Metformin For Weight Loss in Non-Diabetics 2020

Metformin For Weight Loss in Non-Diabetics

Metformin For Weight Loss in Non-Diabetics: Metformin is the most common medicine, physicians prescribe for diabetics.

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, along with obesity and/or overweight, metformin helps to a great extent.

Metformin helps you manage diabetes by controlling the weight. So, is it possible that weight watchers can use metformin for weight loss in nondiabetics?

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Let us see in detail.

Metformin Weight Loss Results

What is Metformin and how it works: It is the primary medicine prescribed in the treatment of diabetes.

Metformin is a prescription medicine for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Often, it accompanies obesity or excessive weight.

Once you start consuming Metformin to control diabetes i.e manage the blood sugar levels, it also helps you in losing weight. Like Chrissy Metz’s weight loss.

So, it is apparent, Metformin for weight loss works. Is Metformin for weight loss in non-diabetics is suitable?

Not really. FDA does not approve Metformin as a weight loss aid. It means Metformin for weight loss in non-diabetics is not allowed.

However, there are few scenarios where Metformin comes handy.

Since there is no treatment for diabetes, Metformin is administered at various dosages as appropriate, throughout life along with diet and lifestyle practices.

Is Metformin Effective For Weight Loss?

Metformin For Weight Loss in Non Diabetics

Metformin works with other prescription medicines to treat diabetes which reduces insulin levels in the bloodstream.

It also promotes metabolism and results in weight loss.

There is no solid evidence that shows up the clear relationship between metformin and weight loss or how metformin effective for weight loss.

People have lost weight taking metformin. Insulin resistance increases with the help of metabolism.

There are many ways that metformin works and result in weight loss. So, is metformin effective for weight loss is no more a debatable question.

However, there is a hidden message for those who seek to try metformin for weight loss.

Metformin does not alone aids in weight loss.

It is not enough for you to lose weight. You should take up a healthy diet and lifestyle routine to support your weight loss efforts.

Weight Loss Results

Although it is not recommended to take metformin for weight loss in non-diabetics, the results are promising.

On an average basis, in around 3 months’ time, if you consume metformin (as per prescription) for diabetics you can reduce a minimum of 5 to 6 kgs. Metformin weight loss results are obvious and effective too.

Weight Loss PCOS

Let’s ignore the condition of type 2 diabetes. Obesity or overweight also leads to a drastically increasing health condition in women, PCOS.

PCOS – Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome is closely linked with insulin resistance.

Even many physicians and gynecologists administered metformin for weight loss when the patient is diagnosed with PCOS.

PCOS affects the menstrual cycle and leads to infertility. Triggered by hormonal fluctuations, overweight counts as a major cause of PCOS as well as diabetes.

Women who are trying to conceive can administer Metformin for the regulation of hormones and weight loss.

When it comes to metformin and weight loss PCOS, it has a direct impact on losing weight.

Rather, metformin for weight loss in non-diabetics helps to regulate the hormones and enhances the insulin resistance.


  • Reduces the blood sugar
  • Manages the blood sugar
  • Regulates the insulin resistance
  • Curbs down the hunger and promotes a healthy appetite
  • Aids in normal metabolism and fat metabolism of the body
  • Results with weight loss in some people
  • Supports hormonal functions at appropriate levels
  • Controls the oxidative stress
  • Promotes the blood flow

These are the few common benefits of taking metformin for weight loss in non-diabetics. This is also seen with metformin for PCOS weight loss.

Success Stories

When you check online, you can land up reading quite a few metformin weight loss success stories.

You must know about the dosage and how to take metformin to lose weight to retain the efficacy.

Weight Loss Dosage

You must be cautious in taking any medicine in the prescribed dosage. It helps you prevent unnecessary side effects.

Metformin weight loss dosage varies with every individual.

It is recommended to consult with the physician about taking metformin for weight loss in non-diabetics.

The exact dosage requirement even for the diabetics varies with every individual.

The brand, diet, lifestyle, extent of type 2 diabetes and brand are the deciding factors to fix on the appropriate dosage of metformin.

Some of the common metformin weight loss dosage recommendations include the following.

  1. For continuous and extended-release, you can choose from”metformin 500 mg weight loss” to 1000 mg tablets. No more than 2500mg tablets are allowed in adults.
  2. In the case of liquid metformin, the dosage can range from 5 ml to 8 ml. The dosage shall not exceed 25 ml per day in adults.

How to Take It to Lose Weight?

When it comes to weight loss, there is no hard and fast rule, except two rules. Eat healthily and stay active.

The more calories you burn than you eat results with weight loss.

Metformin for weight loss in non-diabetics should follow the below list diet and lifestyle habits when they take metformin to lose weight.

  • Avoid carbonated and sugar-based drinks
  • Start and end your day with a glass of warm water
  • Drink a glass of water 20 minutes before a meal
  • Split your meals into several parts and eat throughout the day
  • Eat only when you are hungry, not you are bored
  • A strict no to processed foods
  • Develop the habit of portion control
  • Find a replacement for cravings of certain foods
  • Include whole and fresh foods in your diet as a major portion
  • Stay active
  • Exercise for a period of 20 minutes a day
  • Do some mindful meditation for 10 to 15 minutes a day

Few Words to Note When You Take It

Metformin may cause mild to moderate side effects in a few people. The side effects generally include dizziness, light-headedness, nausea, vomiting, etc.

There is a common query rather fear, can metformin cause hypoglycemia in non-diabetics?

Hypoglycemia means low sugar level in the body. Metformin just helps your body to use its own insulin and maximize the efficacy to absorb the insulin.

The direct answer is no. Metformin even in diabetics does not directly reduce insulin or glucose levels. It helps with insulin resistance.

So, it is impossible that metformin causes hypoglycemia in non-diabetes. However, you must not forget a major fact

The type of food you eat, your eating or diet routine along with how active you are eventually impacting your glucose level in the body.

In rarest cases, metformin causes hypoglycemia in non-diabetics.

If you do not follow healthy habits, it is unlikely that metformin does not result in weight loss.

You can read the metformin weight loss success stories and seek information metformin weight loss forums about the same.

In fact, losing weight is not about any specific medication or rapid diet.

You must go slow and steady to lose weight in healthy ways without any side effects.

Also, there is a word of caution when you take metformin for weight loss. You should not get into fasting too often.

Fasting state easily takes you into hypoglycemia when your body is used to metformin for a brief period.

There are absolutely no worries when your physician or gynecologists prescribe metformin for weight loss in non-diabetics for other reasons.

In women, a doctor may prescribe metformin for weight loss PCOS condition and to regulate the menstrual cycle.

In men, a doctor may prescribe metformin to lose weight if he is diagnosed on the verge of getting diabetes.


Remember, when you consider metformin for weight loss in non-diabetics is not a miracle or magic pill for weight loss.

It is neither a quick fix nor can help you lose weight rapidly. You must also note that once you stop taking metformin to lose weight, you may regain the weight you have lost.

So, it makes the right option to change your diet and make healthy lifestyle changes.

If you are looking for weight loss tips and a step-by-step guide. You can visit our websites and

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