits to a high testosterone face?

  • Lower body fat due to the optimal level of fat metabolism
  • Strong heart, muscles, bones, and overall health remain intact!
  • Good control of overweight and leaner muscle mass
  • Enhanced libido, sexual activities, and no risk of sexual disorders like poor erection.
  • No worries for depression, stress, or anxiety
  • Confidence, increased sharpness, clarity of mind, etc
  • A lot of energy
  • Look healthy and energetic, as well as feel healthy and energetic

High testosterone in females

The natural hormone levels and the preferences of the mate can create a whole new picture. Men with low testosterone and men with high testosterone levels are different in many aspects. They do explain the preferences of the mate differently.

High Testosterone Face

Women with feminine faces and features naturally attract men. The high testosterone levels in men find attractive feminity in women as a signal, which indicates good genes. As a natural biological element, good genes indicate good physical health and a high fertility rate.

How to Get High Testosterone With High Testosterone Foods?

It is easy to improve testosterone levels in men naturally and with some high-testosterone foods.

  • Eat more fat – Fat is also an essential nutrient
  • Sleep more – Sleep helps to regulate your hormone level
  • Lift weight – Obviously, men love to get a toned and chiseled physique
  • Get some sunshine – Look good, feel good, and gain some vitamin D
  • Avoid plastic to minimize the estrogen which counteracts testosterone
  • Do not go for steady cardio
  • Reduce the radiation exposure, if you are subjective too.
  • Include micronutrients and minerals in your diet
  • Quit alcohol – there is a direct negative impact on your testosterone level.
  • Say no to Beer! You need a flat stomach, not a bag.
  • Do not binge eat at night
  • Get plenty of rest

Here is the list of high testosterone foods that can help you boost the levels and get high testosterone

  • Fortified cereals
  • Seafood (Tuna, oyster, and shellfish) and fatty fish
  • Low-fat milk
  • Egg yolks
  • Venison and beef
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Onions, Beans, and all cruciferous vegetables
  • Ginger, garlic, and spices
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Pomegranates and honey
  • Whey protein

High Testosterone Face Features

Here you will learn the high testosterone features” and what kind of features it has. How can you identify high testosterone?

  1. Long nose
  2. Slim face
  3. A man’s beard
  4. Hair
  5. muscle and muscular physique
  6. Supports the skin tissues
  7. Essential for a healthy heart

So that was some identity to get to know it.


Women always find high testosterone faces a more attractive and charming personality. Most women, who have more feminine features’ are naturally drawn to men with high testosterone levels. A majority of men have more testosterone levels than required. Testosterone affects every function in a man’s body, from the reproductive system to bone health to behavior.

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