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Coronavirus Symptoms – When to See a doctor? 2021


Coronavirus Symptoms: Declared as epidermis by WHO, Covid-19 is continued to spread across the world and taking a toll on many lives.

Wuhan in China is considered responsible for this virus which has terrorized nations across with world with its deadly symptoms. The virus largely affects people with weak immune such as the elderly or people suffering from other ailments.

The worst part is, even the infected person may lack symptoms for Covid-19 for the first few days, making them responsible for community transfers. The countries like China, Italy, Saudi Arabia, The USA, and France are already hit by this pandemic.

This article is about the symptoms of Covid-19 which one must know to detect it in its early stage:

Covid-19 has symptoms similar to pneumonia. Those who are suffering from coronavirus suffer from breathing difficulties including cold and cough. There is no antibiotic so far which can heal the patient. Initially, there is some irritation in the throat for 3-4 days. Then the virus starts attacking the lungs. The patient suffers from cough and cold leading to high fever. Thereafter, the patients start having breathing troubles.

Covid-19 is detrimental for people with weak immune systems and already suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes. Most of the deaths accounted for elderly people.

Here are the two major symptoms of Covid-19, as identified by the National Health Service (NHS) in the US are:

  • A continuous cough – you are coughing repeatedly
  • A high fever – your chest or back is hotter than the normal body temperature

As Covid-19 spreads rapidly, any ignorance on your part may lead to the spread of the virus to your loved ones.

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Should I Seek Medical Assistance If I Have a Cough Or Fever?

The doctor advises remaining in quarantine for the next 7 days if you observe any such symptoms. Visiting public places or meeting other people can spread the coronavirus rapidly in society. If you are living with other people, it is recommended that those people should stay at home for 14 days.

If you observing your symptoms getting worse after 7 days, seek the help of a medical practitioner.

Many countries are facing lockdown and emergency situations to avoid the community spread of Covid -19.

Is Coronavirus Worse Than Influenza Flu?

The mortality rate for Covid-19 is 4% and severely impacting the elderly people with multiple health issues. The mortality rate under the flu is less than 1%. No vaccine has been discovered for coronavirus yet. Hence prevention is the only cure that one can follow to avoid the disease.

Social distancing and washing your hands regularly are the two most recommended precautions to avoid Covid-19.

Are There Any Other Coronaviruses?

Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (Mers) and Severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) are the two types of coronaviruses that also came from animals. SARS was spread out to 37 countries in 2002 and killed more than 750 people.

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