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The mommy makeover is a widespread combination of plastic surgery procedures specifically designed to address ordinary women’s issues. These issues are faced by women who have undergone breastfeeding and pregnancy. In other words, the mommy makeover is a phrase referring to a specialized combination of body shaping procedures. The procedures can be done together to improve a woman’s physical changes, such as enlarged breasts after pregnancy. One thing that makes the mommy makeover popular is that it has no set standards. Each procedure is customized to suit the patient’s unique needs. But, the surgical approach usually begins with an abdomen and breast contouring procedure (American Board of Plastic Surgery).

Elements of a Mommy Makeover

Since the abdomen and the breasts are the primary change areas with motherhood, this procedure often focuses on an abdomen and breast procedure. Breast enlarge and increase by as much as a cup size during breastfeeding and pregnancy. However, getting back to standard size can mean a noticeable sagging and sizeable loss in breast volume. When a woman is pregnant, the abdominal tissues, skin, and muscles stretch to accommodate the growing baby. But after childbirth, the layers may not revert to their pre-baby condition.

A mommy makeover includes:

  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Circumferential Abdominoplasty

Breast implants can reinstate lost volume and fullness, while a breast lift helps lift sagging skin to improve shape. Today, breast augmentation is more effective and safer than ever before. Many surgeons use the Keller Funnel to minimize the risk of capsular contracture and infection. For women with disproportionate and uncomfortable breasts, having a breast reduction can produce a smaller appearance.

Other standard techniques included are abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, and circumferential abdominoplasty to enhance the figure. But, a woman does not have to stop there. They can also have a Brazilian butt lift, arm lift, and thigh lift as part of the mommy makeover package. Depending on your surgeon and the procedures, you can have a mommy makeover during a single operation. Alternatively, the procedures can be spread out over multiple sessions for safety reasons.

Factors to Consider When Having a Mommy Makeover

Determining the appropriate time to have this procedure is significantly a decision between you and your surgeon. But, there are some factors to consider when choosing the techniques and timing for a mommy makeover (American Board of Plastic Surgery).

  • You have to be fully recovered from childbirth to undergo surgery.
  • If you want to undergo breast surgery, you should have it a few months after finishing breastfeeding to enable the breasts to revert to a stable shape and size.
  • Some non-surgical treatments like injectables are not recommended for a breastfeeding mother.
  • Ideally, it would be best to wait until you are through with having children before having surgical lifting procedures, such as lower body lift, breast lift, and tummy tuck surgery. If you want to have more children in the future, you can have non-surgical skin and body contouring treatments as an interim treatment option.
  • When you have a mommy makeover, you cannot lift weights 5-10 lbs within the initial few weeks after surgery. If you have younger children, you will require help with childcare.

Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation

Breast surgery is usually an essential component of a mommy makeover. In particular, breastfeeding and pregnancy can cause deflation of the breasts. A breast implant is an excellent and safe way to restore the lost volume. However, age, breastfeeding, and pregnancy can also stretch the tissues and skin on your breasts. Due to this, direct breast augmentation is not always the best solution.

When standing in front of a mirror, are your nipples facing forward? If not, you would be better off with a breast lift or a breast implant. If you try to use a larger implant to make up for sagging skin, you can develop complications in the future. Drooping and loose skin indicate weak tissue, and it will not be strong enough to grip the implant in place. A breast lift will revert the nipple to the middle of the breast to create a more youthful and perky look (Stanford Medicine, 2022).

Preparation for a Mommy Makeover

While preparing for this procedure, your surgeon may ask you to:

  • Get a medical evaluation or lab tests
  • Adjust current medication or take certain medications
  • Avoid taking herbal supplements, anti-inflammatory drugs, and aspirin as they can promote bleeding
  • Stop smoking

Usually, mommy makeover surgery is done in an ambulatory surgery setting or a hospital and will probably require general anesthesia. Your doctor can perform some follow-up procedures, outpatient, where local anesthesia may be applied. These decisions depend on the specifics of your particular procedure while considering your preferences and your doctor’s judgment (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2022).

Recovering from a Mommy Makeover

Having multiple surgeries in a single procedure can prolong the recovery period compared to having a single surgery. However, the recovery time is much shorter than recovering from an individual surgery done separately. Your doctor will ask to see you in the weeks following the procedures as you recover. This is to ensure that your healing process is going as expected. Most of the procedures done during a mommy makeover need sufficient rest to heal properly.

Invasive surgeries require more time to heal. Recovery time varies amongst patients and the procedures done in the makeover. The discomfort and pain level after the procedures also depend on the individual’s pain tolerance and performed procedures. Although the recovery process from a mommy makeover is dependent on many factors, there are some standard tips to help you recover faster (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2022).

  • Get help. For many surgeries included in a mommy makeover, such as breast surgery, you will require assistance around the house during the initial 24-48 hours.
  • Have a ready recovery area. Set up a recovery area before the surgery to recover and rest properly.
  • Follow post-operation instructions. Strictly follow the instructions given by your doctor after the surgery to enable you to recover well after the mommy makeover. Most complications that occur after surgical procedures are due to patients ignoring the advice and instructions of their surgeon or doctor.

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