Neck Lift vs Platysmaplasty – Which Procedure Should You Go For?

Platysmaplasty is the most common and minimally invasive surgical approach to correcting platysma. The flabby and saggy neck skin can be present in weight gain, pregnancy, or poor diet. They are lifting that loose skin tightens up the neck muscles so that they can no longer hang like a loose bag on your chest. These muscle changes have been shown to minimize or eliminate neck wrinkles and improve overall neck appearance.


The necklift for men surgery elevates the remaining skin, removes excess and loose skin, tightens your neck contour’s underlying supportive structures, and reduces excess fatty deposits. These goals are accomplished by removing excess skin and fat by a small incision in front of the ear and behind the hairline. This procedure involves lifting the underlying tissues while preserving as much of your natural assets as possible.

Which Procedure Should You Go For?

If you have any neck problems, you should go for a platysmaplasty. Doctors recommend this procedure to people who regularly lift their heads or hold the phone in one hand. Plastic is a surgery that helps to reduce the size of the platysma muscle and makes your neck more flexible and weaker.

The operation to reduce the size of the platysma muscle is called platysmaplasty. This year, many facial plastic surgeons have been doing this surgery. Platysmaplasty is recommended by doctors who prefer their patients to have a youthful neck and fresh-looking facelift.

It is important to note that this procedure alone is not enough to eliminate it if you have neck problems. It would help if you also had a facelift or a neck lift to get the best results.

Most people who choose this procedure are happy with the results as it makes their necks flatter and gives them an overall improved appearance. The incision used to reduce the size of the platysma muscle can be hidden in your hairline, so you hardly notice it. However, the term “platysmaplasty” is used only for people over 20 years old. The younger you are, the less likely you will get a good result with this surgery.

The platysmaplasty surgery is a good option if you have lost lots of weight and your neck skin has become very loose and baggy. It tightens up the underlying muscles to pull your neck skin into a firmer, flatter shape. This procedure can also help to make your neck look smoother and more attractive.

You can get a platysmaplasty if you have excess or sagging skin in the neck area of your face. It is a fairly standard procedure involving lifting the loose skin, tightening your neck contour’s underlying supportive structures, and reducing excess fatty deposits. These goals are accomplished by removing excess skin and fat by a small incision in front of the ear and behind the hairline.

Because our face is composed of numerous muscles, it is essential to have an excellent surgeon who has profound experience in facial surgery to prevent unwanted complications. You may need several procedures if your problem is more severe.

The good thing about getting this procedure done is that it could be done on an outpatient basis, depending on how long the surgery takes.

Why should neck lifts not be chosen for people already happy with their platysmaplasty?

The platysmaplasty is one part of a complete facelift. Because the neck is not included in a complete facelift, it is not uncommon for aestheticians to not include the neck lift in their recommendation. They believe that the results from a platysmaplasty alone will be sufficient for most people’s needs.

If a person has substantial skin changes in the neck area, they should not get a platysmaplasty. The result will look much better if they have a neck lift as it gives our so-called “neck hemorrhage” the proper shape and correction it needs. It is necessary to use some of the extra fat from the abdomen area for this operation. Please remember this when you decide if you want to go for platysmaplasty or not.

Benefits of Platysmaplasty

The best benefit that people who have been told they are not a good candidate for the platysmaplasty will experience is that they will no longer have a stiff-looking neck. The platysmaplasty will give you a more fluid and dynamic appearance. Your neck or “bag” of skin can be lifted, tightened, and shaped with the proper incisions.

It is one of the benefits that most people are satisfied with once they see their final results. It is an excellent chance that many people enjoy, especially when they realize the effect it will have on their neck. The platysmaplasty is better for the neck than the platysmataplasty because it will not give your neck such a hollow look. It looks more natural and does not cause your neck to appear like an elephant’s leg.

The most obvious good thing about this procedure is that it straightens out how your neck looks and feels, even though losing weight has been done. The neck lift will provide a clean and smooth neck to pull your head up, which is necessary when smiling or holding a phone. You will not be able to feel the weight of your head pulling down on the platysmaplasty because the muscle is gone. It makes the platysmaplasty much more tolerable and causes people to feel happier with their new appearance.

Necks are Part of the Whole

When you choose to have a neck lift, you need to understand that it goes with the whole face. It is difficult to decide if the aesthetic effect of a facelift or neck lift will be enough for your needs. Most people prefer this procedure because it has less risk than a complete facelift and can give them a youthful appearance.

The platysmaplasty will not work for everyone and should be done under the supervision of a plastic surgeon. It is important to note that the skin in the area will look worse in the months after this procedure. After multiple treatments, you may see that you have peeled a little skin off while tightening and lifting the underlying muscles in your neck area. It can improve their neck well for some people, but most people do not like how it looks because it doesn’t look completely natural.

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