How to Control Pain in Ribs During Pregnancy Second Trimester? 2022

Pain in Ribs During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Pain in Ribs During Pregnancy Second Trimester. Do you know the pain in the ribs during pregnancy second trimester? Why does it start? What are the causes of it? Don’t worry about all the things I am here to help you. Let me tell you my story when my wife got pregnant.

I still remember the second trimester of her pregnancy. It was a hard situation when the second trimester starts her pregnancy. She tried to work, but due to rib pain, she did not walk, get up, and not avail to work. That was uncomfortable for her.

Then she started doing exercise, stretching, taking medicine with the doctor’s approval. She did yoga, yoga is the best exercise for back pain and muscles, and pain during pregnancy.

Most women know the pain of pregnancy. Rib pain is really uncomfortable for a pregnant woman. If you got the first time pregnant maybe rib pain is new for you.

Rib pain starts in the second trimester but mostly in the third trimester. It is the most common pain during pregnancy. The pain starts as your baby grows. Pregnancy rib pain can be the cause of the baby’s stretching, kicking, and moving by ribs.

Here, you will know the causes of rib pain during pregnancy. What is the treatment, causes, how to prevent it, how to stay healthy until your driver?


How To Control Pain in Ribs During Pregnancy Second Trimester?

How To Control Pain in Ribs During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Rib pain starts as your baby grows and kicks to the ribs, and more symptoms. To stop the pain in the ribs during pregnancy’s second trimester, take a warm shower or Pain relieving medication that can give you relief.

Remember, always take advice to your doctor before taking any kind of medication during pregnancy. When your doctor gives you approval then only take medicine.

Exercise is the best friend to get rid of rib pain during pregnancy. Even it is good for your baby health. Exercise will help you a lot in rib pain.

Here are some easy and the best exercises and tips to defeat rib pain.

  • . Exercise regularly
  • . Stretching every single day
  • . Women can use some pregnancy exercise
  • . Do Yoga
  • . Using a heating pad
  • . Wearing loose-fitting clothes
  • . Change your posture
  • . Eat healthy foods ( green vegetables)

Causes of Rib Pain During Pregnancy

1- Musculoskeletal changes

You can control the pain in the ribs during pregnancy second trimester just changes to your body can be the cause of rib pain during pregnancy.

2- Gallstones

Gallstone is a higher risk for women during pregnancy. Because of it, rib pain starts during pregnancy. Twelve percent of women have gallstones at the time of pregnancy, which is the cause of rib pain.

Many times, gallstones can’t cause any pain or symptoms. But sometimes it works enough to cause pain. Normally, when your second trimester is about to finish and the third trimester starts, the fetus changes its position.

Due to the change in the fetus’s position rib pain starts. And the feet change or pointing to ribs. Because of the new position, the fetus can put pressure on ribs. Their movement can cause pain.

Especially when they move their arms and legs and when they kick to ribs.

3- Heartburn

During pregnancy, one hormone produces called relaxin. This hormone helps the muscles and ligaments prepared for birth. Relaxin can cause any kind of pain or ribs pain during pregnancy. Sometimes this pain can be heartburn.

Heartburn starts early first trimester and stays until delivery. The pain starts in the pelvis and ribs as your body builds the room for your baby.

4- Constipation

Constipation causes abdominal pain and it can be hard when it happens. Sometimes, due to illness during pregnancy feel pain in the abdomen or under the rib.

Others Signs and Symptoms

Rib pain is normal for pregnant women but in some women, it is a severe cause. For example, if the pain hipping in the right upper side of the abdominal can be the sign of a liver problem, Precambrian, and more.

If you are experiencing sudden, rib pain or have any symptoms which are giving below. See your doctor and take advice about what should you need to do?

Signs and symptoms:

  • . Bleeding
  • . Headache
  • . Vomiting
  • . Dizziness
  • . Floaters in your eyes
  • . Difficulty urinating
  • . Severe heartburn
  • . Sudden weight gain
  • . Malaise
  • . Swelling on face and hands

So they are some signs and symptoms when you feel ribs pain during pregnancy.

Note- Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome are dangerous complications, which are life-threatening for both woman and baby.

How To Relieve Rib Pain or Treatment?

How To Control Pain in Ribs During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Top tips for rib pain during pregnancy

Here are some of the best tips and tricks which will support you to get rid of rib pain quickly and fast. You can follow all of them.

  • Do yoga as possible as you can: Yoga is the best exercise anytime. It will support you a lot and you will be comfortable after yoga.
  • Make comfortable yourself as possible as you can wearing loose clothes: Wear loose clothes during pregnancy. Loose clothes give you comfort and relax
  • Stretching: It is the best exercise to get relax from rib pain. Stretching helps you and your baby to stay and healthy.
  • Don’t set down for too long: Do not sit for too long. It can be the cause of ribs pain.
  • The exercise which helps you most as stretching, yoga, and swimming which is the best for you
  • Take a hot shower: Which is the best idea to avoid or stop back pain and ribs pain during pregnancy
  • Support yourself when you are lying down

Bottom Line

Take this decision very carefully, especially when you get pregnant or during pregnancy. Be careful when you do any treatment during pregnancy. First, take the approval of your doctor before going for treatment.

  1. Don’t take any medication or pain clear without a doctor
  2. Try to avoid junk foods
  3. Eat Healthy and green vegetables
  4. Don’t pick up the heavyweight
  5. Take a rest as possible as you can
  6. Don’t do heavy work
  7. Drink lots of water
  8. Don’t wear tight clothes
  9. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes

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