Tea Tree Oil For Skin Tags 2020: How It Helps?

Tea Tree Oil For Skin Tags

Tea tree oil for skin tags: Tea tree oil is often known for its incredible health benefits, especially on our skin.

Derived from the Australian tea tree leaves, many people claimed the benefits of tea tree oil for skin tags.

Although, there is no detailed scientific study so far establishing a clear relation between the skin tags and tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil helps in dehydrating the skin tags resulting in fall of. Online Available here tea tree oil.

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What Are Skin Tags?

A flesh-colored small skin growth, which is commonly a bump on the skin, is referred to as skin tag. It is familiar with almost 50% of the population. Skin tags are harmless as they do not cause any pain.

But they may cause discomfort if present on the sensitive skin areas such as eyelids, armpits or groin.

These are generally found in the areas where skin-to-skin friction is caused, or the clothes get rubbed against the skin. It is medically termed as an acrochordon.

These are the over the flap of skin tissues that hang on the tiny stalk. But they do not increase the risk of cancer and are not cancerous

How Does Tea Tree Oil Help?

Tea Tree Oil For Skin Tags

Tea tree oil is used for thousands of years to treat the wounds. Aboriginal people of Australia rely on the antiseptic powder to fight off the infections.

It is a common ingredient in many beauty products such as soap, moisturizer, and shampoo due to its scented accent. It is readily available wherever the essential oil is available.

The dehydrating effect of tea tree oil is considered useful for treating acne. It helps in drying up pimples and killing bacteria.

Skin tags are generally treated with a suture around the base of skin tags. As the blood supply to these tags is cut off, it leads to drying up of tags and falling off.

The alternative treatment could be tying of dental floss around the base of the tag.

How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags Using Tea Tree Oil?

There are several ways in which tea tree oil can be used to get rid of skin tags.

  • Tea tree oil compress
  • Take a cotton ball and soak in tea tree oil.
  • Secure this cotton ball over the skin tag using a bandage or a piece of tape
  • Keep it overnight and repeat until the tag falls off.
  • Vinegar Mix
  • Take a cotton ball and dip into apple cider vinegar
  • Add a few drops of tea tree oil to it
  • Apply on the skin tag and secure with a bandage or tape
  • Leave for 20 minutes and remove
  • Clean the area using soap and water
  • Apply three times a day until the tag falls off

Tea tree oils are available in several strengths. It is essential to consider the label diligently as pure tea tree oil can be irritating to your skin. Use it only for the external application and avoid any internal intake.

If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to use the diluted tea tree oil. Pure oil is very harsh and can cause extreme irritation. To dilute the oil, you can use jojoba or coconut oil as carrier oils.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil?

There are several health benefits of tea tree oil, making it a preferred choice for various treatments as follows:

1. Antifungal

Tea tree oil kills the fungus causing various infections. It is commonly used for nail fungus and athlete foot treatment. It is also helpful in treating oral thrush and yeast infections.

2. Immune boosting

Activating the immune system’s white blood cells enhances the immunity of the body against various body infections.

3. Antimicrobial

For centuries tea tree oil is used as an antiseptic solution and kills the bacteria as well as viruses. It is added to soaps and shampoos to prevent infection. It is also used to cleans the wounds.

4. Antiviral

Various studies supported the antiviral properties of tea tree oil. It prevents the spread of multiple viruses, including flu.

What Are The Other Uses Of Tea Tree Oil?

The germ-fighting property makes tea tree oil a vital natural remedy. It promotes healing by preventing infection and fungal skin conditions. Some of the uses of tea tree oil are as follows:

5. As skin inflammation remedy

Tea tree oil is an excellent rescue for a bug bite. It helps in reducing the swelling, itching and any redness, which is caused due to any insect bite.

6. Insect repellent

As compared to DEET, tea tree oil is proved to be a better skin repellent. It is useful in killing and repelling insects.

7. Antiseptic for minor cuts

With any cut on your body, it is easier for germs to reach your bloodstream. Clean the bruised area diligently. Now mix tea tree oil and coconut oil in equal quantities. Apply the mixture and cover the injury using a bandage.

8. Fight Acne

The gel present in tea tree oil is effective in treating acne. Mix one part of tea tree oil with nine parts of water. It is recommended to apply this mixture at least two times a day.

9. Chemical-free mouthwash

The anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil make it an ideal choice for chemical-free mouth wash. It fights with the germs causing the cavity and bad breath.

What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Using Tea Tree Oil?

You may experience a mild reaction or excessive skin irritation with the use of tea tree oil. Hence, it is essential to conduct a patch test before applying it to the affected areas of your skin.

Apply a tiny amount of tea tree oil and wait for 1-2 days. Any severe reaction explains the potential dangers of using tea tree oil on your skin.

The skin reaction is an indication that you should avoid the use of tea tree oil. As it is toxic, ingesting tea tree oil can lead to severe consequences for your body. Also, avoid using this oil near your skin.

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