Chumlee Weight Loss (2024): Lost 160 Pounds

For people who are struggling with their weight loss journey, Chumlee’s weight loss journey is a great inspiration for all of them. Chumlee, one of the stars of Pawn Stars, has revealed that he’s lost a lot of weight.

But what is it like to lose weight when you’re in a lifestyle where eating and drinking are the centers of your life? He’s now lost approximately 160 pounds. He’s gained a few more over the past few months, but he has to admit, it was worth it. This blog post will show the details of his workout plan and diet plan.

Who is Chumlee?

If you have no idea who Chumlee is, let me catch you up on his accomplishments. The 39-year-old star was born on 8 September 1982 as Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee, an American businessman and reality show star. He got his nickname in his school from the cartoon character.

Chumlee Weight Loss
Name: Chumlee
Date of Birth:8 September 1982
Age:41 years
Height:1.55 m
Weight:75 kg or 169 lbs
Net worth:$5 Million

He starred in the show Pawn Stars on The History Channel and gained massive recognition from the show. His name became well known when he was arrested for guns and drugs.

Police raided his home in Las Vegas and found 12 guns, marijuana, and methamphetamine were found during the raid. However, he did not serve jail but was sentenced to three years probation as part of this deal. 

Chumlee Weight Loss Journey

In Feb 2019, Chumlee decided to live a healthy life by getting rid of the excess weight he had gained over the years. His long-time girlfriend, Corey Harrison, helped him a lot when he started his journey. Corey is a nutritionist.

She made an exercise and diet plan for Chumlee and inspired him to change his lifestyle.

Chumlee Weight Loss

In his interview with the outlet, Chumlee said that he lost weight with clean and healthy eating, exercise, and great support from friends and family.

He started when his weight was 320 pounds, and by following a strict diet plan, he lost more than 100 pounds now. In an interview, he stated that in the initial stage, he stopped eating all processed food but now he eats everything in moderation.

Chumlee Diet Plan

He stated in an interview that in the start, it was challenging for him to control his eating habits. Still, he was determined to reduce weight and followed a strict diet plan.

The star said that even though he packed junk food and fast foods in his bag when he traveled to Las Vegas, now he eats fruit and vegetables. When he decided to change his lifestyle, it was difficult for him.

Chumlee Weight Loss

Chumlee focused on natural means to reduce weight for some time. He followed the following diet routine at the early stage of his weight loss journey:


Egg, vegetables, and bacon fried in coconut oil or butter.


He followed different combinations for lunch daily. For example :

  • On Monday handful of almonds, yogurt, and blueberries.
  • On Tuesday, Veggies and leftover burgers.
  • On Wednesday, salad with olive oil.
  • On Thursday, berries, protein powder, almonds, and coconut milk.
  • On Friday, chicken salad with olive oil.
  • On Saturday, a handful of walnuts, yogurt, berries, and coconut flakes.
  • On Sunday, protein powder( Chocolate-flavoured), berries, and a smoothie with coconut milk.


For dinner, he followed the below-discussed pattern with different combinations of food:

  • On Monday, a burger without a bun with vegetables and salsa sauce.
  • On Tuesday, salmon with vegetables and butter.
  • On Wednesday, vegetables and grilled chicken.
  • On Thursday, steak, and veggies.
  • On Friday, vegetables and pork chops
  • On Saturday, meatballs with vegetables.
  • On Sunday, grilled chicken wings with raw spinach.

Chumlee Workout Plans for Wight Loss

Chumlee followed a different combination of exercises on different days of the week. Here is a short overview of his workout routine for different days:

Day 1: he performed leg presses, dips, shoulder presses, leg extensions, seated chest presses, and lateral pull-downs with a break of 90 seconds after each exercise.

Day 2: Half an hour of Treadmill walking and static pace.

Day 3:  he follows the dumbbell bench press, standing barbell bicep curls, seated Db shoulder press, assisted pull-up, and Db step-ups for the rest of 2 minutes after every exercise.

Day 4: Rest Day

Day 5:  Half an hour of Stairmaster, 30 seconds moderate and low intensity with 25 minutes of break after each interval.

Day 6: he performs squats, incline bench, hamstring curl, shoulder press, bicep curl, and wide grip row with 90 seconds of a break after each exercise.

Day 7: Exercise on an incline treadmill for 30 minutes, alternating between moderate and low intervals. 

Although he tried to lose weight using natural ways at the beginning, after some time, he decided to go for the surgical route inspired by his girlfriend, Corey. In 2019 he underwent gastric sleeve surgery. This procedure is popular in that the person’s stomach is removed to make it a smaller pouch, roughly the size of a banana.

Chumlee now stands on 190 pounds of weight and commits to keeping it low and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Chumlee Weight Loss After and Before

He shared his weight loss journey with his followers and fans through social media platforms. Chumlee posted his after and before photos and motivated his fans with the caption. Can you believe it, I’ve lost over 150 lbs!

How many people have always struggled with your weight like I did?’ After his transformation, he used to share his photos on Instagram with his new look. 

Chumlee Weight Loss


Although Chumlee was a celebrity in a reality show and had a considerable fan base, his transformation from 320 pounds to 190 pounds inspired many people. It increased his fan following across the globe.

Despite eating healthy foods and exercising, he struggled in the long run with weight awareness. Although his surgery made him famous, it did not make him free from all the weight loss struggles. He is now committed as he lost a massive chunk of weight and maintained it for months. 

Chumlee weight loss is an inspiration for people tired of struggling with their weight percentile but still want to lose a substantial amount of weight in a shorter period.

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