Jenna Johnson Weight Loss (2024) Diet, Workout, Networth

Jenna Johnson weight loss journey is very appreciating and motivating. Her journey meant one thing how she decided to support herself for who she was and accept her insecurities. Jenna was also hateful of bullies and haters who always wanted to let her down. By profession, she is a dancer and choreographer.

She started dancing at the age of 3. She’s trained in ballroom, ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop. Jenna Johnson is open about her mental and physical health. She always accepted her weakness and loved her acne! She doesn’t wear makeup 90% of the time.

She blocks the bullies and haters. She is a self-lover who tries to love herself and know her better every day. She’s been loved for her incredible weight loss transformation.

Who Is Jenna Johnson?

Jenna Johnson (12 April 1994) is an American professional ballroom dancer. She is trained in contemporary, ballroom, ballet, and jazz. She is a choreographer and professional dancer on Dancing with Stars.

Jenna Johnson Weight Loss Journey
Name: Jenna Johnson
Date of Birth:12 April 1994
Age:28 years
Height:1.57 m
Weight:055 kg
Net worth:$7 million.
Profession:Dancer, choreographer
Husband:Valentin Chmerkovskiy

She gains a lot of weight by eating a large amount of sugar and binge treats at night, making her more stressed. She understands that she had to get back on track and meet a nutritionist to help her live a healthy lifestyle.

At just 25 years old, the ballroom dancer and choreographer has already climbed to the top of her field. She competed on national television at the age of 19 on So You Think You Can Dance, finishing as a third runner-up. 

Jenna Johnson’s Net Worth 

The Net Worth of Jenna Johnson was $7 billion. Most of Johnson’s assets come from Dancing With The Stars. Dancing With The Stars has been huge for Johnson’s career and personal life. 

Jenna Johnson Weight Loss Journey

Jenna Johnson Weight Loss Journey 

Jenna Johnson’s weight loss journey is very challenging as she couldn’t cut off sweets. She was addicted to sweets very much. She craves sweets every time. She said she was the one who found chocolates near her and was the first one to take the opportunity and eat it! 

Her cutting off sugar and sweets levels from her life is challenging, but she finally realized her weakness and cut it out for 30 days to try and clean herself from processed sugar.

Jenna Johnson Weight Loss Journey

After that, she slowly adopts moderate sugar into her daily lifestyle. She said, “It’s amazing how when you feel healthy from inside out, you show it.” she is a dancer and choreographer, and Johnson used to dance regularly. 

She used to do exercises, cardio sessions, salsa, and jive, which improved her stamina. She worked hard on her physical and mental health. Jenna said she had to have something sweet for dinner. “She said, dark chocolates are always great.

Jenna Johnson says that it took trying “literally everything” to find the proper healthy diet for her. Jenna was low in her iron and protein intake, but once she incorporated protein into her diet, she started slimming down.

What makes her healthiest, happiest, and most potent is a happy balance of non-processed food and a lot of protein. She needs it for recovery and muscle.

Jenna Johnson’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Jenna Johnson’s weight loss diet plan is based on healthy eating, regular exercise, and hitting Gym. 

Some of the specific things that she used to lose weight are as follows :

  • Cutting off processed food
  • Cutting off sugar and sweet drinks 
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Adding more proteins 
  • Eating healthy fat

Eating healthy means taking protein and healthy fats in her diet. She also loves to have some sweets at dinner. She loves to have dark chocolates as she finds them great.

Jenna Johnson Weight Loss Journey

Jenna hits the first thing gym in the a.m (to avoid that horrible feeling of working out on a full stomach). She takes eggs and loves to take oatmeal with fruit. 

She takes leafy green vegetables and veggies with lots of protein at lunch. She says staying hydrated also keeps her skin glowing and healthy. For snacks, she takes nuts and berries. 

At dinner, she takes more and more protein and something sweet. She said eating super healthy doesn’t mean dessert is off the table. I always have to have something sweet for dinner. Dark chocolates are love for her. 

Jenna Johnson Workout Plan

According to Johnson, if one has to lose weight, one must sweat as much as possible. She used to work out six days a week and give herself Sundays off to rest and recover. 

  • Some of the workout routine adopted by Johnson is given below that can be used by the one to keep them healthy and fit: 
  • 40 mins Treadmill running
  • 10 mins Stair master walking 
  • Cardio sessions 
  • Sets of push-ups 
  • crunches

So these are the workouts Jenna used to do every day. She doesn’t like to use weights. Instead, she uses her body weight.

Jenna Johnson Weight Loss Journey

She used to drink kombucha ( A drink that improves digestion and diabetes, strengthens the immune system, reduces blood pressure, and is detoxifying).

Jenna Johnson Weight Loss Before And After

Jenna Johnson shared before-and-after photos of herself and explained that “she is grateful for both women.”

Jenna Johnson Weight Loss Journey

Why has Jenna Johnson lost so much weight?

Ans. She was scared of food and had a terrible relationship with it. She said she would cut something out and then binge on it. She changed her mindset, which helped her lose weight. 

What does Jenna Johnson eat in a day?

Ans. She starts her day with kombucha, for lunch, leafy greens with a side of protein like chicken. Regarding snacks, she eats nuts and berries, and for dinner, she opts for veggies or chicken.

Is Jenna Johnson a vegetarian?

Ans. If on a diet, she eats only vegetarians; otherwise, she’s a non-vegetarian.


The story of Jenna inspires many people. She has an eating disorder and eats lots of sweets, but by changing her mindset, she overcomes her health issues. She adopted a healthy lifestyle. For her, “looking at food as fuel has been a game changer.” 

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