Chrissy Metz Husband: Bio, Affair, Love, Divorce, Marriage

Chrissy Metz Husband

Chrissy Metz Husband: Her Dating life and Affair

Chrissy Metz Husband: The famous actress Kate Pearson in ‘This is Us’ has always been open about her feelings. Be it her body image or her personal life; she has always drawn the interest of the viewers.

Spending her childhood in Gainesville, Florida, she lived with her mother, four siblings, and stepfather. Besides knowing about the Chrissy Metz weight loss, people are curious to know about her love life, her boyfriends and her husband.

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This article will unveil some aspects of Chrissy Metz husband and about her personal life:

She was Married For Seven Years

Chrissy Metz Husband

Chrissy Metz met with her ex-husband when she was in her mid-20s. Martyn Eaden, her then-husband was a British screenwriter. They met on an online dating website in 2006. While Metz lived in Los Angeles, Eaden was in Sheffield, England.

They both felt an instant connection between them and exchanged emails to know each other better for months. After a year into the relationship, Eaden proposed the Metz and their fairy-tale-love blossomed.

In a small ceremony in Santa Barbara, California, they got married. But, their relationship started deteriorating with each passing year, and finally, the couple got divorced in 2014. Metz believed that the reason for their divorce was that they were not the right fit for each other.

About Martyn Eaden: Her ex-husband

  • Gender – Male
  • Eyes Color Dark Brown
  • Marital status: – Divorced
  • Profession –   Copywriter, Screenwriter
  • Hair – Light Brown

He is a British freelance screenwriter and husband of American actress Chrissy Metz for seven years.

Her dating with ‘This is Us’ Crewmember

Josh Stancil is the crew member of the first season of famous tele-series – ‘This is Us’ where Crissy met him for the first time. She shared one of her experience of shooting a romantic scene with Chris Sullivan (Toby in the serial as her love interest) in the presence of a real-life boyfriend.

While filming for another Christmas episode, Metz was required to kiss her on-screen boyfriend 12 times which made Josh curious about it and texting her, she shared. However, in 2018 Metz and Josh broke up amicably and Stancil moved to another show.

She Met With Hal Rosenfeld in 2018

Metz encountered her new relationship in November 2018. Composer Hal Rosenfeld came into her life, and the couple made a red carpet debut at Golden Globes in 2019. While Metz celebrated her 38th birthday in September 2018, Rosenfeld was 25-year old.

In 2019, Met wrote an emotional post on the Instagram account, which left the social media fan to speculate about her break-up with the Rosenfeld. However, it is still not clear if the couple is still together or broken up.

Regardless of her relationships and break-ups, Metz is hopeful about getting married again after meeting the right one and considers herself romantic.

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