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7 Best Quitting Smoking Quotes: Stop Smoking 2021

quitting smoking quotes

Today we are going to disqus about top quitting smoking quotes. They all will help you to stop smoking.

As everybody knows smoking is not good for health, but still, people do smoke. Why people smoke what the reason?

Why they quit smoking? So here I will suggest you or motivate you to quit it through the smoking quote.

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7 Best Quitting Smoking Quotes

1 – Smoking helps you Relax!

quitting smoking quotes

Yes, If you don’t stop smoking then it helps you relax. You know what I am talking about. So if you don’t want to relax stop smoking.

2 – A cigarette is a classy way to commit Suicide

quitting smoking quotes

The cigarette is a classy way to suicide. If you don’t quit, you will lose your health and your life. Make your life easy and healthy to stop smoking.

3 – I Quit…

You can quit smoking. If you want, It depends on you that what you think. Do you really want to stop it?

Why not, you can and you will! Think about you, about family, about your kids, your mother, father. They love you so much to others. Live a stress-free life.


quitting smoking quotes

Don’t think about tomorrow. Just focus on today.


quitting smoking motivational quotes

Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live in. Think about your life first. It is beautiful don’t waste it on smoking.

6 – It never too late!

quitting smoking quotes of inspiration

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You are always better if you quit smoking. It never too late! Never think that it is too late. It is the best time to stop smoking.

Quit it from now.

7 – Listen, your heart


Listen, your heart is begging you to quit smoking.


How long after quitting smoking will lungs heal?

After 9 months. 

How long does the urge to smoke last after quitting?

When you stop smoking. It takes 3 or 4 days to get out nicotine from your body. 

What do you say to someone to stop smoking?

You can say that leaving the smoke is hard. But if you want, you can do it. If you you need anything. I will help you in this. I know you can do it. We proud of you to quiting smoking

Can quitting really help a lifelong smoker?

Yes, quite smoking never gets late. You can leave the smoke anytime. If you sleep this folk early, the chances of getting cancer will be reduced.


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