When to take Creatine – Best time to take Creatine [2021]

When to take Creatine: If you are a health freak and regular to the gym, Creatine is not a new name for you. Often used to make muscle mass and build strength, Creatine is commonly used as a health supplement.

It is an exercise performance supplement that proved to be safe for health. But you must be wondering, what is the ideal time to consume Creatine?

How Does Creatine Help You?

When to take Creatine

A naturally found molecule, Creatine, is a popular dietary supplement that helps in increasing your cell concentration levels. Taking it helps in improving exercise performance along with muscular health. There are some neurological benefits that are associated with it, such as improving mental performance in older people.

On average, Creatine helps in increasing your strength gains with an effective weight training program.

What Is The Best Time to Take Creatine or When to Take Creatine?

If you are a weightlifter, you would also be concerning when to take it? Whether you should take it before your workout session or after exercise or the time far from your exercise regime, there are many options to consider. But what is the best time for Creatine?

1- Taking it before your exercise:

As Creatine is responsible for generating ATP, which is a primary source of cellular energy, it fuels your muscles during workouts. The activation of muscle fibers helps in more weight lifting. It, in turn, helps in building more muscle strength. So, taking Creatine before a workout leads to more muscles.

2- Taking it after your exercise:

After a workout, your muscles get depleted and require a significant influx of nutrients. Each workout session leads to muscle damage, and pumping in the protein and carbs can help. It gives your body a flow of nutrients, which is beneficial. Your body instantly soaks up all the nutrients and helps in recovering the damaged muscles.

3- Taking it any time of the day

This theory stresses the fact that nourishing your body with nutrients is not a time-bound process, and you can do it any time of the day. Creatine is an excellent source of essential nutrients that can supplement your body will all the required benefits. Hence, irrespective of the time, you can take it to derive its inherent benefits.

Facts On Researches About Creatine

A study published in a 2013 journal suggested taking 5 grams of it after a rigorous workout session. This study was conducted on a group of 19 weight lifters with five days of workout sessions.

There was a standard push-pull-legs split, and it was observed from the abstracts that the weight lifters have Creatine after workout sessions deriving more benefits than the ones who take it before workouts or any other time of the day.

But with a closer inspection, it was concluded that both the groups derive more o less similar benefits, and there was not much significant difference. When it was further broken down to a case-to-case study, it was concluded that there was a little difference in deriving benefits for the groups — taking Creatine after a workout is found to be the best time.

However, more studies are required to conclude the results.

Another study was conducted for 10-days, where two groups were formed. One group took the Creatine just before and after a workout session. While other groups took it in the morning and evening, the time which is far off from their workout regimes, it was observed that the group taking Creatine close to their workout sessions derived higher muscle strength and gained more muscles.

The best time to take the Creatine is still not very much evident. But various studies emphasize that taking it close to your workout sessions can reap better results. You can take it 30 minutes before your exercise and 30 minutes after completing your workouts.

What is The Best Way to Take Creatine?

With the optimal dosing ranging between 3-5 grams a day, a person can take the Creatine when it works best for him. There is no potential benefit of taking Creatine in larger quantities.

It gives relevant results for the first 5-7 days, but in the longer run, you need a recommended dose of 3-5 grams a day to maintain its levels in your muscles. Hence it is recommended to take smaller amounts to get the desired results.

Many people choose various supplements, which include Creatine in it. Including them in your pre-workout or post-workouts will not make a difference. Your body is bound to derive the expected benefits.

Creatine is a safer option to consider and does not come with side effects such as rhabdomyolysis, cramping, organ damage, or dehydration. Even it does not lead to excessive weight gain or bloating in women. The best is to stick with it whenever you feel comfortable about it.

How to Take Creatine On The Rest Days?

Rest days are the days when you take a break from your workout regime. They are essential to repair your muscles. On these days, supplementing time is less critical as you take it to elevate its levels in your body cells.

The loading phase is the starting phase of supplementing your body, which requires a significantly higher amount of Creatine so that your body can absorb it initially. It helps in escalating the creatine levels in your muscles.

Supplementing your body with a high dose of it for the initial 5-7 days increases its content in your muscles. Then you can easily maintain the level with a daily recommended dosage of 3-5 grams.

How to Maximize the Benefits Of Creatine?

If you want to maximize the benefits of it, researchers suggest supplementing it with carbs to increase its absorption by your muscles. However, some studies do not support this theory.

With the intake of each 100 grams of carb, you end up adding 400 calories to your diet. It ultimately leads to weight gain.

Hence, it is equally essential to restrict the intake of carbs to avoid any additional calories in your diet.

You can take Creatine with your regular carb diet to avoid excessive calorie intake. Adding protein and amino acids also maximizes the benefits by retaining them in your body.


The best time to take it is still debated Creatine. While many studies emphasize taking it before or after your workout sessions, on rest days, making it along with food, maximizes its benefits. Overall, it is a safer supplement that does not offer side effects like weight gain.

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