11 Ways to Lose Weight Fast For Teenagers -How to Lose Weight?

How to Lose Weight Fast For Teenagers? Weight loss is not a comfortable journey, especially when you are unaware of its basics. The sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits make even teenagers gain weight fast. It hampers their day-to-day activities and also exposed them to the risk of many diseases. Hence, it becomes essential for teens to lose weight to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are a teenager who is striving to lose weight, this article is for you. A right combination of a healthy diet and a regular workout can help you to lose up to 100 pounds like Chrissy Metz. Read the article from the above link.

Go With Realistic Goals

How to Lose Weight Fast For Teenagers

Losing weight overnight is not possible. One needs to be consistent with a healthy diet and exercise routine to achieve the results steadily. The body-image goals and realistic weight goals are essential to achieve the results.

It is crucial to understand that everybody’s type is different, and the goals set must be in parity with the body type. Positive lifestyle changes are significant for healthy weight loss.

Do aerobics every day ( Cardio) 

Doing aerobics not only helps you to lose weight but also makes you feel healthy and more energetic. It is an effective way to burn calories fast. It is recommended to do it for 30 minutes every day. Activities like swimming, biking, yoga, and dancing are some of the right exercises which help in burning fat.

How to Lose Weight Fast For Teenagers? 11 Tips

How to Lose Weight Fast For Teenagers
How to Lose Weight Fast For Teenagers

Here are the best tips to lose weight easy and fast. Let’s go into deep…

1. Cut Down Sugary Beverages

It is one of the common reasons for weight gain among the youth. Sweetened beverages are high in calories and quickly add to the weight. Drinks like sweet teas, sodas, energy drinks, and fruit drinks are loaded with high sugar. Replacing them with water helps in cutting down the calorie intake and losing weight fast.

2. Add Nourishing Food to Your Diet

Fruits, vegetables, wholesome protein, and healthy fats should be included in your diet to accelerate weight loss. As teens need a higher amount of nutrients for their growing body, their diet must be rich in calcium and phosphorous. Foods like eggs, nuts, chicken, and beans will keep you full for a longer time and help you avoid frequent eating.

3. Include Healthy Fats

Children need more fats than adults as there are in their growing stage. It is a good practice to cut down the excessive fats in the diet to induce weight loss. However, cutting down fat below the recommended daily intake can affect your health negatively. Swap unhealthy fats in your diet with healthy ones. Seeds, Avocados, Nuts, fatty fish, and olive oil are some of the sources of healthy fats.

4. Reduce Your Salt Intake

Decreasing salt is the best way to lose weight. Excessive intake of salt leads to water retention and induces water weight. Besides reducing weight, it also helps in reducing the risk of a heart attack.

5. Say No to the fad diet

Teens are inclined to follow a fad diet to get quick results in losing weight. Many fad diets are doing rounds on the internet and claim to help with rapid weight loss. However, these fad diets have severe adverse effects in the long term. Eating too low calories obstructs weight loss as the body starts adapting to limited food intake.

6. Sleep Well

Lack of sleep is often associated with weight gain. Growing teens need more sleep than adults to function their bodies well. Hence, restful sleep for 9-10 hours is highly recommended to induce weight loss.

7. Avoid skipping meals

Skipping meals makes you end up eating more. The researches show that the teens who skip their breakfast are likely to be more obese than the ones who don’t. A balanced diet with a higher protein intake helps to keep you satiated for a longer time. Plan your meals and calorie intake wisely.

8. Concentrate on Mindful eating

Replacing a bowl of processed cereal with a bowl of veggies helps you to cut down calories and get the essential nutrients. Eating practices such as slow eating and chewing your food correctly help you to cut down your calorie intake. These practices help you to control impulsive eating and develop healthy eating habits.

9. Drink a Lot of Water

Water hydrates your body and helps in flushing out toxins. Besides replacing the sugary beverages, adding drinks like Lemon Water or cucumber water will make you feel refreshed and hydrated. Often the thirst is conceived as hunger. Drinking enough water regulates your appetite and improves athletic performance.

10. Reduce Carbs

If you eat low carbs food, then it helps you to burn your abdominal fat. Other benefits of a low-carb diet are reduced blood sugar and regulated blood pressure. Try to replace your carbs with a higher protein intake to reduce weight.

11. Avoid processed foods

Most processed foods are high in calories and low in essential nutrients like minerals, proteins, fiber, and vitamins. Replace the processed foods with healthy fruits and vegetables to compensate for your nutrition requirements and cut down your calorie intake. Homemade meals and whole foods are more beneficial to health.

12. Avoid stress

Stress leads to impulsive eating and causes hormonal changes leading to elevated levels of the hormone cortisol. Increased stress often leads to increased weight. Practice meditation, yoga, exercise, gardening, or any other activity which soothes you to get rid of stress and lead a healthy life.


Weight loss is not a one-day phenomenon. One needs consistent work in this direction to achieve the results. You need to have patience in the beginning, as the results may be slow. The basic idea of weight loss is based on creating a calorie deficit so that the body can use the stored fat. A combination of a good exercise routine and a healthy diet can help you to lose weight fast.

Other factors such as sleeping well, increased intake of water, and reduced stress levels also contributed to weight loss. I hope you like the post about “how to lose weight fast for teenagers.” Share it with your friends and family.

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