Darlene Cates Weight Loss [2023]: How She Lost 250 Pounds

The What’s Eating Gilbert Grape woman who portrayed Johnny Depp’s mother has shed 250 pounds. After many near-death experiences, Darlene Cates lost 250 pounds and 113kg. She weighed 575 pounds when she portrayed the bedridden Bonnie Grape in the 1990s movie 261kg.

Darlene Cates struggled mightily to lose weight throughout her life. At one point, her weight reached an all-time high of 600 pounds. She was strongly advised to lose weight by the doctors.

Cates was chosen by Johnny Depp and Lionardo DiCaprio to play the role of an obese housebound mother despite the fact that she was overweight.

Darlene Cates is enjoying a victory in her fight for better health, which might bring her back to the big screen, even if she is still restricted to her Forney, Texas, home. The 64-year-old actress battled her weight for decades before losing a breathtaking 240 pounds, down to 331 pounds.

Who Is Darlene Cates?

Her appearance on a 1985 Sally Jessy Raphael episode titled “Too Heavy to Leave Their House” caught the attention of novelist and playwright Peter Hedges, who is from Texas.

Cates spoke openly on the program about her struggle with obesity and the pelvic illness that left her bedridden for over two years and contributed to her weight gain of nearly 150 pounds, pushing it to over 500 pounds.

Darlene Cates Weight  Loses
Name:Darlene Cates
Date of Birth:13 December 1947
Age:69 years
Height:1.75 m
Death: March 26, 2017.
Net worth:$200 thousand.

Cates was raised in Dumas after being born in Borger, Texas. When she was offered the part of a housebound mother in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” it became her first significant role in Hollywood. Notably, the drama, in which a teenage Johnny Depp featured, netted DiCaprio his first Oscar nomination.

Darlene Cates Career

Soon after, novelist and screenwriter Peter Hedges that she takes the role of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) star What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’s morbidly overweight and housebound mother, and Cates agreed.

Darlene Cates Weight  Loses

She received praise for her portrayal; Roger Ebert stated of the actress, “Darlene Cates, who is debuting in a movie, has a remarkable presence on screen.

We can see that she is overweight, but we can also see a lot more, including the losses and setbacks in her life and the strength she finds in taking control and starting over.”

The actress continued to act in a few films and television shows until passing away at the age of 69 from natural causes. Leonard DiCaprio paid homage to the actress, calling her “the finest acting mom I ever had,” after The Guardian issued a statement on the actress’s passing.

Darlene Cates Family

  • Husband      Robert cates
  • Children       Sheri Ann, Mark, Chris

Darlene Cates Weight Loss Journey

Cates has struggled with her weight since she was a young age and has been unable to take part in the bulk of activities that other kids her age can. It took a basic amount of time since her last alteration for her to realize that her weight was making her inside health worse.

Darlene Cates Weight  Loses

and decided they needed to lose weight. Darlene Cates decided to give many diets a shot, but none of them seemed to be successful for her. Or to put it another way, it was much too hard to stick to just one food plan. Darlene underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1984, which led to her losing 100 pounds.

Darlene’s sadness after the operation’s failure was so severe that she stopped trying to leave the house. She said, “I felt that God had rejected me.” But gradually something changed, and Cates made another attempt to lose weight, albeit it took a long time.

Darlene Cates Before and After

She followed the doctor’s advice and set out on her journey to a healthier weight. Through weight loss surgery and strict dietary restrictions, Cates was able to lose the extra 240 pounds. Her health, which had just started to get better, was significantly impacted by this.

Darlene Cates Weight  Loses

Before starting his weight-loss journey, Cates weighed 575 pounds. Her weight decreased to 330 pounds as a result of the 240 pounds she had lost. Remember what caused you to become overweight in the beginning?

He wrote, “I’m not particularly good at putting my thoughts on paper, but you are the most wonderful person I have ever [met].

” “You’ll always be the finest acting mother I ever had, in my opinion. You excelled in your position. One or two projects a year would be ideal for Cates, who wants to have more parts. But first, she must finish her recovery from four surgeries and a series of health scares that kept her in the hospital for nearly 11 months, up until last November.  

Darlene Cates Death

Despite her significant weight loss, Cates continued to experience health issues. She passed away on March 26, 2017. She died while she was sleeping, and that is the only thing that is known to the general public about her death.

Darlene Cates Weight  Loses

The daughter of Darlene Cates Morgan, Sheri Cates Morgan, informed her friends and family of her mother’s passing in a Facebook post. The heartbreaking death of Cates was felt by her countless dedicated fans all across the world. 


Q: How did Darlene Cates lose weight?

Ans: According to the Dallas Morning News, Cates never appeared to stick to diets for very long since she relied on food to make her feel better when her Marine husband was deployed. 

Q: Why did Darlene Cates weigh so much?

Ans: Cates has struggled with her weight since she was a young age and has been unable to take part in the bulk of activities that other kids her age can.

Q; How much weight does Darlene Cates lose?

Ans: Darlene Cates lost 250 pounds and 113kg. She weighed 575 pounds when she portrayed the bedridden Bonnie Grape in the 1990s movie 261kg.

Q: What is the name of her husband?

Ans: Robert cates

Q; HOW MUCH KIDS do Darlene cates have?

 Ans: She has 3 kids Sheri Ann, Mark, Chris


Cates never failed to amuse us with her fantastic performances throughout the course of her acting career. She will endure in our minds, and many others will continue to enjoy the amusement she gave them.

After battling obesity for the greater part of two decades, Darlene Cates decided to begin his weight loss quest in 2012.

She also made her decision in light of the fact that her health was getting worse. After encountering health issues that were thought to be related to her weight, Cates was sent to the hospital. She was advised to start losing weight right away while she was there. 

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