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Where next for British Boxing in 2023?

British Boxing is a sport that has been around for centuries and is a sport that is available to all classes of people. However, in 2022 it has taken a bit of a dip. Anthony Joshua has suffered PR disasters and lost a few boxing matches which he really would have expected to win.

Essentially, he is no longer at his best and he does not quite demand the fees or audience that he used to. Pay Per View sales and tickets will never reach the height they once were, as he has now started losing. Joshua was the golden boy.

He had the charm, the looks, and a brilliant PR team behind him. Compared to Tyson Fury, was adored by the British public. But now he has started losing, British Boxing has had to put its faith in Tyson Fury, who is a divisive figure in his own right. Here’s what we know about British Boxing’s past, and where we think it can go in the future. 

The Conor Benn debacle 

In 2016, Conor Benn had the world at his feet. He had just become the British Lightweight Champion and was living up to his father’s name, something he always wanted to do. Fast forward to 2022 and his career was only going upwards. However, he wanted to have a boxing dual with his father’s arch-rival son, Chris Eubank Jr.

It was a fight everybody was looking forward to and we couldn’t wait to get it going. We don’t need to go into the specifics of what happened, but the fight ended up not happening. It was such a shame, not only because of the names but also for the careers of both fighters. It was made or broken for both and there was huge interest in the fight. 

Benn had his belts taken away after he failed two drug tests and has been suspended by the British Board of Boxing Control. That is why we ask what is next for British Boxing in 2023. It has been a PR disaster of late and hopefully, there will be a reprieve. Will be able to come back in future years? It is hoped so. But considering the lengths that Chris Eubank Jr went to to ensure he got ready for this fight and then had to bail on, it was an unmitigated disaster. A fight of this magnitude will now likely never happen. 

Can we restore the pride in British Boxing?

Lennox Lewis and Joe Calzaghe are two stand-out names in British Boxing. Lewis is a former World Champion in the sport and is now a commentator and promoter of the sport. He is a great ambassador of boxing and is very passionate.

Fans of boxing from all countries recognize him and his passion, and it is a delight to see him on our TV screens. It is thanks to people like him in the 90s and early noughties that British Boxing is as strong as it is today. 

The same can be said for Joe Calzaghe. He is also a retired British boxer who won the middleweight title three times during his career and he has a mightily impressive record of 46 wins out of 49 fights, with only one loss. Calzaghe has been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in recognition of his achievements in the sport. 

If British Boxing can lean on the sport of these two boxing greats, then the future again will look great for the sport. 

Who is currently Britain’s best boxer?

In terms of public opinion, it would probably be Daniel Dubois. He is the biggest hope for British Boxing as Tyson Fury is not only a divisive figure, but keeps retiring, meaning he is not expected to be around for much longer. He is also not celebrated and championed by the British public like AJ was. Whether you like him or not, it can’t be argued that Fury is a brilliant boxer, however. 

Dubois is undefeated in the professional ring and has a huge future ahead of him. It would be worth having a punt on him becoming one of Britain’s greatest-ever boxers. 

Is there a good betting site for boxing?

Yes, there are plenty of sites that can be utilized in order for punters to make their money on boxing. There are online casinos and betting websites that have developed their technology so that there can be a withdrawal in the fastest time possible from your account. It means so much to punters and customers to be able to get access to their money quickly and fast, and that is why these sites have developed so much in their technology. 

If you are looking to bet on boxing and make a quick buck then you should do your research on the odds. Look for Daniel Dubois’s special bets as well, as he is definitely one for the future. 

Ultimately, there are some great British Boxers past and present, and we just want British boxing to be back where it belongs at the top of its game. If we can make a profit whilst enjoying the fights, then there is no fear to be had. 

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