7 Best Delicious Low-Carb Breakfast For Weight Loss

Low-Carb Breakfast For Weight Loss

Breakfast is vital in your weight loss journey. Make sure you take low carb breakfast, that is filling as well. Here we will discuss the best Low-Carb Breakfast For Weight Loss.

Most of us do not find time to prepare breakfast and end up eating something or the other.

Here are some recipes, which can be made quickly and at the same time they are low carb.

Always, add fruit juice or vegetable juice to your meal without added sugars or preservatives.

Breakfast gives you energy and also helps to fill the stomach quickly.

The added advantage is that you can have juice, on the way or while working too.

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Low-Carb Breakfast For Weight Loss

List of Items you can choose from for an excellent “Low-Carb Breakfast For Weight Loss”.

Low-Carb Breakfast For Weight Loss

1. Eggs

The egg is a rich source of protein. The egg gives you the strength and energy needed for the day. You can have egg in different forms like.

  • Omelet
  • Scrambled egg
  • Poached egg
  • Oats

Now read in details which is giving below

2. Omelet

You can add all your favorite vegetables to it. You can even have it with salt and pepper. Make sure you use less oil while you prepare your meals. You can have whole egg omelet or just egg white omelet.

3. Scrambled egg

This is the most filling form of an egg, which can be prepared very quickly. Just scramble whole eggs or only whites and enjoy with your veggies or plain.

4. Poached egg

This can be made very quickly. You can enjoy poached egg with a slice of whole wheat bread or vegetable salad. Its texture makes you appetizing.

5. Oats

Oats is fiber food, which helps to digest food and burn fats. It is effortless to prepare and gives you a full stomach, with very fewer calories.

  • Oats porridge is one of the easiest and healthiest meal; you can ever have.
  • Just boil oats and add all your favorite fruits and dry fruits to it.
  • limit your dry fruit intake as it adds extra calories.
  • Masala oats are now available in the market.
  • They give your taste buds a feast, with low calories.
  • You can have it with the vegetable toppings of your choice or even in plain form.
  • You can prepare different kinds of breakfasts, with the help of oats. Oats upma, dosa, idly are some examples.
  • You will not miss your favorite breakfasts, at the same time avoid excess calories.
  • This breakfast gives you energy for the day and also helps your digestion
  • It is Low-Carb Breakfast For Weight Loss

5. Vegetables

Vegetables provide you with power, easy to digest, and helps you to stay active. They not only give you strength but also gives you several minerals needed by the body.

  • Raw vegetables are very good for health.
  • You can prepare it in the form of salad, with some dressing of your choice.
  • It gives you energy and fills your stomach soon.
  • Boiled vegetables is another alternative you have.
  • You can cook all the vegetables and prepare the soup. You can even make curry by using minimum oil.
  • It helps to fill your stomach, gives proper digestion of the food, and gives you energy.
  • Avoid potato as it has more starch
  • You can fry vegetables using little oil, sprinkle salt and pepper and have it.
  • You can also make vegetable tikka with minimum oil. It gives you a full stomach, and even your taste buds a feast.

6. Cheese

Paneer is an excellent source of proteins. This item is handy, especially if you are allergic to eggs. Tofu is soya paneer, with high protein content in it.

  • You can fry paneer using butter or oil.
  • You can put salt and pepper to it.
  • You can add vegetables of your choice to make it more colorful and stomach filling.
  • You can add paneer to your salads.
  • Just cut into pieces or grate it over your salad.
  • This enhances the taste of your mixture and supplies you the protein for the day.
  • It also pleases your tastebuds, as it has a unique taste which you cannot get with substitutions
  • You can prepare several items with me, such as curries, sandwiches, etc.
  • You will not miss your regular meal. But be cautious not to use more oil or other fats to it.

7. Lean Meat

Lean meats are a good source of protein. You can add it to your meal so that you will add taste as well as your stomach gets full soon. They provide fewer calories, so you need not worry.

  • You can add meat to your salads. The salad is the best form as it does not involve the usage of more fats in it.
  • Just grill it or bake it to put in the salad
  • Barbeque is the best option, with different kinds of lean meats and vegetables.
  • It gives good taste to your taste buds and also is your stomach.
  • It gives you the right amount of energy too.
  • But make sure not to use store-bought sauces, as they have preservatives not advisable.
  • Lean meats can also be cooked in the form of curries.
  • You feel full with this and also get your daily intake of protein.
  • Do not add more fats while preparing.

8. Whole Grain

Consumption of whole grains reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. They are significant sources of nutrients like vitamins, minerals. They are also a creamy source of fiber.

  • You can have a slice of whole grain bread or roti, along with your breakfast.
  • It does not add more calories but gives you a fu stomach, energy, and many other nutrients.
  • You can have whole grain cereals, topped with milk, fruits and dry fruits of your choice.
  • It does not have any fats and very easy to prepare.
  • You can use whole wheat flour and prepare different kinds of breakfast, like pancakes, dosa, upma, etc.
  • This gives your taste buds a sweet taste and also is your stomach.
  • They help you to try different kinds of items so you will not get bored at all.

Tips To Be Follow

  • Make sure to drink at least four to six liters of water a day
  • Never eat heavy meals, in the late nights
  • Food with preservatives should not be consumed, as they digest slowly and chances of getting converted to fat are more.
  • Avoid excess fats such as oils.
  • Unsaturated fat, like oil, is riskier than the saturated fatty acids like ghee.
  • Exercise regularly, at least for 30mts a day as it maintains your body metabolism
  • Never skip a meal, as it increases the chances of food converting to fats.
  • Eat a healthy diet in small portions.
  • Your meal should cover protein, carb, and dairy.
  • Drinking water before meals helps a lot to reduce the quantity intake
  • Drink back coffee before exercise as it helps to increase body metabolism
  • Eat refined carbs very less

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