Kevin Gates Weight Loss (2024): How to 100 Pound

Kevin Gates Weight Loss: Kevin Gates has achieved his goal of losing all excess weight and becoming fit and healthy. Kevin Gates has lost 100 pounds in a short span of time and has amazed many with his body transformation.

A YouTube video posted by Kevin explained how he dealt with mental struggles in his life, but that he eventually found love within himself. Kevin Gates shared his weight loss journey.

He went from hefty 310 pounds to 215 pounds, and he attributes that huge weight change to his decision to come clean about his struggles with mental health.

Hip-hop artist Kevin Gates struggled with his weight. Many people have castigated him for his size throughout his career. Take the time to read the article in full to find out more about him.

Who is Kevin Gates?

An American hip-hop artist, musician, and businessman, Gates has a wide range of interests. His original name is Kevin Jerome Gilyard.  During his childhood, he grew up with his family in Louisiana, but later in life, the family decided to make Baton Rouge their new home.  

He studied at Baton Rouge Community College. After graduating, he wanted to pursue a career as a rapper. In 2005, he signed a deal with the Dead Game Records label, and then began his career as a rapper.

Kevin Gates Weight Loss
Name:Kevin Gates
Date of Birth:5 February 1986
Age:37 years Old
Height:6 feet 2 inches
Weight:92 kg
Net worth:$1 million.
Profession:Rapper; Singer; Songwriter; Entrepreneur

Throughout his life, Kevin has been passionate about music. Lil Wayne’s music label Young Money Entertainment helped him gain success. Although he is only 36 years old, he has almost 16 years of experience in this industry. 

There have been several mixtapes and albums released by Kevin, and millions of copies have been sold worldwide. The rapper has worked with several famous hip-hop artists. Kevin is married to Dreka Haynes, and they have two children together.

Kevin Gates Weight Loss Journey 

Gate didn’t want to be a fat person, but he was. Despite his music talent, Kevin couldn’t find happiness within himself. The rapper has openly struggled with depression and anxiety.  In an Instagram post, he wrote “Being fat and unhealthy leads to bitterness, and I don’t want to live a life of bitterness. I pray to God. Let me magically slim down today. Please. I want it to look like a bicycle rim, sleek and trim. God, please. I pray for an answer today”. 

Kevin Gates Weight Loss

He was a heavy guy with a very unhealthy lifestyle. Just like many people, he turned to food for comfort.  He overeats and snack constantly, and that led to weight gain and obesity.  One day, he decided that it was time for something in his life to change for the better. He was tired of the fat jokes and the stares that people gave him when he was in public places. That was when Kevin Gates decided to make life changes in order to lose weight and become healthy. He decided to have a healthy diet plan. He started to cut down on his processed food intake.

He has also taken up exercising on a regular basis with the help of a personal trainer. He does intensive workouts for more than an hour each day, which helps him burn all the calories that he takes during meal times. 

Kevin Gates Weight Loss Diet Plan

One of Gates’ health-promoting fruits is limes. He puts limes in water before bed and it helps him sleep at night and reduces his food cravings in the morning. The main fruits he eats in his diet plan are :

  • Mangoes
  • Peaches
  • Lime

He drinks smoothies every day, and one of his favorite smoothies is a mango-peach shake made with organic yogurt. He also makes sure to take a multivitamin every day and drink a lot of water. He also eats salads with grilled chicken and avocado. He takes some time to talk to his doctor in order to ensure that he is getting all the necessary nutritional value in his meals.  He also has a diet rich in protein.

Kevin Gates Weight Loss

He also has a green smoothie made with kale, pineapple, and banana. The rapper drinks a lot of water. He sometimes enjoys the feeling that comes from drinking water and wants to explore the benefits of drinking water more. For example, it helps him stay focused at work since he feels great when he is hydrated. He also says that by drinking more water, he can lose weight faster than usual.

Kevin Gates Weight Loss Workout Plan

Kevin Gates wakes up at 2 a.m. for a workout. Each morning he exercises weights, focuses on core exercises, and does calisthenics that includes

  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  •  Dips-and meditates
Kevin Gates Weight Loss

After workouts, Kevin takes a 10-minute hike up “magic mountain” in the Santa Monica Mountains, which clears his mind and makes him feel good. He goes to the gym at least three times a week and walks or runs on his treadmill for one hour each day. He takes walks in nature as well because he believes that it makes him feel better about life and helps him think more clearly. In addition to working out, he also practices yoga on a daily basis.

Kevin Gates Weight Loss 2023 Before and After

Before he started his weight loss journey, Kevin Gate was 310 pounds and he was also known as Big Gorilla. Now, the rapper has lost 100 pounds, and he looks great. He has slimmed down a lot and feels very good about his new body shape.

Kevin Gates Weight Loss

Kevin says that he is finally comfortable in his own skin. He says that he loves himself for the first time in his life. The rapper claims to have found self-love by losing weight and becoming healthy through weight loss. He celebrated his transformation by posting pictures of himself on social media.


Gates battled obesity and depression and now he is a healthy man and he shares his weight loss journey on social media. Kevin Gates’s show proves that you can lose weight if you have a proper diet plan, an exercise routine, and the right support. Some people react negatively to changes in their body shape, but other people take inspiration from it as well as they are able to live more fulfilling lives. Kevin Gates’ weight loss journey inspires a lot of people because they know how hard it is to change their lifestyle and lose weight at the same time. It takes discipline, dedication, and determination exactly like what the rapper had shown in his transformation from an obese person to a healthy man.

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