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14 Positive Facts on Coronavirus: Do you know?

Positive Facts on Coronavirus: Do you know? With so much negativity around due to the massacre caused by the Coronavirus, finally, its time to hear something positive about it.

Yes, declared as an epidemic by the World Health Organization, the virus has already knocked half of the world with its rapid spread.

Wuhan in China is considered the epicenter for the virus, which currently is hitting countries like Italy, Iran, and the USA drastically.

1. China Has Closed Down its Last Coronavirus Hospital –

Positive Facts on Coronavirus

Positive Facts on Coronavirus: There are no new cases to support it. All the 16 temporary hospitals in China which were developed to treat the Covid-19 patients have been closed down. The final group of 49 patients walked out of Wuchang makeshift hospital in Hubei province. All these temporary hospitals had received 13,000 Covid-19 patients.

2. Doctors in India are successfully treating Coronavirus patients.

A combination of Lorpinavi, Retenevir, oseltamivir as drugs are used to treat Coronavirus. All the travel curbs to the epicenter of Novel Coronavirus. The infection cases in Wuhan is decreasing with each passing day, indicating that China can control the epidemic.

3. Researchers of Erasmus medical center claims to found antibiotics against Coronavirus.

No official declaration has been made regarding the confirmation of medicines. But it gives a ray of hope to the world that soon this antibiotic will help in controlling the epidemic

4. A 103-year old Chinese grandmother recovered from Coronavirus.

She was treated for six days in Wuhan and has now been fully recovered. There was an observation that Covid-19 mainly hits the older people and the people with a weak immune system. The successful treatment of this grandmother makes the elderly infected people hopeful.

5. Apple Reopened all 42 Stores in China.

It is a clear indication that the epidemic center of Coronavirus, which was a massive hit just a month ago, is going back to its healthy life. Considered as the epicenter of Novel Corona, China is coming back to the track with a healthy life. The reopening of Apple Stores indicates that China can fight against the pandemic successfully.

6. Cleveland develops Covid-19 tests, which gives the results just in hours instead of taking a few days.

The major hurdle in control the Novel Corona was the period when the people are infected but not having any symptoms. Further, the delay in their Covid-19 test reports makes the situation more vulnerable. Cleveland claims to develop a test mechanism that reports in just a few hours.

7. The Number of Cases in South Korea is Declining.

While the novel corona is exploding in other countries, South Korea has started recovering with the few cases standing at 64 in numbers. The best parts are, South Korea has not implemented the damaging lockdown like Europe and Italy or unlike Draconian restrictions on the movement of people in China.

8. Like China, the Covid-19 cases in South Korea are also decreasing considerably.

The country also offered an 80 billion USD relief package to support the crashing bond and stock markets as well as save the companies from the financial crunch at this crucial time.

9. Italy was a hard hit by Covid-19 due to having the oldest population in Europe.

Ranked as Number 2 in healthcare, the devastating effects of Covid-19 on Italy has scared the world and question the sustainability of other countries about fighting with the infection. However, one of the primary reasons for this massacre is accounts for the large number of the elderly population in Italy.

10. No deaths are reported due to Covid-19 in Kenya.

The country has initiated the right steps in time to control this epidemic. All the travelers coming into the country, including nationals, are quarantined for 14 days of isolation in government facilities or hotels. So far, only 25 coronavirus cases are reported in the country.

11. A network of Canadian scientists is making excellent progress in the research of Covid-19.

By successfully isolating and growing copies of Coronavirus, they are closer to find a vaccine for fighting this deadly illness.

12. A biotech company in San Diego is developing a vaccine for Covid-19 in collaboration with the National University of Singapore and Duke University.

At Torrey Pines lab, Arcturus Therapeutics is in the process of preparing the vaccine. The amount of vaccine is expected to be in micrograms and may not require any booster dose. Just a single injection will create the antigen.

13. The first Covid-19 positive case in country Tulsa has been successfully recovered.

The person has two negative Covid-19 tests indicating the recovery from Coronavirus. There are 41 cases in total in Tulsa country with just one death.

14. Plasma from newly recovered patients from Coronavirus can treat other Covid-19 infected patients.

Japanese drugmaker Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. is developing a new drug for Covid-19, which will be prepared from the blood plasma of recovered Covid-19 patients. The concept states that the antibodies derived from recovered patients can strengthen the new patient’s immune system.

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