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The Benefits of Switching to Alcohol-Free Hairspray for Healthier Hair

Hairspray has traditionally contained alcohol to quickly dry and set hairstyles firmly in place. However, alcohol can cause dryness, breakage, and irritation with regular use. More hair pros are recommending switching to an alcohol-free hair spray for optimal hair health. Keep reading to learn all about the perks of going alcohol-free with your hairspray.

Less Drying and Hydration-Zapping 

One of the biggest benefits is less dryness. Alcohol is an extremely drying ingredient by nature. It works by evaporating very quickly from the hair shaft, taking moisture along with it. This can leave hair feeling dried out and brittle over time. Alcohol also disrupts the hydrogen bonds within the hair’s lipid layers which are vital to retaining moisture.

Regular use of alcohol-based sprays can gradually zap hair of its natural oils and hydration. This causes increased dryness, frizz, damage, and breakage. By swapping to an alcohol-free formula, you keep moisture sealed into the hair better without all that quick evaporation. Hair remains touchably soft and hydrated.

Less Risk of Breakage and Damage

Along with dryness, excessive alcohol can make hair more prone to breakage and split ends. Alcohol weakens and swells the hair cuticles over repeated use. This damage then travels downward, causing hair to snap and split upward from the ends. An alcohol-free hair spray skips this risk completely. Hair stFays strong and resilient.

This also helps maintain hair health for those who heat style frequently. Alcohol coupled with high heat causes more degradation of the inner protein structure. An alcohol-free spray provides protection without this weakening effect. For thin, fragile, or frequently heat-styled hair, go alcohol-free.

No More Flaking or Gunky Residue

Some alcohol formulas can leave a flaky, sticky residue on the hair shaft. This is the alcohol evaporating but leaving behind other polymers and ingredients. These deposits make hair look dirty and unattractive, especially on darker hair. As you touch and brush your hair, white flakes come off on your hands and clothes.

Alcohol-free sprays don’t contain these drying alcohols, so hair remains flake-free. There won’t be any dull, producty buildup. Hair looks and feels clean, even after multiple spray touch-ups. No more embarrassing white specks on your shoulders!

No More Crunchy, Stiff Hair

Along with residue, alcohol-containing sprays can make some hairstyles feel crunchy or stiff. This is especially true with layered, repeated applications as the product accumulates. Too much alcohol makes hair crispy. By removing alcohol, you keep strands touchably soft while still getting a firm hold.

Gentler on Sensitive Scalps

Some people experience burning, stinging, or itchiness from alcohol-based hairsprays. The alcohol causes irritation when sprayed directly onto the scalp. This can leave the scalp red and uncomfortable. Those with sensitive skin may also get contact dermatitis from the alcohol.

Alcohol-free sprays are non-irritating and gentler on scalps. You can spray liberally at the roots with no reaction. If your scalp is easily bothered, go for an alcohol-free hair spray. You can get hold without the discomfort.

Maintains Volume and Fullness

Alcohol does help provide volume by drying hair swiftly into place for an instant lift. But it can also deflate styles later on as it evaporates and moisture returns. An alcohol-free spray maintains a lightweight hold and body over time. The fullness lasts longer.

No Compromise on Hold

Modern alcohol-free sprays use advanced polymers to give just as strong of a hold as alcohol-containing formulas. The tiny polymers coat each strand and interconnect to keep hair fixed in place. Brands like L’Oreal Professional, Kenra, Alterna, R+Co, and Ouai make alcohol-free sprays that stand up to humidity and secure styles. You don’t need alcohol for a stronghold.

Better Memory and Bounce

Along with hold, alcohol-free hair spray helps maintain a soft, touchable texture and bounce. Alcohol can make some styles rigid. An alcohol-free formula allows hair to retain better elasticity, movement, and “memory”. This means hair springs back rather than staying fixed. Styles look natural with flexible hold.

Extends Blow Outs and Styles

Alcohol does initially help lock in styles and smooth strands. But for multi-day styling, an alcohol-free spray works better. Alcohol-based products gradually make hair crunchy and brittle. An alcohol-free spray keeps styles bouncy and extends the life of blowouts by hydrating as it holds. Re-smooth flyaways and frizz without stiffness.

Minimizes Damage Over Time

Even those with typically healthy hair can experience cumulative damage from alcohol over many years of repeated use. A lifetime of alcohol weakens and frays strands, leading to dryness, dullness, and thinning. By avoiding alcohol in your go-to hair spray you prevent this gradual degradation.

Safer for Color-Treated Hair

Many colorists advise choosing an alcohol-free hair spray if you color your hair. Alcohol leaches out moisture that helps the cuticles lay flat and seal in color pigments. This can make the color fade faster. An alcohol-free spray helps your vibrant hue stay true longer.

Better for Fine or Thin Hair

Fine, limp hair with texture can become straw-like with alcohol overuse. An alcohol-free spray adds a flexible hold that moves with hair, rather than drying it out further. Avoid alcohol stiffening and opt for hydrating polymers instead.

Easier Brushing and Detangling

Sprayed-stiff hair resists gliding a brush through smoothly. This tugging and pulling can worsen breakage on fragile hair. An alcohol-free formula remains brushable without that stubborn resistance. Detangling stays easy with less risk of snarling or damage during brushing.

More Touchable Second-Day Texture

An alcohol-free hair spray allows you to refresh second or third-day styles without accumulating gunky stiffness. Alcohol-based sprays make hair rock hard. An alcohol-free mist reactivates your style while keeping hair bouncy, brushable, and touchably soft. No need to shampoo out buildup.  

Better for All Hair Types

While those with dry or damaged hair benefit most from alcohol-free hair spray, it’s an upgrade for all hair types. Curly, oily, thick, straight, oily, or color-treated – everyone’s hair stays healthier. Upgrade your spray for optimal daily styling.

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, alcohol-free hair spray provides the same excellent hold and versatility with none of the risks of alcohol-based formulas. Hair stays hydrated, strong, and touchable. If you heat style frequently or simply want your longest-lasting styles ever, try an alcohol-free spray. Your hair will thank you!

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