Kevin Belton Weight Loss (2024): Diet, Workout, Before, After

In today’s society, obesity has become a significant problem. In the United States alone, most adults face this problem. Kevin Belton was once one of these people but not anymore. Kevin Belton’s weight loss journey started after facing health issues. He used to share his experience of how he lost a whopping weight of 130 pounds in 2 years.

Take heed that the information shared is inspirational and instructional on how anyone can accomplish the same results. This post will look at Kevin Belton’s weight loss journey.

We will also explore the different things he did to lose weight and why he was successful. His story should be motivational for anyone looking to lose weight, as well as give you some ideas on how you can set goals and achieve them.

Who is Kevin Belton?

Kevin Belton, the famous chef of ‘Kevin Belton New Orleans Celebration’ and ‘Kevin Belton New Orlean Kitchen,’ gained popularity as a television host, author, and teacher. He has been performing in the cooking industry since he was young and has won several awards for his culinary abilities. He is a chef who has gained recognition in the food world but now turns to business as he opens up his first eatery and teaches cooking classes.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss
Name:Kevin Belton
Date of Birth:1960
Age:62 years
Height:6 feet and 9 inches
Weight: lost 130lbs
Net worth: $2 million
Profession: chef, television presenter, author

Aside from being a television personality, he has gained millions of followers since he was also a teacher at the New Orleans School of Cooking and the author of three books. But his weight loss journey made him a star.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss Journey

Before losing a whopping 130 pounds, his health was not in good shape. He had high blood pressure and diabetes, which made him highly stressed out and unhappy.

His doctor said he needed to lose 100 pounds or else he might face serious health issues. But he kept eating junk food and drinking alcoholic beverages, slowly gaining more and more weight with each passing day.

Kevin Belton was motivated to lose weight by his very supportive wife. She was the one who influenced him to modify his lifestyle and take care of his health properly after he was diagnosed with Pre-Diabetics and high blood pressure.

After he lost weight, she has been his most important fan and supporter up until now. It motivated him to lose weight because he knew he would live longer if he lost weight and kept it off.

To live long enough to see all his grandchildren grow up and visit all the places in the world that had always been on his wish list. He stopped eating junk food and changed his diet by eating more salads and nutritious foods.

He also made other lifestyle changes that helped him lose weight. Kevin Belton’s Weight Loss plan included walking or jogging, going to the gym for exercises, listening to good music, and doing more than one task at a time. After losing weight, Kevin Belton’s blood pressure lowered drastically.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss Diet Plan

Kevin Belton’s weight loss plan is simple and does not require special equipment or exotic ingredients. He followed low crabs diet plan and started taking small portions of healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, and lean meat such as chicken breast. Kevin Belton also stopped drinking alcohol and became a teetotaler.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss

Kevin Belton’s weight loss regimen included:

  • Eating healthy and balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Drinking water throughout the day

Kevin Belton’s weight loss success story is inspirational to many who have been struggling with weight issues, but he is now one of the best-known chefs in the country. Since then, he has written numerous cookbooks and television shows and teaches cooking classes around the country.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss Workout Plan

Kevin Belton’s weight loss workout plan is unknown; however, he said that a lot of walking or jogging, going to the gym for exercises, listening to good music, and doing more than one task at a time helped him lose weight.

Kevin Belton’s workout routine is straightforward:

  • Walking for at least 45 minutes daily with his wife and puppy. 
  • Maintained a regular exercise schedule of at least 30 minutes three times per week.

Discipline in Kevin Belton’s Life

Kevin Belton is a very disciplined person. He is known to be disciplined enough to support his diet and workout regimen and stick to it without giving up. He works out hard every week, not missing a day of jogging with his wife.

His daily routine includes his busy professional career and his weight loss routine for at least 30 minutes each day. His wife even shares his training, which includes walking the dog, getting home, stretching, and doing some other type of physical activity before bedtime.

Kevin Belton has been indulging in healthy foods since he was young, while his wife always supported him when he felt like quitting due to bad moods or excessive stress.

After and Before Weight Loss

Kevin Belton’s weight loss diet plan has worked so well that it is one of the most talked about diet plans. In his before and after pictures, it is clear how he dramatically transformed his life with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. After losing weight, he became more beneficial, which is way more important than the fat he lost.


This article provides you with some insight into Kevin Belton’s weight loss journey and what you can learn from his experience. Kevin Belton’s story is an excellent inspiration for anyone wanting to lose weight as it shows the determination and willpower it takes to succeed. 

So if you are still struggling with your weight, do not give up as you are not alone; many people have been through what Kevin Belton did to lose weight. The transformation is incredible and inspiring. It’s a win-win for everyone and should be motivational for anyone looking to lose weight and provide some ideas about how to set and achieve goals.

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