How to survive a Coronavirus Lockdown? 9 Best Ways 2022 [Updated]

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How to survive a Coronavirus Lockdown? From lockdowns to closing the borders, countries across the world are taking strict measures to minimize the aftermath of the outbreak of Covid-19.

Declared as an epidemic by the WHO (World Health Organization), these highly contagious diseases are already taking a toll on hundreds of lives every day.

All the countries have already issued safety advisories to their citizens to prevent the further spread of diseases, leading to community transfers.

How to survive a Coronavirus Lockdown?

Closure of Gyms

The local gyms and fitness studios have been closed in most of the 170 countries, which are affected by the outbreak of coronavirus. If you are a fitness freak, this might be a disheartening situation for you. But this lockdown cannot stop you from rejuvenating your mind and body with a quick workout session. All you should know is how to make the best use of your living room?

The five preferred workouts during this lockdown right from your living rooms are

1. Single-Leg jumps

To correct any muscle imbalance, this exercise is very beneficial. Jumping on a single leg helps to improve reactivity, acceleration, and coordination. Place your knees slightly ahead of your foot and get the momentum using the opposite side of your body. Tilt-back somewhat before you began to get the right balance.

2. Jumping Jacks

It is one of the crucial exercises which quickly warm up your body before any serious business. All you need to jump with your hands and legs apart. They allow maintaining a safe distance from others, keeping you safe in your comfort zone.

3. Sit-ups

To strengthen your core, Push-ups are the most recommended exercise. Lie on your back and place your hands behind your back by crossing them. Now bend your knees slowly and move your chin towards your knees.

4. Pushups

This exercise needs a correct posture to avoid injury and get the best benefits. Align your hips, shoulder, and spine in line to start with. To hit the different muscles group, extend your hands. It is not as challenging as it seems.

5. Bodyweight squats

Want to strengthen everything below the belt? Well! This exercise is for. It is a weightless squat exercise that strengthens your lower limbs. Align your knees and shoulders with your feet and put your hands behind the neck. Now go slowly towards down by turning outwards.

6. Social media is the way to connect

Thanks to technology, today, we are just a click away to connect with our loved ones. The best way to utilize your time is to spread positivity. People today are in tremendous panic with the reports on the Covid-19 outbreak in the severely hit countries like Italy and China. With the advancement of technology, information spreads like fire in the jungle; it is crucial to stay positive and remain away from the gossips and negativity.

Creating awareness with a negative approach creates panic. Say, people across the world are panicking about the death arising due to coronavirus, but no one is accounting for the rate of death, which stands at 4% of the infected people. Hence, it is essential to extend moral support to your loved ones with the right advice and spread positivity around.

7. Play games online

While outdoor games have always been preferred in this era of gadgets, today, online gaming has turned out to be a significant way to enjoy some lighter moments in life. There are several online games available that connect you to the world and uplift your mood.

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8. Keep updated on what’s happening

Don’t ponder on the news doing rounds over social media. Before forwarding any information to others, cross-check the information from the trusted sources and high-authority websites. It will not only save you from panic but also makes you a responsible citizen too.

9. Go creative with DIY

Many you-tube channels help you to tickle your creative bone. It is the best time to pursue your hobby of reading a book or polish your culinary skills.

Remember: Prevention is better than Cure!

Staying safe is most important at this crucial time. There are several safety guidelines issued by various health organizations. Taking up all these advisories is the need of an hour. Make sure:

  • If you belong to a country with lockdown, avoid going out of home unless it is emergency
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap for 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your ears, eyes, and nose frequently
  • Do not travel to the Covid -19 epidemic centers, no matter how urgent it is.
  • Do not plan social gatherings or become a part of
  • Do not maintain direct contact with the living animals in the affected areas
  • While coughing or sneezing, cover your face with your elbow or tissue

Fighting together is the only way to make this world a better place to live. Protect yourself to extend your contribution to protecting others from massacring Covid-19.

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Stay Home Stay Healthy!

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