Jerod Mixon Weight Loss (2024): Before, After Journey Photos

Many of the stars in the entertainment industry are admired by their fans for their stunning looks. However, being overweight can make you look bad and destroy your charm. Many people turn to unhealthy means to lose weight in a brief period.

Most of these ways are dangerous and can end up causing extreme damage to your body rather than helping you lose weight.

The only way to lose weight is by having a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, taking in fewer calories, and ensuring daily exercise. Jerod Mixon is one of those. By following a diet plan and working out, he lost weight.

Jerod Mixon’s Weight Loss story has caught the attention of his fans. Black color is always a big deal in someone’s career but being fat is more difficult in the entertainment industry. After losing weight, he has gained more popularity. Now let’s take a closer look at him and see what we can learn from him.

Who Is Jerod Mixon?

As a movie actor, comedian, and producer, Jerod Mixon is well-known worldwide. The date of his birthday is May 24, 1981. A well-known actor who starred as Weenie in the comedy Old School. He gained worldwide popularity after playing Weenie in the movie, Old school.

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss

He has appeared in several movies and is the producer of a few movies. His brother, Jamal Mixon, is an actor as well. As a movie actor and one of the richest in the industry, Jerod Mixon is listed among the most popular and wealthy actors.

The actor has lost a lot of weight in recent years and looked slimmer and more fit. He is said to have lost over 300 lbs. As stated, Jerod Mixon was once obese, but after losing weight, he decided to share his success story with the world. 

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Journey

Mixon has struggled with weight issues his entire adult life. As a child, he struggled with his weight. Aside from that, his weight adversely affected his professional career. As a fat guy, he starred in fat-guy roles in the past, but he wanted a more versatile career.

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Journey

He had a lot of health concerns due to his weight. The actor struggled to lose weight, but he finally succeeded after training and dieting. He lost over 300 lbs in just years, which is a fantastic feat.

He is now on the road to completing his weight loss journey, as he has lost hundreds of pounds since the start of this journey. In a bid to become more fit and healthy, Mixon went extreme.

To achieve this, he stopped eating junk food and sweet things causing him to gain weight. The exercise routine Mixon followed was very intense, and he trained daily. 

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Diet Plan

To lose weight, the actor followed a strict diet plan. He had to find foods that were low in calories and fiber content. He had to skip foods that were very high in fat and sugar.

After his initial weight loss, he adjusted his diet and replaced all carbohydrate calories with protein and healthy fats.  

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Diet Plan

His daily meal consisted of a:

  •  Nutritious breakfast included eggs or oatmeal and vegetables, along with fatty fish like tuna or salmon. 
  • Lunch: He would have a healthy salad and some fruits as part of his lunch.
  • Dinner: Dinner was quite simple but very healthy as well. He included a lot of vegetables, nuts, chicken, turkey, pork, or lean meat like fish and beef in his diet. He no longer ate junk foods as they were rich in fat, sodium, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. He also made sure he drank plenty of water during the day.

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Workout Routine

Mixon decided to follow a healthy workout regime that included weight training and other physical activities. He started focusing on compound exercises like squats and deadlifts to improve his strength.

He also focused on cardio exercises like swimming, running, weight walking, and cycling. All these exercises helped him to lose weight. He also has a healthy diet plan, which includes consuming small meals regularly.

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss

For a cardio workout, he did both the treadmill and StairMaster.On days that he did the weights, he would do push-ups on the treadmill. He also did a lot of core training exercises which helped him strengthen and tone up his core muscles.

It helped to maintain balance in his body as well as improve posture. He also went to a gym for workout sessions but preferred doing bodyweight skills over free weights or machines.

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Before and After

The actor looks healthy and fits with his recent weight loss. His weight loss has been successful, and he has kept the weight off. His recent weight loss photos reveal that he has been able to shed all of the extra flab as he looks slimmer and fit now.

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss

He lost over 300 lbs and managed to maintain this weight loss without any problem. He appears very healthy in his recent photos and can be seen smiling a lot more than before.


In conclusion, Jerod Mixon is a very successful actor. Mixon said that his weight loss journey had been an incredible journey. He has worked hard and achieved everything possible in his career.

The actor has kept his diet and exercise routine as healthy as possible. He looks way healthier and fitter than before. Being healthy is one of the greatest things that can happen to any physical being as it brings out so many benefits in life, including working out like an absolute breeze and helping you look more attractive.

He is also a great inspiration to those struggling to shed weight, as he has succeeded in his mission to lose over 300 lbs. 

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