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Luke Combs Weight Loss (2023): Diet, Workout, Before, After

Have you been criticized for your weight and become demotivated? Luke comb’s weight loss is a perfect example of motivation, and his struggle has proved him to be a man of perseverance. Luke Comb’s weight loss has been the center of many discussions lately because he has experienced many failures.

His overweight has led to criticism during his career, but he decided to prove himself to the public. To accomplish his goal, he had to work hard, and his efforts are evident. He is a man who loves challenges and is willing to do anything to attain his goal.

His struggles have led him to realize his true potential. Luke Combs did his best to change himself into a healthier and fit person. Let’s look at his journey for inspiration.

Who Is Luke Combs?

On March 2, 1990, Luke Albert Combs was born. He is an American singer and songwriter. Combs grew up in North Carolina and began playing music early, most notably at Carnegie Hall. Quitting college to pursue a musical career, he moved to Nashville, where he released his first extended play, The Way She Rides.

At the Parthenon Cafe in Boone, he performed his first country concert. As of November 2018, Combs has been engaged to Nicole Hocking. On August 1, 2020, they were married.

Luke Combs Weight Loss
Name:Luke Combs
Date of Birth:2 March 1990
Age:32  years
Height:5ft 10 (177.8 cm)
Weight:100 pounds
Net worth:$5 million

In the spring of 2022, Combs and Hocking announced they were expecting their first child together, a boy. He has a talent, and his voice is impressive. Luke has been nominated for many awards for his outstanding music in the country.

Everyone loves him and he has a huge fan following. Excellent star is very down-to-earth and sure knows how to charm the audience with his silky smooth voice by singing his heart out. He has a great passion for music, and it reflects in his music.

Luke Combs Weight Loss Journey

Combs tells Lowe that his son’s birth was the wake-up call he needed to begin taking control of his health. Additionally, he expressed a desire to be around for a long time so that he could raise his son to be a man.

The star told in an interview that he has been overweight his entire adult life, but after his son, the talented singer decided to go on a health kick. But Luke’s weight loss did not happen overnight. He had to work hard to get there. Combs put in a lot of effort and dedication to lose weight.

Luke Combs Weight Loss

Luke Combs revealed that he cut out fast food and began working out five days a week to battle the bulge. The star also adopted a healthier diet that allowed him to feel more energized during his workouts.

A healthy life is essential, so he becomes more concerned about anxiety, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Because of this, he decided to go for a weight loss regime. It is estimated that he has lost about 20 pounds in total.

Luke Combs Weight Loss Diet Plan

Combs was able to lose weight by changing his diet. He did this by eating healthier meals while enjoying the foods he loves. The star noticed that cutting out the following things helped him to lose weight:

Luke Combs weight loss
  • Junk food
  • Animal products 
  • Cheese 
  • Butter
  •  Soda 
  •  Processed carbohydrates 

Luke realized that the key to losing weight is all about simple choices. He cut out fast food and began packing his meals to eat on the go instead of purchasing them at a drive-through window.

The star started taking some protein bars with him whenever he left the house for an extended period to ensure that unhealthy food choices wouldn’t tempt him. He also decided to start exercising. The singer also shared this advice: ” Don’t want to go through what Luke was going through: “Don’t give up, because you will get there eventually.

Luke Combs Weight Loss Workout Plan

Combs has fun performing live on stage, but he wants to be the best version of himself in real life. He decided to get back into shape by staying more active and sticking to his diet and workout routine.

Luke Combs weight loss

To accomplish this, he has been doing exercise and workouts every day. He knows how important it is to focus on his health and fitness, as he must always succeed. The star revealed that he focuses on cardio exercises, a healthy diet, and weightlifting.

He also consulted with a personal trainer, Kevin, who helped him shape his body for the best to look better when performing on stage. In order to lose weight, he walked daily for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Luke Combs Weight Loss Before And After

It should be no surprise that Luke Combs looks fantastic in his slim body. His dedication to fitness and working out has paid off big time for him, as he lives a much healthier life than before; Luke shared his picture with his fan through Instagram.

Luke Combs Weight Loss

And now everybody can see that he looks more energetic and enthusiastic when performing on stage and meeting the audience. Before losing 20 pounds, he weighed 226 pounds.


Not everyone can say that they lost weight and got their dream body. So far, no one has had the guts to try and share their success story on the internet. But Luke Combs did it. So he decided to go back to his roots and prove he could do it so others could too. He made significant changes in his life by changing his diet, working out, and following a strict workout routine.

People usually think they cannot change their lifestyle, but they are wrong. Everyone can do it if they want to. Everything starts with the decision you are willing to make, and you must go through the necessary effort to achieve your goal. Don’t give up because everyone can reach their goal if you have determination, motivation, and patience for what you want out of life.

It would help if you chose the right path for yourself to become successful in your life goals and dreams. Luke Combs’ weight loss story is the best example to follow for anyone looking to lose weight.

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