Ketogenic Diet While Pregnant Is It Safe Or Not [2022]

Everywhere, we can see and hear Keto! Ketosis is the new age diet. Should pregnant women resort to ketosis? Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and crucial phases in the life of every woman.

Restriction of food intake is definitely a no-no during pregnancy. A healthy diet is a priority during the pregnancy period. Is it safe for women who go for a Ketogenic diet while pregnant?

In a broader sense any specific diet which is high in certain nutrients and low in certain nutrients or not recommended for women who grow a baby in the worm.

Both the mother and the fetus should get all essential nutrients for healthy growth and a hassle-free pregnancy period.

Expecting mothers who followed a specific diet like the Ketogenic diet or a low carbs diet we have a doubt whether we can follow the Ketogenic diet while pregnant.

The question is very simple can you heat while pregnant? Let’s find out how to check the diet while pregnant works! Is it yah or no!

Can You Keto While Pregnant?

Before we want to read about can you get a while pregnant let’s see the outlook of what is Ketogenic diet!

A ketogenic diet appeals to lose weight quickly! Ketogenic is a high-fat moderate protein and low carbs diet that uses fat as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates.

Foods that are high in the fat form a major part of the diet. The high fat and low carbs diet have a lot of health benefits which is proven by many studies.

Keto diet specifically followed by overweight and obese people which results in dramatic and healthy weight loss. Not necessarily a Ketogenic diet turns out to be harmful. What from successfully reducing weight also helps in eliminating the symptoms of several health conditions.

Of course, there are a few associated side effects that vary for every person. Let’s come to the point can you keto while pregnant!

Do You Know Ketogenic Diet While Pregnant is Safe?

Dr. Michael Fox, a Fertility Specialist, at Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine strongly recommends and prescribes the Ketogenic diet while pregnant.

 Ketogenic Diet While Pregnant

She states Keto does no harm to pregnant women. Even during the ancient days, women resorted to ketosis during pregnancy.

She has been recommending the Ketogenic diet for pregnant women and for more than 17 years for infertility. Ketogenic helps to get pregnant and she claims, hundreds of her patients successfully followed keto during pregnancy without any side effects.

The doctor recommends trying to who conceived woman to go on a keto diet at least 3 months before conception. It helps the soon-to-be pregnant mum to let the body adapt to the specific diet. All of this diet is to limit the carbohydrates which take the body into a ketosis mode.

The ketone energy from fatty foods is consumed by various organs and tissues muscles in the body. The carbohydrates the ketones also fuel your brain.

Ketogenic Diet to Get Pregnant

The answer to can you keto while pregnant is yes if you are already into keto for a specific period or alternatively if you start doing keto a few months before you try to conceive.

It is difficult for the body to adapt to a specific diet structure with a new life going on in your womb. So if you start early, it will be easier for you to travel towards a healthy pregnancy.

On the face of it appears that the keto diet seems to be healthy for the pregnant woman too. Literacy about the keto meal plan and the possible precautions we should make.

The ketogenic diet for pregnant women can be really beneficial for women who are already overweight.

Needless to say pregnancy drinks a lot of changes in a woman’s body. Weight gain is unavoidable. When is also essential but every pregnant woman is the risk of rapid weight gain.

And weight management during the pregnancy period is quite risky. All women have the common pressure of managing controlling weight.

Many pregnant women are tempted to follow the new diet trends to keep their weight in control. When you look for a relatively safer diet, the keto diet is safe for pregnant women.

Keto Meal Plan

The following are the foods that are generally not included in the keto diet.

  • Legumes and Beans
  • Dairy products
  • Grains
  • Starchy vegetables and fruits
  • Any form of added sugar

Pregnant women who follow or are willing to follow the Ketogenic diet or are not allowed to eat or should not eat the above foods.

A Keto meal plan generally comprises of the various combination of the following foods:

  • Meat, fish, and eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Leafy green veggies
  • Oils
  • Cheese and cream
  • Avocadoes

The ketogenic diet for pregnant women seems to be healthy the choice of food is very limited. Apart from being a pregnancy limitation on eating food is a major reason that reduces weight.

So this proves to be helpful for the people who try hard to cut off the weight. On the contrary, the list of foods that are allowed to eat as the keto meal plan is very limited which may lead to nutritional deficiencies? Nutritional deficiency may lead to improper growth.

Make sure to eat all the foods listed in the Keto meal plan for making a variety of inclusions in your diet.


Nutritional knowledge is very crucial for the pregnant woman who decides to follow a Ketogenic diet during the pregnancy period.

Under normal healthy conditions, a pregnant woman can easily choose to do Keto during the course of pregnancy. The body adapts itself to use the energy sources without harming the mother and the fetus.

Remember, weight loss is not recommended during the pregnancy period. So you can scarcely include carbs in your diet. It makes, follow, or practice a safe Ketogenic diet while pregnant.

In case, if you have any health condition it is safe to consult with your gynecologist about the diet that suits your health condition.

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