5 Best Testosterone Booster Foods – Increase Testosterone Fast

Testosterone, the male hormone plays a vital role in the development of male characteristics, bone mass, fertility, and sex drive. Here are some testosterone booster foods. Unfortunately, some men have low testosterone levels, and this undermines their entire well-being.

To prevent issues such as infertility, depression, or weak bones, the body requires to produce a certain amount of this hormone. If you have low testosterone levels, there are several methods you can use.

However, today’s article is all about foods you can eat to boost male hormone levels. Below is a list of foods you need to add to your menu for increased testosterone production.

Best Testosterone Booster Foods 2022

testosterone booster foods

Here you can check the best testosterone booster foods.

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1. Oysters

Oysters contain zinc, which is an essential nutrient in the production of sperms, subsequently increasing the production of testosterone. Studies have revealed zinc deficiency in men is linked with low testosterone levels.

Other foods high in zinc include; nuts, red meat, beans, and poultry. Caution, while taking foods high in zinc, does not overdo it as it may affect the absorption of other essential nutrients in the body.

2. Foods high in vitamin D

The best way to get vitamin D is through the sun, unfortunately for some, getting time to sit under the sun may be limited, thus essential to consume foods high in vitamin D.

A study done in 2011 revealed vitamin D increases testosterone levels. Some of the foods high in vitamin D include; hemp, soy, flax, almonds, cereals, orange juice, and dairy products. These foods contain about 25% of the required vitamin D in one serving.

And in addition to these foods do not forget to enjoy the sun and get a free dose of this essential vitamin. Although doctors have doubts about the effectiveness of vitamin D in increasing testosterone levels, having a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals plays a big part in boosting one’s overall immune system.

3. Ginger

For many years now, ginger has been used as a form of treatment, and recent studies have affirmed the use of ginger for medicinal purposes and more so in improving fertility in men.

A group of men with fertility issues took ginger for three months and recorded an increase in testosterone production by about 17%.

4. Pomegranates

Pomegranates have antioxidants linked with reduced stress levels, consequently improving sexual function, and this has been linked with increased testosterone levels. The good thing about pomegranate is the increase it influenced on this hormone among both men and women.

Despite being a male hormone, testosterone is also needed in women but in small amounts and also helps in several functions such as improving bone mass.

5. Foods High in Magnesium

Foods such as kales and spinach have high amounts of magnesium, which is linked with higher testosterone levels. After four weeks of research, magnesium was seen to cause a higher increase in testosterone levels among active people. Other foods containing magnesium include; beans, seeds, nuts, lentils, and whole grains.

6. Fish

Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, and there is no doubt that these healthy oils have numerous benefits to the body. Besides boosting one’s immune system, omega 3 fatty acids improve the quality of semen and increase the production of testosterone.

One is recommended to eat seafood two days a week, but do not worry if you cannot access seafood, you can also use omega 3 supplements. Some fish with high contents of omega 3 fatty acids include; trout, salmon, and sardines.

It is evident our diets play a key role in our health, though some of these foods have not been fully proven to improve testosterone levels. It’s still important to embrace a healthy eating style. The best testosterone booster foods.

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The above foods have various minerals and vitamins, as well as high amounts of fiber, healthy fatty oils, proteins, and carbs. Also, if some of the foods are not available in your area, consult your doctor on supplements to help you fill the gap. But most importantly always remember, each body type has a different response to each food.

Things to Avoid – Testosterone Foods to Avoid

1 – Refined and processed foods, processed food does not have a lot of nutritional value, in turn leading to unhealthy weight gain, which affects one’s well-being. Refined foods also have high contents of sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats.

2 – Also, avoid canned foods or drinks, research conducted in 2013 revealed consuming foods or drinks in plastic decreases testosterone levels. This is because of the chemical found in the plastics, the bisphenol when ingested bisphenol reduces the production of androstenedione, which later transforms into testosterone.

Though bisphenol is in small amounts, excess consumption may lead to adverse effects in the future. It is advisable to reduce the use of plastics when it comes to food.

3 – Avoid excess intake of alcohol; alcohol affects the production of the reproduction hormone in both men and women.

In addition to making dietary changes, here are a few more le changes that will help increase those testosterone levels.

4 – Shed off that extra weight, to see a change in testosterone levels is advised to maintain a healthy weight. Unhealthy weight is associated with an inability for the body to function well, which may, in turn, affect testosterone production.

5 – Get 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night, getting enough sleep each night helps to reduce fatigue, which may affect the production of the male hormone. Also, during sleep, the body produces a hormone that helps to balance the production of reproductive hormones.

6 – Avoid stress, stress is linked with several illnesses, and the effect of stress is no different when it comes to the production of testosterone, one way to achieve this is by regularly exercising.

7 – Seek medical treatment, besides making changes in your diet. One can also increase testosterone levels using medicines. This option, however, should be a last resort as medicines may cause lifelong negative effects not only on your body but may also affect others around you.


Though testosterone levels decrease with age if you notice low sex drive, infertility, weak bones, and unhealthy weight gain, then it’s time to consider boosting those levels, the above foods will not only help increase testosterone production but will also keep you healthy.

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