The 3 Ways To Avoid Drinking Contaminated Water

We usually take it for granted that our water is going to be clean and healthy to drink and will keep our skin looking good. The fact is that getting clean water into our homes is becoming a challenge these days. There are lawsuits like the Camp Lejeune litigation due to there being contaminated drink water causing health problems for the residents there.

The 3 Ways To Avoid Drinking Contaminated Water

If you suspect that your drinking water is not safe for you and your family, you will need to take some measures to stay healthy. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to avoid drinking contaminated water. In this article, we will go over several of the steps to take to be able to drink clean water.

1 – Filter it

There are some types of filters that will be able to get rid of much of the contamination depending on the type. Regular filters that you use for your tap water are generally not going to be good enough, however. This is because some of the contamination involves very small microns that pass through charcoal and paper filters very easily.

There are some that will be able to clean the water and remove any microns that would get past most others. There is a system called reverse osmosis in which water is passed through a screen that has holes so tiny that most particles, even viruses, won’t be able to get through. 

In fact, it is this system that can also remove the salt from seawater and make it fresh and drinkable. The only problem with these filters is that a lot of water gets wasted and it also removes some of the healthy minerals we need. 

2 – Boil the water

If the contamination is from bacteria or a virus then you can easily kill them by boiling the water for a few minutes. This process can also remove certain toxins from the water so you can safely drink it. 

To make enough water to drink you will need to bring a big pot of it to a boil and then transfer it to another to cool down while you then put more on to boil. 

This is a temporary solution that should only be considered if the problem will last a day or two. More than that and you will need to filter. 

3 – Buy bottled water

Bottled water is also an option if the problem doesn’t seem like it will last for more than a few weeks or months. This water is safe to drink and can even be mineral water that will provide you with the necessary minerals your body needs. 

In fact, many times, bottled water is the healthiest option since it doesn’t contain any chlorine or fluoride like your city water supply did before it got contaminated. A water cooler is a good idea since it will provide you with gallons of water at a time. Many cooler companies offer a free cooler if you order a certain amount of bottles per month. 

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