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3-Day Full Body Workout

3-day Full Body Workout

Learn a 3-day full-body workout. Don’t you know what should be a workout plan? What do you need to do when you are going to exercise?

No worry about these things. You have reached the right place. Just keep reading. We propose you to follow this challenge slimming concocted by Guillaume, our coach Domyos.

On the program: 4 weeks of exercises for a flat stomach, muscular buttocks, refined legs. In one month only, get results, surprise yourself. Join the movement! 3-day Full Body Workout.

3-Day Full Body Workout Routine For Beginners


Here are the tips of your coach:

To get in shape and strengthen your figure, make these 15 minutes of exercise 3 times in the week.

(example: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday), preferably in the morning and on an empty stomach (or at the end of the day, according to your availability).

If you want to change your body and get more results, practice these slimming exercises five times a week, giving you two days of rest.


For each exercise, make 1 minute of effort then give yourself 30 seconds of recovery. Repeat the series three times in total to reach the 5 minutes of exercises.

Bring a bottle of water to hydrate you during recovery time. Equip yourself with a mat to perform floor exercises and a stopwatch to visualize your exercise time.

Turn on the music to get in the mood and go over!

Variation: for regular sportswomen or those who want to go further, you will double the repetitions of each exercise (10 minutes per workout) to reach 30 minutes of effort (instead of the proposed 15 minutes).


To put you in legs before starting our slimming challenge, we propose the warm-up that here:

3-day Full Body Workout

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With a jump rope: do 3 to 5 minutes of jumping feet together by receiving you on tiptoe.

Remember to flex your knees very slightly during movement. If you want to vary the pleasures, opt for the step of relaxation:

Alternate feet by receiving each time on the foot of the foot, and by making a small jump, in summary, jump and bounce on left foot, then jump and bounce on the right foot.

Without equipment: for a gradual start of your cardiac and respiratory system, make a short run of 3 to 5 minutes in the form of slow running without stopping.

3-Day Full Body Workout Routine For Mass


Objective: to strengthen the thighs and buttocks (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes)

Execution of the exercise: standing, back straight, feet shoulder-width. When moving, your legs should not exceed the perpendicular between the kitchens and calves.

Return to the initial position by pushing up, pressing the heel and exhale.

Breathing: inhale in the starting position, and exhale during extension.

Safety instructions: keep the bust as straight as possible during the descent and ascent.

Contract your abdominals by tucking your stomach for the duration of the exercise. Look far ahead to keep your balance.


Targeted muscles: the gluteus maximus / hamstrings is chaos.

Execution of the exercise: lying on the back, arms along the body. Fold your legs, heels close to the glutes.

Push on your heels by tightening your gluteal muscles and take off your pelvis from the ground, as high as possible, without arching (shoulders, hips, knees aligned).

Keep the position for 10 seconds and gently control the descent without putting the glutes on the ground. Repeat the movement.

Breathing: Exhale when lifting the pelvis, inhale on the descent.

Safety instructions: keep your head resting on the ground to keep the spine in good alignment.

Draw the navel towards the column to protect your back. 


Targeted muscles: the sheathing solicits most of the trunk muscles but above all, it helps strengthen the superficial and deep abdominal muscles (right, transverse, oblique).

It protects the intervertebral discs by developing the tone of the back (paralumbar muscles). 

Execution of the exercise: resting on the forearms and toes, raise the pelvis to obtain an aligned leg /pelvis/trunk segment.

Breathing: breath slowly and deeply, maintaining the plank position.

Safety instructions: be careful to tilt the pelvis by contracting the buttocks and the abdominals throughout the exercise.


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