How to Succeed as a Locum Tenens Provider

Being a locum tenens practitioner has been frequently described to be a win-win situation. Healthcare facilities benefit from having physicians fill their staffing voids temporarily as they look for permanent employees and maintain a continuity of quality care. In addition, medical providers also get opportunities they otherwise would have missed out on, such as experiencing diverse practice settings and different patient populations, earning more, and having more schedule flexibility.

However, to become a successful locum tenens worker, there are a few things you need to know. In this post, we’ll cover some tips to help you succeed in your locum tenens jobs. Keep reading if you want to learn more.

Try to be as responsive as you can to requests

Any physician that’s presented to fill temporary roles must first be vetted for mandatory licensure and clinical qualifications. The competition of all necessary paperwork is undoubtedly a chore. However, it also presents an opportunity for creating an excellent first impression. So if you want to set yourself up for success from the onset, begin by providing all essential documentation as fast as you can. Responding timely to requests is likely to be appreciated and elevate your image before starting your assignment.

Stay proactive and share information

Of course, the right qualifications are critical for any assignment, but your curriculum vitae will only give an overview or summary of your experience. Thus, it’s good standard practice to be proactive and open to sharing information about yourself, such as the specifics and details regarding your procedural repertoire, strengths, and your career, with facility administrators and staffing agencies. Expounding on them will help managers draw a comprehensive picture of your abilities, disposition, and how you’ll be able to benefit their facilities. 

Moreover, it’s an opportunity for you to set any expectations for the specifics of the assignment with your chosen consultants so that they can give you a post that will match your preferences. 

Remain flexible

Perhaps the single most valuable trait to adopt as a locum tenens provider is flexibility. Even if staffing agencies diligently aim to give you what you’re looking for, things won’t always go as planned. From starting dates getting postponed to schedules being changed, there are many things that go awry. However, consultants, coworkers, and administrators will always appreciate physicians who can adjust smoothly to unexpected or unforeseen changes. And they’re often the practitioners who become a priority in the long run.

Always be friendly

As a locum tenens provider, you can enjoy the experience better if you remain friendly with new peers. So try to get to know as many of them as you can and always be willing to extend your common courtesies. These niceties won’t just foster a more enjoyable workplace, but more importantly, they will encourage your team to support you more.


While being a locum practitioner is beneficial, it’s not without its fair share of challenges. By following these tips, you’ll be able to overcome the obstacles it poses and make things easier on yourself, leading to more opportunities to grow as a locum tenens healthcare provider.

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