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Vitamin K Deficiency Ultimate Information- Causes and symptoms

The framework of the human body is based on nutrition, everyone needs the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates for the purpose of achieving ideal energy. vitamin K Deficiency

Vitamin k one of the primary members of the family of vitamins. Most of the people have no clue about this important vitamin.

The good amount of vitamin K is necessary for your body. Else the deficiency of Vitamin K becomes problematic.


Foremost we would like to specify the answer of the most obvious question-

What is The Meaning of Vitamin K?

Vitamin K is the most essential which is responsible for blood clotting. It is the integral keeper of a healthy heart.

Vitamin K carries the utmost importance as it makes sure the right functioning of the brain.

Vitamin k you to increase your brainpower. It is best for the heart and your brain.

Vitamin K is also the key element in the process of improving the metabolism of the body.

The incredibly valuable blessing of Vitamin K is that it serves the protection against cancer. To develop strong bones is a fundamental task of Vitamin K.

What Are The Main Kinds of Vitamin K?

Basically, Vitamin K can be categorized into two parts. Both types of Vitamin K can be found in several food items. The main kinds of vitamin k are-

  • Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1’s medical term is phytonadione. The green vegetables are a great source of Vitamin K1.

  • Vitamin K2

Menaquinone is the medical term for Vitamin K2. The dairy products are the suppliers of Vitamin K2.

What is Vitamin K Deficiency?

The deficiency of vitamin k is near to unusual deficiency ever found in the human body.

But the bad news is that falls in the category of the drastically dangerous deficiency.

It has been noticed that a person who faces the deficiency of Vitamin K is likely to have maximum chances of heart diseases.

vitamin k deficiency

What is The Right Amount of It?

There is a prescribed amount of vitamin k for everyone according to the different phases of life.

The regular follow up these instructions protects you from the deficiency of vitamin k.

  • Consumption of around 2 micrograms to 2.5 micrograms per day is the right amount of vitamin k for newborn babies.
  • The consumption of around 30 to 60 micrograms per day is the right amount of vitamin k for the children attaining the age of 1 to 13 years
  • The consumption of around 75 to 90 micrograms per day is the right amount of vitamin k for adults.

What Are The Main Reasons Behind It?

This is the time to tell you about the main reasons behind the deficiency of vitamin k.

We know that this will help you out a lot for maintaining a distance from the respective deficiency (we hope that you are not having it yet). These reasons are-

  • First reason behind the deficiency of vitamin k is definitely not consuming the right diet involving the high amount of vitamin K.
  • Having a disease which is affecting your liver also turns to be a serious contributor of creating the shortage of vitamin k as your body becomes weak to absorb the plenty of vitamin k in the form of storage.
  • The poor intestine is a chief factor which produces the deficiency of vitamin k in your body.
  • Intake of high medication for a long period results in the biggest reason for the deficiency of vitamin k.
  • Apart from this the continuous consumption of antibiotic ends up with the consequences of lacking enough presence of vitamin k in your body.

How to Identify The Deficiency of Vitamin K?

The hard part of Vitamin K deficiency is that it doesn’t mark any critical changes in the human body.

This is the reason why it becomes more complicated to get to know that one is lacking the proper quantity of vitamin K.

There are just some nominal highlighters of Vitamin K which has mentioned as below-

  • If someone is having the deficiency of Vitamin K than the issues linked with the major bleeding arises a lot. For example, blood clotting gets really slow.
  • The second main symptom of the deficiency of Vitamin K is the excessive bleeding at the times of monthly lines. This turns out to be indeed problematic for ladies.
  • One hard to believe indicator of the deficiency of Vitamin K is having the bleeding stool.
  • If someone gets easily bruised than this is another big warning of deficiency of vitamin k
  • Getting intensely small blood clots below the nails is also a sign of deficiency of vitamin k.
  • If you are facing the problem of nose bleeding than there is a possibility of having the deficiency of vitamin k.

What Are The Blessings of it?

It is needless to tell that it is necessary to maintain the proper amount of vitamin k in your body.

No one can neglect the fact that vitamin k also takes into account the number of blessings for you these blessings are tracked as below

  • The keeper of a healthy heart

The amazing benefit of vitamin k is that it is the keeper of a healthy heart as it makes sure the accuracy functioning of the arteries.

It works as the greatest protector of inflammatory diseases. Vitamin k tracks the ideal usage of calcium in your body and not letting it absorbed by the arteries. This is the splendid gift of vitamin k.

  • A fighter

You must be wondering that what we are talking about then let us make you clear that yes we just said that the vitamin k is a fighter as it fights from cancer.

It never lets your body to get into the cliches of life taking disease known as cancer.

The presence of vitamin k in your body keeps you away from almost every kind of cancer. 

You would glad to know that vitamin k is a magnificent cure for the initial stage of cancer.

  • A healer

Yes, vitamin k is also a healer as it carries the capability of healing the wounds of the body and preventing the excessive loss of blood from through the process of clotting. If your body is having plenty of vitamin k than it is nothing less than a life-saving advantage, This is why most of the doctors suggest injecting a dose of vitamin k to the newborn babies.

. A helper

All females out there read it carefully as this one for you. The vitamin K is the helper because it helps in minimizing the cramps during your periods. Moreover, it makes sure the minimized bleeding for maintaining the energy in your body.

  • A supporter

This one will drive you into deep amazement. We just mentioned that vitamin k is the supporter because it supports the unexpected improvement when it comes about bone intensity.

It keeps a check on the suitable quantity of calcium in your body which is the leading factor for improving the intensity of your bones.

  •  A coordinator

We can understand that this is going to be surprising for you but yes the truth is that vitamin k coordinates the right activities of the brain.

As it actively participates in the procedure of the nervous system. It empowers the brain cell and ultimately performs the task of coordinator for ideal mental health.

  • A protector

Everyone adores the smiling face and vitamin k is the protector of your smile as it helps in the whitening of your teeth.

Vitamin k involves the assimilation of even stronger gums. It protects your teeth from getting decayed and keeps the layers of cavity way far.

Advantages of it

There are some terrific Advantages of having the proper amount of vitamin k. These are as follows

  • It provides stronger bones.
  • Vitamin k empowers your immunity system.
  • Vitamin K keeps your heart healthy and happy
  • It maintains the commendable energy in your body for performing several actions
  • Vitamin K empowers your immunity system.
  • It is the keeper of a bright smile.
  • Vitamin K manages the brain-related function.
  • Vitamin K protects you from intense bleeding
  • It keeps you relaxed at the time of periods by reducing the pain.
  • Vitamin K lowers the chances of cancer.
  • Vitamin K protects the hormonal disturbances in your body.

How to Deal With It?

if you are having any of the symptoms related to the deficiency of vitamin k than you must go through the proper check-ups.

The deficiency of vitamin k may turn into a life taking menace if doctors have confronted that you are having the deficiency of vitamin k than follow the following steps

  • Increase the intake of vitamin k. Kale, Mustard Greens, Collard Greens, Natto are some of the best sources of vitamin k.
  • Increase the consumption of dairy products.
  • Maintain a healthy routine.
  • Follow the suggestions of your doctor.

This was all you need to know about the Vitamin K. We hope that this will provide the required assistance for living out a healthy life. We wish prosperous health to you.


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