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Can You Die From Breast Cancer? Symptoms, Treatment

Can you die from breast cancer? It is a very common problem in the world for women.

Breast cancer is found that one in 10 women. Women will be hurt by this cancer in her life.

If I talk about men. It is very rare in men (maybe 1%). But the most common question raise that can you die from breast cancer?

Can You Die From Breast Cancer

There are many types of cancer. Among the two main or we can say common are non-invasive cancer that forms in the breast.

It affects the tissues and around this channel.

It is very necessary to treat very well and remove all the affected breast.

Because breast cancer spread very fast into the breast and other parts of the body.

So in all cases, we should not wait. Immediately we should take action and talk to the doctor.

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How Does Breast Cancer Start?

It is not possible that it gives you a signal or symptoms in the early stage of cancer.

That’s why people don’t know that can you diet from breast cancer?

The sign appears when the breast tumor gets large and feel the mas to the touch.

Or when can cancer has already speared to nearby tissues and organs.

Other medical conditions can cause the same indicate as breast cancer.

If I talk about the most common symptoms so that is hard mass. It is very different from the breast tissues.

Maybe it can appear nearby breast tissue. The mass does not appear during the menstrual cycle.

It is usually not painful. It is not important that you got pain in your breast. So take care of it.

Symptoms of Cancer

Can You Die From Breast Cancer

If you see a change in the nipple or size of the breast. It can be a sign of breast cancer.

And start to discharge of the nipple without being tinged with blood.

  • Breast cancer – Bone pain
  • A sign – Weight loss
  • It can be a sign- Nausea
  • The great symptom- Loss of appetite
  • Jaundice- ( a sign of cancer)
  • Breathlessness – ( The same cancer sign)
  • A cough – ( don’t ignore it)
  • A headache – ( meet your doctor)
  • Muscular weakness – ( a sign of cancer )
  • Constant fatigue
  • Tumor in the breast

Causes of Cancer or How Does Breast Cancer Cause Death?

Can you die from breast cancer? Cells in the body reproduce throughout life to orderly replace cells in tissues that have deteriorated.

Breast cancer, like all forms of cancer, occurs when this process is compromised and cells begin to divide at an unusually fast rate.

There is no single cause or trigger for breast cancer. Check out some great example or factors about breast cancer or risk of cancer:

  • Age – if I talk about breast cancer so, most common breast cancer affect to 50 overage
  • Family history – If the wone’s mother or sister has or involved with this problem. Then it can be the same for women
  • Age at the time of first pregnancy – It is possible for who had not to give birth or who give birth after 30
  • Menstruation occurring at a young age less than 12 years
  • After 55 of age, the risk of the breast can increase
  • If you smoke– It can be the biggest challenge for you because of smoking 50-60 the breast cancer has been increased.
  • 50-60% of women have started to smoke
  • Dense breasts
  • Alcohol plays a great role to increase the risk of cancer
  • Fat- if you are fatty so it can be a problem
  • Diet- If you don’t take good diet so it can affect your overall body

Breast cancer statistics

Can You Die From Breast Cancer

It is a common problem in the world. It is the 2ned leading problem of cancer death. Breast cancer can occur in men, but it is not common in men. So again can you diet from cancer?

It is Estimated That in 2017

20,300 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. They were all new cases of cancer in women in 2017;

In 2017, 5,00 women die from breast cancer. It was 13% of all new cases.

On average, every day, 72 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.

On average, 10-14 women died each day because of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Deaths Per Year- Can You Die From Breast Cancer?

Men Women Category

Men Women CategoryNew casesDeaths
Incidence rate (per 100,000 people) *23060
Death rate (per 100,000 people) *26,3004,900
Death rate (per 100,000 people) *  


So here you can check the dieth rate, new cases, deaths, according to our research in 2017.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment

If you got early symptom in your breast of cancer. So here a chance can increase to cure this problem.

Treatment depends on the breast cancer on your circumstances such as the growth of the tumor, response of treatment, and absence.

Surgical treatment– Here doctor will remove some or all of the breast. In simple word removing the entire breast.

Many women have another option of breast reconstruction, or at the time of surgery.

Chemotherapy- It is mostly given by injection. This treatment stops the risk of cancer cells.

The common side effect of chemotherapy includes vomiting, hair loss, and infection.

Hormonal therapy

Hormonal therapy– It helps stop grow cancer cells. And women need to take it for 5 years.

  • If I talk about the common side effect. The common side effects hot flashes and irregular periods are some common effects of hormonal therapy.

This kind of treatment decreases the chance to cover more size of the breast.

  • Radiation therapy– It is often given after a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy to destroy cancer cells that can persist in the breast and sometimes in the armpit and chest wall.
To reduce breast cancer you can take other options.
  1. Take a healthy diet low in fat and eat lots of fruits and vegetables;
  2. Take action right now- Stop smoking;
  3. Do Exercise every single day ( regularly )
  4. Take action – Reduce alcohol (the risk increases with the amount of alcohol consumed, even taking 1 or 2 drinks a day may slightly increase the risk);
  5. Take therapy every 5 years or check up regularly every after 5 years;
  6. For every woman- If you find any changes in for the breast meet doctor. Don’t ignore it

If you are 40, 49 talk to your doctor. Checkup, and ask the risk of breast cancer.

If a woman is 50-69 age group. They too should talk to the doctor and check up after every 2 years. If you think that your breast cancer risk is higher.

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