Chelsea Houska Weight Loss (2024): Lost 50 Pounds

Chelsea Houska’s weight loss was a journey of self-motivation and determination. This article provides a glimpse into the life of a famous reality star who has struggled with weight for many years.

When it comes to diets, it is essential to understand what works for each individual to create a customized diet plan that will work best for them.

With this in mind, try looking at your body type and goals and understanding the diet of others who have had successful weight loss. Chelsea has demonstrated success in her personal and professional life as a celebrity. Let’s take a look at Chelsea Houlka’s Weight Loss journey.

Who is Chelsea Houska?

The American actress was born in Vermillion, the USA, and her birthday is August 29, 1991. Chelsea DeBoer Houska was one of the same name’s original “Teen Moms” on the reality show. She first appeared on the program under “16 and Pregnant.

Chelsea Housk weight loss
Name: Chelsea Houska
Date of Birth:29 August 1991 
Age:31 years
Height:1.6 m
Net worth:$2 Million

Throughout the series, she revealed parts of her life. In her teens, she and her boyfriend became pregnant with their first daughter, Aubree. It was, obviously, this premise behind “16 and Pregnant”. “Teen Mom” became a hit television series. Recently, she decided to leave “Teen Mom.”

Her fame has made her so successful that she is no longer financially dependent on the show. After completing her GED, Chelsea went to cosmetology school. Her interest in business developed as she grew up. She collaborated with Cole to launch a clothing line that they both owned.

Throughout her career, she has worked extensively in the field of fashion. During this time, she also improved her abilities as a social media influencer and became more successful in this field. On Instagram, she has more than 6.5 million followers.

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Journey

Throughout the interview, Chelsea explained how she has managed to lose weight while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her body changed after pregnancy, and she needed to change her habits. She noticed changes in her skin, which was dry, and started eating more natural foods.

She changed her diet and started exercising as well. Her diet consisted of more vegetables, low carbohydrate food items, and protein-rich foods.

The weight loss journey started when she was having a hard time losing weight and came across a changed woman. Her Instagram page has gained a lot of popularity.

Her motivation comes from the best person in her life – her husband. She is working out, eating healthy, and doing other things. She lost more than 50 pounds. As her weight loss journey progressed, she changed her habits and worked on her appearance.

According to the latest interview, Chelsea stated that she has never looked fitter than the present. She experienced an incredible weight loss journey in her life. Chelsea Houska’s weight loss is noticeable in her face mainly because she had big cheeks before losing weight.

She has also lost weight around her stomach area, legs, and arms which were fat areas for her previously.

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Chelsea Houska has done a great job in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She always tries to eat healthy food items and avoids eating junk food like potato chips and other processed foods. She always drinks green smoothies and takes multivitamins.

According to her, the diet plan she follows is not strict. It is essential to maintain your exercise habits, so you don’t gain weight again. She also consumes fruit juices in the morning and before bed at night to provide energy to her body throughout the day.

Chelsea Houska stated that this juice helps her maintain a healthy weight. The following are some of the things that she includes in her diet plan:

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss
  • BREAKFAST: She used to have Greek yogurt, Fresh fruit for breakfast, and oatmeal with milk, which is full of protein, the perfect form of fuel for her muscles. 
  • LUNCH: Veggies, Fruits, Salmon, Chia seeds, and a salad, which is full of healthy nutrients.
  • DINNER: For dinner, she used to have lean beef or chicken breast with broccoli steamer heated in the microwave.
  • SNACKS: Almonds and a handful of nuts are healthy snacks for her. 

She said that drinking lots of water every day is good for everyone. It keeps your skin hydrated and cleans your body from the inside. 

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Workout Routine

Chelsea Houska has maintained a healthy weight loss journey by following a good workout routine. She works out every day and does Yoga at home daily.

Her fitness routine for weight loss consists of cardio exercises, weight training, and cardio exercise. She also follows Yoga twice a week at home.

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss

She includes these activities in her daily routine to keep her physique fit. She exercises daily, which includes:

Day 1:

  • Lifting weights
  • Sidebar
  • Single-arm row
  • Static lunge

Day 2:

  • cross fits, and she runs 2.5 miles on a treadmill and exercises in the form of intervals.
  • Barbell Deadlift

Day 3:

  •  Her favorite form of exercise has always been kickboxing. 
  • Pilates: She does pilates 2-3 times a week. 

Day 4:

  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Treadmill sprints

Day 5:

  • 15 squats
  • Walking for 40 minutes

She also does a lot of squats, stair climbing, and running on the treadmill at work. As a result of this workout plan, Chelsea achieved her goal and shed 50 pounds.

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Before And After

Chelsea Houska’s weight loss journey is fantastic, and she looked beautiful before losing weight. The picture of her with her family event is proof of that.

As her weight loss journey progressed, she started to work out more frequently and shed pounds off her body. Currently, she weighs 55 kilograms and is in good health.

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Before And After


Chelsea Houska’s weight loss journey is inspiring for people looking for a source of motivation to lose weight and lead a healthy life. Her Instagram page has over 6.5 million followers who always look up to her for inspiration and motivation.

As a result of her body transformation, her followers know that it is possible to shed extra pounds with proper guidance and a diet plan. Chelsea Houska deserves all the applause from her fans, which she constantly gets on social media worldwide.

The transformation was not easy, but she did it gracefully with the help of her family members and husband, Cole DeBoer. Her work ethic was outstanding throughout this transformation process.

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