Eddie Hall Weight Loss Journey (2024): Before & After

Eddie Hall weight loss journey: Edward Stephen Hall, the professional strongman nicknamed “The Beast,” recently revealed his weight loss journey. Eddie is one of the most muscular men alive. In 2016 he broke the world record for the deadlift at 500kg (1100 pounds) and then totaled 1102 pounds (500 kilos) at the World Deadlift Championships earlier this year.

He trains for strength, muscle mass, and overall body conditioning. 

This article will look at Eddie Hall’s weight loss journey and how he has been able to maintain his weight. Eddie Hall is known for his impressive strength. His new goal is to lose as much weight as possible -all while still staying strong. Eddie Hall inspires all those looking to gain muscle without steroids simply through good old-fashioned hard work.

Who is Eddie Hall?

Eddie hall’s full name is Edward Stephen hall, born on 15 January 1988. He attended Clayton Hall Academy but was expelled and started home-schooling. In his childhood, he was a competitive swimmer. Eddie is a British professional strongman. Eddie is married to Alexandra and has a son together.

He is the three-time World’s Strongest Man winner (2015, 2016, and 2017), the UK’s Strongest Man winner for six consecutive years 2010-2015, and became Britain’s first-ever World Champion at WSM in 2017.  He achieved many milestones during his career. He started his weight loss journey with a weight of 200kg. 

Who is Eddie Hall?
Name:Eddie Hall
Date of Birth:19 February 1963
Age:35 years
Height:1.91 m
Weight:164 kg
Net worth:$5 million
Profession:boxer and former strongman

Eddie Hall Weight Loss Journey

Eddie Hall, one of the most muscular men alive, revealed his weight loss journey. His journey started when he scheduled a fight with Thor Bjornsson. The star also added in an interview that he had lost more than 50 kgs in this historic fight. Eddie Hall’s weight loss journey teaches others how to get strong.

He shares his process, where he weighs 350 kgs and loses more than 50 kgs. Eddie went on a diet plan in which he eats 6000 calories daily. The British star stated that he used to eat all day before losing weight. He consumed approximately 12000 calories before this transformation. Eddie’s ability to build muscle and maintain a low body fat percentage gives him a following focused on only positive attributes.

Eddie Hall Weight Loss Journey

Eddie Hall Weight Loss Diet Plan

Eddie’s weight loss diet plan was based on a combination of calorie restriction and intense training. Eddie ate between 5000-6000 calories per day now. He used to eat eight meals a day for his heavy weightlifting career. 

  1. His weight loss diet routine starts with breakfast includes steak, scrambled eggs, water, and orange juice.
  2. Eddie’s lunch consists of two pieces of chicken, vegetables, and rice.
  3. He took a snack of granola with manuka honey and chocolates.
  4. Eddie also takes care of his boxing routine and takes chicken curry with vegetables before dinner.
  5. For dinner, he eats chicken with potatoes, asparagus, and vegetables.
  6. Before going to bed, he loves to take granola, honey, and yogurt snacks.
Eddie Hall Weight Loss Diet Plan

This diet plan helps him to reduce weight quickly and change his eating habits. Before this diet plan, he used to eat eight meals to continue his career in weightlifting.

Eddie Hall Weight Loss Workout Plan

Eddie stated in an interview that a morning walk is the best solution to lose weight. 

He used to get up early in the morning and walk half a mile daily with his dog. Consistent walking and running help him to lose weight faster.  

Eddie Hall’s workout schedule consists of 2-3 hours of weight training and 2-3 hours of cardio. Based on his experience, Eddie has found Cardiovascular exercises to be the most effective way to burn fat and build muscle

Eddie Hall Weight Loss Workout Plan

After that first week, he reduced his calories to 375 daily. The intensity of Eddie’s diet jump-started his metabolism and increased fat loss, leading to more excellent muscular development. Eddie Hall would also take Creatine during this time as it helped to maintain muscle mass while in a low-calorie state.

Eddie Hall After and Before

After Eddie Hall’s weight loss journey, you can see results; his body is much more muscular. 

After a weight loss of more than 50 kgs and being a professional Strongman, Eddie Hall can keep his lower body muscle while gaining more muscle in the upper body. Eddie’s ability to build muscle and maintain a low body fat percentage gives him a following focused on only positive attributes.

Eddie Hall After ad Before


What was the weight of Eddie Hall when he lifted 500kg?

In 2016, Hall successfully set a record in the deadlifting world by lifting 500 kilograms. At that time, he was concerned about becoming strong enough to win the competition and ate a lot to maintain intense energy. Hall’s weight was 400 pounds at the time of the competition.

How much weight Eddie Hall lost?

After hard work and dedication, he lost more than 50 kg of weight without sacrificing strength. He became more assertive and thinner in the way he wanted.

What is Eddie Hall’s height?

Hall is 1.91m tall.

What is the weight of Eddie Hall now?

He currently weighs 154 Kg and still working to maintain his weight.


Eddie Hall’s weight loss journey has been a tremendous success. He is now a role model for millions of people in the world who are looking to lose weight with strength. Eddie Hall is a man who has made his dreams come true. He achieved this extraordinary goal through hard work, diet, and exercise. His weight loss journey motivates one and all to achieve their dream body, no matter what they are capable of.

Eddie Hall lost his body fat through hard work and changed his eating habits. He became a strong and muscular man.

Eddie Hall’s weight loss journey teaches others how to become strong and lose weight. He shares his transformation diet plan and workout routine with others. His work ethic inspires everyone to achieve their dreams.

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