Sunburn Lips Swollen 7 Best Free and Natural Remedies [2021]

Sunburn’s lips were swollen: Sun is the only source of warmth and light to humans on this Earth, but at many times, this warmth and light can cause problems.

sun blisters on lips

Although it is suitable for health to walk in the sunshine, its UV radiations are harmful to the skin. It can cause numerous lesions and burns, like sunburn.

Sunburn is white and small blisters that are filled with white or transparent substances. They can be caused by skin, face, and lips too.

Lips are the sensitive place to have tiny blisters because they are soft parts that lack tough tissues due to which too much or severe burns can cause cancers and other problems. The lower lip has more chances to suffer from sunburn lips swollen than the upper lip because the hottest body is overhead most of the time.

Sunburn Lips Can Cause

  1. Itching
  2. Burning
  3. Redness and
  4. Blisters, if the sunburn is severe.

If severe cases it will get difficult for a person to

  1. Eat
  2. Drink, and
  3. Open his or her mouth.

While suffering from these blisters and pain, you might notice several symptoms like

  1. Your lips would get swollen
  2. Redness
  3. You find it painful to touch them, and many others.

However, there is a ray of hope in every difficulty. Similarly, there is a solution to every problem. There are remedies and ointments which can wipe out symptoms and give you’re your pink lips back within a few days.

Sunburn lips are usually cured automatically, but medications and herbs can make the process less painful and speed up the healing because of the components present in it that are useful for lips. After all, the entrance of your mouth has different needs and wants. Unlike other areas, it has tough covering. The capillaries are unprotected.

Some of the remedies and medication which you use to cure them are:

sun blisters on lips

1- Coldwater: 

Coldwater has a solution for many things. To cure faster, dip a cloth in cold water and place it on the affected area for few minutes. It will reduce your sunburn lips’ swollen and redness. If you have an ice pack or ice cubes, then you can use any of them too. Do it numerous times a day to get a better result faster.

2- Aloe Vera:

Some plants are too poisonous, but most of the plants are also helpful. One of them is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera can cure your blisters and white spots. Cut the leaf into hales horizontally and apply its gel on the affected part. You can even buy any gel from the store that would have Aloe Vera’s gel. Keep the bottle or extracted gel in the fridge so that it will become more active.

3- Moisturizers:

Due to sunburn, lips get dry quickly. Therefore, it is good to apply decent moisturizers and lip balm to keep them hydrated but do not use any cream that has Vaseline or any component which can seal lips from heat. So, before buying, first, see ingredients and then put them in your shopping cart.

4- Chamomile tea bags:

Tea and its components can cure your blisters because they are cold inside. Boil tea bags in hot water and then dip a cloth in it. Place the tea-soaked towel on the sunburned lips swollen part. It will reduce blisters and redness. You can buy these tea bags from any store at affordable prices.

5- Hydrocortisone cream:

If none of the remedies is working, then apply this cream on lips but make sure not to lick it; otherwise, you will face problems because the elements present in it are harmful if they are ingested.

6- Anti-inflammation medications:

There are so many ointments and medicines that can lessen inflammation and give your pink lips back. You can use have aspirin or ibuprofen soon. You have sun exposure. They can reduce inflammation and pain from the inside. You can even buy

  1. Acetaminophen, or
  2. Naproxen Sodium

To reduce pain and burning sensation. But first, consult your doctor.

Sunscreen: Sunscreens are creams and lotions, which can protect you from the Sun. The application of these creams can keep your lips from further burn and lesions. Try to buy or use such sunscreen, which has titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. They are active chemicals that work as a mirror by reflecting sun rays from lips.

So, these are a few remedies that can guarantee zero percent sunburn lips’ swollen and reddishness in a few days. Besides them, there are some basic recommendations for people who have sunburn lips.

Some of these recommendations are:

  • Keep yourself hydrated: Blister steals most of the water of your body due to which your lips get dry. Therefore, thirsty to drink more water than you drink in your average days to keep your dehydration.
  • No more Sun: In these days, try to remain in shady places. Do not sun in Sun or open places in the daytime when there is Sun overheard otherwise you will worsen them, and
  • Do not touch or pop them: If your sunburn has turned into blisters that would have liquid inside, then do not pop them; otherwise, you will get them in different areas of your lips too. Besides this, do not pick lips’ skin. It will help them worse.

So, These are a Few Recommendations

At many times, these sunburns are more irritating than they are as usual. In such cases call your doctor if you are suffering from

  1. Fever
  2. Blisters on all body
  3. Fatigue
  4. Feeling cold, and
  5. Feeling dizzy

Because these are not the symptoms of sunburn. It might show that you have any other problem or sunburn that has led to any disease.

Hence these are basic guidelines about sunburn lips. Sunburn lips are red spots caused by having exposure to the Sun. These burns are similar to first-degree burns, which are mild and related to reddishness and inflammation. However, sunburns can be turned into blisters if a person does not take prevention.

Usually, they have healed themselves if a person keeps himself or herself hydrated and keeps himself from sunlight, but some remedies ensure no more sunburn lips swollen and inflammation! Click here to know more about free health information.

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