Isolation Vs Quarantine – What should I go for? 2021 [Updated]

Isolation Vs Quarantine: With the widespread of Covid-19, ‘Social Distancing,’ ‘Quarantine,’ and ‘Isolation’ are some of the words which are doing rounds on social media nowadays.

Isolation Vs. Quarantine

Governments across the world are recommending their citizen for these social practices to limit the pandemic. But what precisely these social practices are? How to determine which method one needs to follow? With so many viral messages floating around, at times, it is confusing to how to go about?

So, here we go with an easy guide on Isolation Vs. Quarantine, which one is for you:

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Isolation Vs Quarantine – 2021 [Updated]


It refers to restricting the movements of ill persons so that the further spread of any infectious disease can be curbed. Separation is generally for the people who are infected with the virus. For Ex: Hospitals have isolation wards for the patients to keep them separate till recovery. It helps in stopping the widespread disease. As the Coronavirus is highly contagious, people who are suffering from Covid-19 are isolated until their recovery.


It is meant for the people who have no symptoms of the disease but are exposed to an infected person/environment and hence have chances to become ill. Quarantine is the period of observation when the person is observed if having any symptoms for the next few days. It plays a crucial role in stopping the community’s spread of disease. For Corona Virus, the quarantine period is for 14 days.

Both isolation and quarantine are meant to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus by restricting the movement of people.

Hence, people are put in quarantine when they are not really sick and just exposed to the contagious disease. Many people are adopting self-quarantine or Voluntary Quarantine, where they are imposing restrictions on their movements on their own and not by any order from any official authorities.

What is Social Distancing?

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the term social distancing has been introduced. It refers to taking up all the measures and precautions to diminish the close contact among a large group of people. Social distancing has been named as ‘Social’ refers to the group of people, and ‘Distancing’ refers to the reduction of close contact.

Social distancing includes measures like maintaining a distance of 6 feet (2 meters) from others and avoiding mass gatherings. One should avoid crowded public places like stadiums, shopping centers, parks, and movie theaters to maintain social distancing. Mass transit and travel are restricted. Work from home is highly encouraged under social distancing.

Is social distancing different from physical distancing?

Isolation Vs Quarantine: Physical distancing is similar to social distancing and, indeed a more explicit version of the latter. Health professionals are widely using this term to give clear instructions to the people to maintain a considerable physical distance to avoid the spread of Covid 19.

It induces people to use social media and technological means to get connected to the family and their loved ones to bridge the gap out of physical separations.

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