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Retta Weight Loss (2023): Diet, Workout, Before, After

Everyone knows that losing weight is much easier said than done. It can be a tedious and lengthy process. While it’s true for some people, not everyone shares in the same struggle. Marietta Sangai, professionally known as Retta, has struggled a lot with her weight. Although, she has many reasons for her popularity. Weight loss is one of them, which puts everyone in appreciation.

Who is Retta?

Retta was born in Newark, New Jersey, on April 12, 1970. She’s a standup comedian from America who crossed her path to acting. As a teenager, she attended  Matawan Regional High School. Retta began her career working for a local store as a chemist. She then moved on to work as a comedian.

Retta Weight Loss Journey
Date of Birth:12 April 1970
Age:52 years
Weight:90 kg.
Net worth:$3 million.
Profession:Comedian, actress

She started to perform in different colleges and quickly rose to prominence. Eventually, she worked on various television shows, such as ‘Sex and Death’,  The Soup, Moesha, and Welcome to the Parker.

Marietta Sangai is a comedian from the United States. She is best known for her role in Parks and Recreation (2009-2015) and the NBC show Good Girls (2018). 

Retta Weight Loss Journey

Retta’s weight loss journey was thought to be challenging initially, but now she is satisfied with her body shape. As a part of the entertainment industry, she had to attend different shows, so she lost confidence when her clothes didn’t fit her body. She decided to lose weight to look smart and fashionable.

Retta’s weight loss journey has left her with a size of 18 from a size of 28. She lost almost 50 pounds. In recent days she gained weight. Her current size is 22.

Retta Weight Loss Journey

Retta has made sure that she kept track of her weight loss journey on several platforms. She knew it would be hard for her to slip and lose weight simply because she knew what it felt like to be heavy. She knows that it is not easy to shed so much weight and maintain the same weight.

It takes a lot of effort to go through the entire Retta Weight Loss journey. Everyone has different motivations when they attempt weight loss. Some people have been trying to lose weight because they have issues with their health, while others are just looking for perfection. Thus, she decided to lose her extra pounds in a healthy way to look as smart as possible.

Diet Plan

As part of Retta’s weight loss journey, she did not limit herself to her diet plan. She followed a healthy lifestyle and maintained a good eating routine. The Retta Diet Plan is relatively easy to follow. Retta is known for cooking healthy, tasty, and nutritious foods. 

Retta Weight Loss Journey

Her weight loss journey has helped her greatly in the kitchen. She does not restrict herself from eating; instead, she eats as much as possible to help her lose weight. She’s also made sure that all her meals are healthy and full of good nutrition, which will take care of her body and mind.

She has made sure she sticks to a healthy diet. Her food consisted of fresh fruits with low calories and sugar content. She enjoyed eating foods such as cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes.

She used to drink plenty of water because it’s a natural appetite suppressant. She loved to eat cheese before dieting, but after that, she reduced the cheese intake from her food.

Retta Weight Loss Workout Plan

Different women need different kinds of exercise programs to help them lose weight. Retta found a great workout plan that worked best for her body type. Retta focused on core strength-building exercises and different workouts to lose body fat and reduce her waistline. 

Retta also did not shy away from exercising because it is a significant part of everyone’s weight loss journey. The exercise plan she followed included jogging, walking, and doing sit-ups regularly.

Retta Weight Loss Workout Plan

She realized that exercise was very important for her weight loss journey. The main goal of any weight loss journey is to burn fat and get fit as soon as possible. It also reduces the chance of gaining weight again after losing it. 

Retta does not use supplements or medicines to lose weight because it can be hazardous for your overall health if you do not consume the right amount of nutrients in your body.

Retta Weight Loss Results

Retta had a long weight loss journey. She lost almost 50 pounds in a few months. Her weight loss journey has helped her get back into shape. Now she loves to wear different kinds of clothes and utilize her reduced stomach by fitting into smaller clothes and fashionable dresses.

Retta Weight Loss Results

Retta shows off her almost perfect body shape after losing the extra pounds to feel good about herself, look smart, and reduce the risk of health issues.

Retta Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Before Retta started her weight loss journey, she had a big belly and wore size 28. She lost almost 50 pounds which made her look slim and smart. Her weight loss journey left her feeling confident about herself.

Retta Weight Loss Journey

Her weight loss journey helped her wear a size more petite dress that amazed everyone. Her current size is 22, which gives her a perfect body shape with an hourglass figure.  She loves to wear different dresses and show off how good she looks after losing that unhealthy weight.

Final Words

Retta has been a celebrity in the television industry for over a decade, making her an inspiration for women. Her story is about how she lost weight and started a healthy lifestyle. 

Retta’s weight loss journey helped her feel more confident about herself and enjoy her body shape. She does not limit herself from eating but instead eats as much as she wants to look good and feel great about herself.

If you have tried losing weight in the past but have failed, I recommend that you try Retta’s weight loss journey. After all, she has shown that losing weight with a healthy lifestyle is possible.

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