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7 Best Ways to Eat Eggs For Weight Loss in (2023)

Eggs are a favorite for many, but one issue we face is how I enjoy eggs without gaining extra pounds. Best Way to Eat Eggs For Weight Loss? If you are constantly searching for ways to enjoy eggs but still lose weight, then this piece has got you covered.

This article will break down the best time to eat eggs, the best egg recipes to help you lose weight as well as some health benefits you get from eggs. Best times to eat and the egg-best way to eat eggs for weight loss.

For breakfast. You can never go wrong with eggs for breakfast, filled with minerals and vitamins to keep you healthy. Egg dishes are the favorite breakfast meals among many as they also provide energy to keep you active in the day and keep you full for longer, in turn, preventing eating in between meals.

The best way to maintain weight is by reducing the amount of food you eat, and eggs will help you achieve this.

You can also enjoy eggs for your brunch date with friends or an early lunch.

Since eggs are a good source of energy, they are a good option for meals eaten during the day. This is because the day is full of activities that will help you burn calories, in turn, preventing the accumulation of unnecessary carbs, or proteins.

Also, the presence of proteins in the eggs, keeps one full, for longer reducing cravings and eating in between meals. As earlier mentioned to successfully lose weight it is essential to reduce the number of calories in the body, and the easiest way to achieve this while still staying healthy is by eating meals that will keep you full.

Best Ways to Eat Eggs for Weight Loss

1. Before a workout

Eggs provide you with energy, thus a good meal before a workout session. The energy will help you increase your workout time, which in turn, increases the effectiveness of the exercises.

Additionally, it is also advisable to eat eggs, after a workout for the repair of tissues, since eggs are rich in protein, they help in the creation of new tissue muscles and aid in repairing muscles.

So the next time you want to hike, cycle or run in the evening, boil yourself an egg and enjoy nature. However, after eating any meal before working out, give yourself a few minutes to relax.

Now that you know the best times to eat egg dishes, below are a few egg dishes that will not only help you lose weight but will also help you in marinating your desired weight.

2. Eating raw eggs

A raw egg is estimated to contain about 72 calories, by eating a raw egg, you will not only enjoy the numerous health benefits but will also prevent weight gain. Though the size of an egg affects the number of calories in it, eating a raw egg remains one of the best ways to enjoy the full benefits of the egg with the least effects on weight.

3. Boiling the egg

A boiled egg also helps in weight loss as it contains few calories but also provides the needed energy for the day. So the next time you want to enjoy an egg before a workout, a hard-boiled egg is the way to get it. Boil the egg for about 10 to 15 minutes on medium heat to properly cook through. Peel the eggshells and enjoy. Also, the other good thing about a hard-boiled egg is it is fast to prepare and requires little experience in preparing egg dishes.

4. Fried egg with olive oil

Another way to prepare an egg is frying using olive oil, different oils can be used to fry an egg, but the best and healthiest option is using olive oil. Olive oil is loaded with healthy fatty acids making it a good choice.

5. Boost brain development

Boost brain development, a healthy person, is said to be healthy when not only one is physically in good shape, but also by one’s mental capability. Eggs contain a rare component, choline which is used to boost one’s memory, brain activity, and mood. To successfully lose weight, it is essential for one to be mentally fit, by consuming eggs, you get choline, which helps in brain development, in turn leading to improved performance.

6. Boost eyesight

Also, choline helps to boost eyesight the deficiency of vitamin C is one of the leading causes of blindness. Eating eggs regularly provides the body with the needed amount of this vitamin, in turn, preventing loss of sight.

7. Helps in the repair of wounds,

Helps in the repair of wounds, as earlier mentioned, eggs are high in protein and proteins help in repairing damaged tissue muscles as well as the creation of new tissues.

8. Eggs increase metabolism

Eggs increase metabolism; metabolism rate plays a huge part in weight loss and weight gain. Eggs contain nine essential amino acids that help in boosting metabolism, which in turn plays a crucial role in the loss of weight.


An egg makes you feel full for longer, thus preventing overeating and craving snacks. So if you want to reduce the amount of food you eat, eating an egg is advisable. Also, to succeed in any weight loss journey, it is crucial to monitor the number of calories you need. This will play a big part in balancing your meals, and egg dishes to work best for your weight loss journey including a lot of fresh vegetables.

You do not have to stop eating your favorite egg dish, but to maintain that weight be sure to follow some of the guidelines outlined above, on the best time to eat and some of the best dishes to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Additionally, always consult your doctor before making any significant changes in your diet, and remember to always stay hydrated, stay happy, and let us get started on a new exciting weight loss journey.

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