Rance Allen Weight Loss (2024): Diet, Workout, Before

Have you ever heard of Rance Allen and how he achieved such success in his weight loss journey? Rance Allen, who was once a renowned musician and religious figure, is no more. He had a straightforward diet plan that helped him lose weight, which he couldn’t do earlier because of his obesity.

He was very determined to do so, and he did it. Through his many weight loss journeys throughout his life, he advised others to follow the same path as long as they were determined enough for healthy living.

His story inspires people who want to lose weight and gain better health and fitness through the proper eating habits in their daily lives that can boost their health or prolong their life by many years.

Who is Rance Allen?

Rance Allen was born in the US and his birthday is November 19, 1948. As a gospel singer, he performed a variety of songs. As the founder and chairman of Rance Allen Group, he plays a crucial role in the band’s success. His father’s name is Thomas, and his mother is Emma Pearl Allen.

Allen has six sisters and five brothers in his family. The names of his brothers are Steve, Tom, and Esau. In 1970, Allen married Ellen Mariye Allen. There are no children in the family. American musician and religious figure Rance Allen founded the Rance Allen Party, which plays contemporary gospel music.

Rance Allen’s Weight Loss
Name:Rance Allen
Date of Birth:20 November 1948
Age:71 years
Weight:110 kg
Net worth:$1.5 million
Profession:Bishop, Guitarist, Singer-songwriter

Located in Toledo, it is currently closed. Formerly, he was a vocalist, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter for The Rance Allen Group. This band has performed several concerts with him. In this team, his brothers have played a significant role.

They released an album in 1972, and one of their most popular songs was Truth Is Where It’s At. Allen’s lovely voice helped his music group become widely recognized worldwide. The 70-year-old Allen passed away on October 31, 2020. The last song he sang before he died was God Has Bin So Good Music.

Rance Allen’s Weight Loss Journey 

Rance Allen did not have an obesity problem as a child. He was of standard size and slim in his early childhood. As he grew up, he became overweight due to unhealthy eating habits. With an increasing weight and physical pain, he took a journey towards weight loss.

Rance Allen's Weight Loss

More and more people noticed his weight loss and were amazed at his remarkable feat—Rance Allen’s Weight Loss Journey. Over the course of his last few years, he was up to 150 pounds.

His face looked very different; it seemed that he had been through many changes and hardships. He used to be a good-looking man, 70 years old, but when the time came he had to start losing weight, his face changed completely.

Rance Allen’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Rance Allen had a pretty simple diet plan. He followed a high-protein diet, which resulted in significant weight loss. He also went on to have a walking and exercising routine, which he followed religiously. Different people would have various reasons for wanting to lose weight.

Rance Allen's Weight Loss

However, Rance Allen was the one who was able to lose the weight he desired in his life. Undoubtedly, his diet plan was influential in helping him reach his goal of having a non-obese body by 70 years old; this shows how much he wanted to use this as an opportunity to inspire others with his story of achieving weight loss at any age.

The first thing he did to lose weight was to change his diet. He stopped eating junk food, fast food, alcohol, and refined sugars that harm body health.

He also went on a high-protein diet instead of carbohydrates and fat because they led to excessive calorie intake and increased fat storage. The following diet regime is part of his diet plan:

  • Breakfast was his first meal of the day; it was light, and he always ate healthily. He had toast, juice, one banana, and a glass of water. 
  • Lunch: He served chicken breast with some mild sauce and cut green beans at lunchtime. He had significantly fewer fats, cholesterol, and carbs in his diet plan.
  •  Dinner: In the evening, he had a small meal of fish or other non-fattening food.

Workout Plan 

The first time he decided to lose weight, he took a complete workout routine. He used to do cardio at a moderate level for about an hour in the morning, and in the evening, he included weight training.

He followed his exercise schedule very strictly even on holidays and weekends. The duration of his workout depended on how much time he had. Generally, it was 20-60 minutes of weight training and 30-45 minutes of daily cardio workouts.

After every two days, he did not do any exercise, but on alternate days, he retook the same workout routine. The second thing he did to lose weight worked out. He performed cardio exercises, which helped him burn calories and fats faster.

His workouts were mainly running and cycling, but he also served weight-lifting for strength training. Walking is always recommended as it is a great way to keep the weight off and ward off any health issues that may occur from excessive fat, such as high blood pressure or heart disease. To stay in shape, he follows the following workout plan:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cardio
  • Sits up

Rance Allen’s Weight Loss Before And After

Rance Allen shared the news of his success with his fans through social media. His weight dropped by about 20 pounds in a short time. It took Rance a lot of time and effort to lose weight, but his hard work paid off. He had no more health problems and lived a successful life till the day he died.


The features of Rance Allen’s Weight Loss Journey are the dedication and hard work he put in to achieve his goal. It was not just about diet or fitness; it was about the commitment to fulfill a dream he had for a long time. Going through many troubles, Rance Allen went from a fit and healthy man to a fat and unhealthy man until he reached his goal weight of 70. His weight loss journey changed him and allowed him to inspire others with his story. He also encouraged people in their forties or fifties who are overweight to lose weight in their old age and enjoy a healthy life ahead. 

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