How Metformin Effective For Weight Loss?

How Metformin Effective For Weight Loss

How Metformin Effective For Weight Loss? With its ability to manage blood sugar levels, Metformin is the number one prescribed medicine across the world for Diabetes 2.

It not only maintains the sugar levels in your body, but it is also helpful in several ways, including weight loss. If you also heard that metformin aids weight loss, you got it right!

So, here we go with what you need to know about metformin, contribution to your weight loss journey?

How Metformin Causes Weight Loss?

How Metformin Effective For Weight Loss

Although it is not clear why metformin leads to weight loss, studies and researches have already confirmed that metformin plays a vital role in inducing your weight loss.

As it controls your appetite by suppressing it, it could be one of the possible reasons why metformin leads to weight loss. It also changes the way of storing the fat and using it by your body.

But, unless the person adopts healthy food habits, they cannot experience weight loss from it. Metformin will only aid weight loss when a person follows a healthy diet along with regular exercise.

Weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit. Hence, if your body burns more calories than it consumes, a person can reduce weight. Thus if you don’t exercise or cut down on high-calorie food, you will not be benefited.

Studies also confirm that metformin does not help in quick-fixing your weight-loss issues and takes considerable time to reduce fat in your body. Do not expect it to be a magical pill that can take away your weight in a blink of an eye.

The amount of weight loss is different from one person to another, and it takes one or two years to get the results. While a few people may experience weight loss, others may not undergo the same. The average weight person loses with metformin within the span of one to two years varies between four to seven pounds.

Weight loss induces with medications only sustained by the time the person is on such medicines. Once you stop with such a drug, you are like to reach your original weight.

Hence, if you stop taking metformin, you are likely to gain weight quickly. And if you are taking the drug but giving up on exercise or healthy food habits, you will gain the weight that you have lost.

The best part about metformin is, even if it does not aid weight loss, it will not let you gain weight gain. There are many drugs on the market for Diabetes 2, which leads to weight gain.

Will The Doctor Prescribe Metformin For Weight Loss?


Your doctor can prescribe metformin when you are a Diabetes Type 2 patient and are obese as well. It will help you to control sugar levels in your blood to lower the risk of diabetes and also help in losing weight.

However, your doctor may also prescribe metformin as a weight-loss drug even if you do not have Diabetes.

However, it will be counted as off-label use as the primary purpose of metformin is to control your blood sugar, not the weight.

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