Who is Martyn Eaden? Chrissy Metz’s Ex-husband Bio, Wealth

Martyn Eaden was born in the UK and is also a journalist and writer. Martyn Eden is a copywriter who married celebrity Chris Metz. Martin Eden and Chris Metz met and got married in 2008 and divorced in 2015 due to differences.

Martin Eden is not very well known in the Hollywood scene and has since been privately kept by her ex-husband as she keeps pace because the ABC’s celebrity “this is us”.

Who is Martyn Eaden?

Martyn Eaden
Name:Martyn Eaden
Date of birth:1975
Age:46(as 2022)
Better known for:Brittan journalist and ex-husband of a famous American actress named Chrissy Metz.
Wealth$ 8 million by 2022

Martyn Eaden’s Personal Life

Martyn Eaden was an ordinary man who worked as a copywriter. He earned a middle-class income when Chrissy Metz was his wife. Chrissy Metz was introduced to the U.S. audience as an “overweight” actress.

Martyn Eaden’s Personal Life

Her role in the show opened a discussion about obesity and Chrissy Metz’s weight loss among women of a particular weight class. Chris Metz has been a Hollywood starlet since the premiere of “This is us”. As of now, it is not known what he will do after leaving the post. 

Chrissy Metz and Hollywood

Martyn Eaden was a general writer who was employed as a copywriter Metz became her wife while her husband earned a middle-class income.

For American viewers, Chrissy Metz became known as the “overweight “celebrity. Her role in this is our series opened up a conversation about obesity and weight loss among girls of a particular weight class.

chrissy metz weight loss

What he will do after leaving the post is not known at this time. The picture of Chrissy Metz became clear in this order and the inner message of his personality was sensitive. As Metz made his Hollywood dream come true, his personal life seemed to have a back seat to his needs.

In 2013, five decades after the wedding, rumors began circulating about the connection between Martyn Eaden and Chris Metz. Since Metz rejected the request, Martin Eden was granted a divorce in 2015.

Eaden later filed for divorce, saying the couple’s connection could not be rectified or saved due to incomplete differences.

Martin Eden also said he should be allowed to retain the exclusive rights to his automobile and private bank accounts.

Since the divorce, Chrissy Metz has made no effort to deny or agree to some of the allegations made by her ex-husband. Now, Chrissy Metz and her ex-husband Martyn Eaden are also living much more content than each other.

Chrissy Metz became famous for her acting ‘In this is us who is why she won a Primetime Amy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Chrissy Metz the Vapors and this group are Chris’s singers.

After being produced in 1980, he returned to his hometown for ten decades of his life and spent his days. Her father was in the U.S. Navy, and she also has a brother, Philip, and a sister, Monica. She has a dream of becoming an actress as a child.

She started taking classes in the market and moved to Los Angeles Chris Mates Enthusiast was spotted on an American TV show in 2005, Which starred Jerry Ferrara, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly, and others.

After that, Metz is an American sitcom, and we were all cast in the Hollywood comedy film, and he was welcomed to Los Angeles in 2007 under the direction of Archie Gips. Although she has acted in two films and many television series, she has been credited as Kate Pearson in the TV drama series.

Her character has been criticized and she has been nominated for the Prime Time Amy Award and the Golden Globe. In January, Chris Metz married Martyn Eaden 2008.

Their marriage did not last long and a divorce case was registered to show inconsistent differences. They divorced in 2015 after five decades of happiness.

A wealth of Martyn Eaden

How rich is Martin Eden? By the end of 2018, the sources tell us about a net worth of about $ 1 million, which was earned through a successful career as a writer. His ex-wife’s fortune has also increased her fortune, valued at $ 300,000. His wealth is expected to increase as he continues his career.

Some Details of Martyn’s Life

Very few details are available about Martyn’s life, especially his early years. Nothing is known about his childhood, education, and how he wanted to be a writer It is known that he started working as a copywriter until he started writing screenplays for the film.

martyn eaden

However, he did not attract the attention of the public for his work, and his popularity grew considerably after he became involved with Metz. Sources indicate that he is a private person and does not like to share more about his past or present efforts.


Who is Martyn Eden?

Martyn Eaden is a copywriter who married celebrity Chrissy Metz. Martyn Eaden is not very well known in the Hollywood scene and has since been privately kept by her ex-husband as she keeps pace because the ABC’s celebrity “this is us”.

Who is Chrissy Metz?

Chrissy Metz, who was nominated for the Golden Globe for his role in the play “This is Us”, has garnered huge support from his supporters throughout the series’ lifetime.

What’s the net worth of Chrissy Metz?

Her career record is unparalleled, and she is valued at $ 8 million by 2022.


Martyn and Chrissy finalized their divorce in 2015, and the couple moved on with their lives. According to reports, he was more active in screenwriting for films like “Death Factory” in the film industry, which tells the story of a stranger who animates six dead serial killers and then proceeds to hunt them down.

The second is “Spurned” which was released in 2016 and is a short film that tells the story of a recently divorced couple and includes some thriller elements. Martyn is private about his efforts, and it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Now, Chrissy Metz’s ex-husband Martyn Eaden and Chris Mates are also living life together. He has started dating and has come forward to play his role in ‘It’

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