7 Best Weight Gain Supplements For Men & Women (2024)

If you are fascinated with the well-built bodies you often see on your television screen and looking for a shortcut, weight gain supplements might be on your list.

Workout regimes are complicated to follow nowadays due to hectic life schedules. Only a few people can stick to strict workout regimes, which help them achieve a picture-perfect body.

Even if you are working day and night, there are chances of experiencing slow progress leading to de-motivation. If you are not able to gain the muscles you wish to, weight gain supplements are the next thing to rely on. So, let us explore more about weight gain supplements in this article.

What is a Weight Gain Supplement?

Weight gain supplements are specifically designed to deliver muscle mass more quickly. Generally, in these supplements, a large number of calories, protein, and carbs are present, which helps in accelerating the mass-building process in your body.

Hence, these supplements are capable of bulking up the user easily as compared to the routine. Here are some of the features of weight gain supplements as below: Pros

1. Creatine Delivery

There are specific weight gain supplements available in the market which comprise creatine. It helps in building up body mass quickly. Hence it is highly recommended to choose a weight gain supplement that has creatine in two to get dual benefits from a single product.

2. High Carb Content

Most athletes who aspire to gain muscles in a short period prefer to take these health supplements before they go for a workout. You can consume the supplements at any time of the day, but if you want to consume these supplements just before the exercise, the supplement must be high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are crucial as a nutrient to raise the blood sugar levels in your body and feed your muscles. Taking a supplement before going to the gym is the best time to derive the maximum benefit from these supplements.

3. Intake of L-Glutamine

These are certain mass gainer that contains L-Glutamine, which gives a push in the gym to work out consistently. Your body recovers speedily after a strenuous exercise with the help of Amino acids. L-glutamine also helps strengthen the body’s immunity. If you have a weight gain supplement with L-Glutamine, you can expect rapid weight gain and regular gym workouts.

4- Sustainable Calories

As calories can be transformed directly into muscles, these are necessities for gaining weight and muscles. Hence, the first step in gaining mass is to increase calories. If eating the whole day to compensate for your calorie requirement to get you closer to your goal is annoying, weight gain supplements are the natural solution to this. Most of it provides 1000 to 4000 calories with each serving.

5. Different Levels Of Calories

Different types of bodies have different calorie requirements. Keeping this in mind, there is weight gain protein available in the market, varying with calorie levels. Hence, you need to be informed enough to choose a weight gain supplement that precisely matches your calorie intake requirements.

You can find a mass gainer from four hundred calories to nine hundred calories. The most recommended weight gainers are recommended between four hundred to six hundred calories. Don’t expect the weight gain supplements to be meant for everyone as it comes with certain disadvantages, adding to their imperfection.

6. Insomnia

Insomnia: As most mass gainers consist of a high amount of caffeine to recover your body from strenuous workouts quickly, these supplements also induce insomnia. Hence, it is highly recommended not to take these supplements before going to bed as they can disturb your biological clock.

7. Creatine and Caffeine

As we know most weight gain supplements contain caffeine and creatine in abundance. The combination of these two poses a risk of dehydration. However, consuming them separately is known to have many health benefits. Choosing a supplement with one ingredient is highly recommended.

8. Messy taste

Most of the mass gainer supplements are not excellent in taste. You may experience a difficult time consuming these supplements. Sometimes this lousy taste also sticks around for many hours and makes you feel nauseous. As these supplements are high in sugar, they lower the glucose level in your body. The sudden spike causes headaches, as well.

The vulnerability to cancer also increases with the gain supplements with high testosterone levels. Acne is the other shortcoming that may be caused due to higher testosterone levels. Some users also reported testicle shirking.

If you are extensively using these supplements, you are at a higher risk of heart disease, as well.


The journey of weight gain is equally tricky when compared to weight gain. Weight gain supplement is a quick and effective way of weight gain. To tackle the low-mass BMI, most freaks consume these supplements.

All the weight gain supplements come with a label showing their ingredients. It is crucial to investigate the number of calories required by your body, calories present in a specific supplement, and other nutritional values to finalize the ideal one for you.

It is essential to consult a physician to understand your body’s requirements and suggest an appropriate weight gain supplement, which does not cause any potential harm to your body.

If you experience any discomfort after consuming the weight gainers for a few days, immediately contact your physician to seek assistance. It is crucial to consult a doctor before adding any such supplement to your diet.

Overconsumption of these supplements can be detrimental to your health. Hence moderate quantities of supplements should be consumed. Click here for more health and fitness information.

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