9 Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period 2020

Early pregnancy symptoms before missed period: Getting pregnant is not easy for many. If you are one of them who are striving hard to get pregnant and can’t wait to check the pregnancy test, here is good news for you.

There are specific early pregnancy symptoms before a missed period which indicates that you are pregnant. If you are undergoing a few of this symptom, time for you to ring the bells!

Here are the nine early pregnancy symptoms before a missed period:

9 Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Early pregnancy symptoms before missed period

1. Elevated Basal Body Temperature

At the time of ovulation, the temperature of a woman’s body rises due to progesterone. Once you reach the menstrual, it drops down. But if you conceive, the body temperature remains high throughout the pregnancy. Hence, if the body temperature remains elevated till the 18 or more days of ovulation, you are pregnant.

To know this, you need to track down your body temperature.

2. Tender breast

When the sperm meets the egg, breasts are the first body part that gets the impact. If you are feeling soreness, tanginess’ or even pain in your breast, it is due to the rise in estrogen levels. These symptoms stick around even after you miss your period.

3. Urinary frequency

As the baby is on board, your kidney starts filtering out all the waste from your body, and you start experiencing frequent pee within two weeks of conception. The growing uterus starts pressuring the bladder leading to frequent trips to washrooms.

4. Nausea

Just a few days after you conceive, Nausea is a common symptom faced by most of the women due to spurt in pregnancy hormones. It is generally experienced at around six weeks of pregnancy and continued until the first three months of pregnancy. It could also be a result of food poising or a stomach bug.

5. Areolas getting darker

Areolas are the circles around your nipples that get darker after conception. The diameter of these circles also increases gradually within a few weeks. You can notice the goose-bump like spots on these areolas. However, these early pregnancy signs also take one week to show up and not noticeable by most of the women.

6. Bloating

As the pregnancy includes your progesterone hormones, it leads to slow down your digestion and causes bloating by trapping the gasses in your intestine. But bloating is also likely to occur due to PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome). A sudden change in your eating habits can also lead to bloating and thus may not be related to pregnancy at all.

7. Cervical Mucus

If you are experiencing frequent cervical mucus which is creamy in texture and stays long after ovulation, it is a clear indicator that you are pregnant.

8. Fatigue

The first four-month of conception makes you feel sluggish due to the increase in pregnancy hormones. It can also be a result of stress or inadequate sound sleep. So, you need to be cautious about evaluating fatigue as a symptom of early pregnancy or your unhealthy lifestyle.

9. Smell sensitivity

As the estrogen level increases in the pregnancy, few women also complained about the rise in smell sensitivity. In a few instances, a pregnant woman is not able to tolerate specific smell types and start feeling nauseatic. This heightened smell is faced typically in the first three months of pregnancy.

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