How To Quit Smoking 100% [2022] Here Are The 13 Best Ways

How to quit smoking? ‘Smoking is injurious to health’ – you must have read this caution many times in your life, but still, you are unable to quit it.

Quitting to Smoke is the first step to healthier living. However, it is not as easy as it seems. A strong addiction to nicotine indicates your brain periodically smokes again and again.

If you want to quit smoking, here are some tips to follow:

How to Quit Smoking?

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1. Find a convincing reason

A compelling personal reason can only motivate you to quit. Not just you may develop a health hazard due to active smoking, your family could be at equal risk with passive smoking. Lung cancer, throat cancer, heart disease, and many other ailments are associated with smoking. Choose a reason which can motivate you well to continue with your decision to smoke.

2. Get yourself prepared

Nicotine is a strong addiction that won’t let you go quickly. Once you quit smoking, your mind continually indicates the urge for nicotine. Hence you need to have a backup to continue with your withdrawal. Counseling and quit-smoking classes are great ways to let you escape the addiction and help to quit smoking.

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3. Nicotine Replacement Therapy


Once you quit smoking, as your body is deprived of nicotine, it may lead to headaches, sap your energy, and even lead to tremendous mood swings. Your body may crave ‘one drag’ to reverse your decision of withdrawal. Nicotine replacement therapy could be a good rescue. Lozenges, nicotine gums, and patches help you with withdrawal by controlling your urges.

4. Look for moral support

Your friends, family, and other people in your social circle can motivate you to quit. Just tell them about your decision, and they may encourage you to continue with it. Talk to a counselor or consider behavioral therapy to fight the behavioral effects of quitting smoke. Quit-smoking strategies will help you mainly to accomplish your mission.

5. Take a break

Most people smoke to deal with work pressure and stress. Nicotine helps them to relax and induces them to smoke more. Take out some time for yourself and indulge in meditation and yoga to calm down your mind. Enjoy your favorite music, or pursue your hobby to deviate your mind from smoking.

6. Stay away from triggers

Avoiding smoke triggers is the best way to stick to your no-smoking goals. Limit your alcohol and stay away from the social circle, which induces you to smoke. If you have a habit of smoking after a meal, replace it with a cup of green tea. Remove your cigarette case and lighter, which may trigger your urge to smoke.

7. Get rid of the familiar scent of smoke

Wash away your laundry, clean up your ashtray, and use an air freshener to get rid of the smoke scent. Clean your car, if you smoked in your car. Anything or any smell which reminds you that smoking may deter you continue with your no-smoking mission.

8. Don’t give up

Remember, smoking is a strong addiction, and it is not easy to get away with it. The chances to succeed in the first attempt to quit are sleek. Hence, you need to keep patience and try again and again to quit smoking. The more you try, the stronger will be your willpower to quit smoking. Find out the reasons for relapse and get rid of them instantly to continue with your withdrawal.

9. Stay Active

A lethargic lifestyle may induce you to smoke. Hence, maintain an active lifestyle and stay active to curb your nicotine cravings. Whenever you have an urge to smoke, put on your jogger’s shoes, and go for a run. Milk exercises like walking or pulling weeds in the garden can help you with withdrawal.

10. Maintain a healthy diet

Too much deprivation of nicotine may make you feel lethargic in the initial days of quitting. A healthy diet with fruits and vegetables can help you to overcome this lethargy. Maintaining an active lifestyle also demands more nutrition in your diet.

11. Consider your reward

Smoking not only derives your incredible health benefits but also lets you save lots of money. You can find many online calculators that help you to discover how much money you can save and how much richer you would become if you quit smoking. Spend money on you, which you save on account of quitting smoke to make it rewarding.

12. You can try medication

In addition to the classic nicotine substitutes, Champix (varenicline) is often prescribed as a medication to quit smoking. It has the highest success rate for quitting cigarettes. The most common side effect of Champix is nausea, which fades over time. Bowel problems, increased tiredness, change in taste, and increased appetite are other rare side effects.

This medicine is primarily meant for:

  • smokers who are highly addicted to cigarettes
  • people who do not support nicotine substitutes
  • to those who have already suffered several failures in the past

You should talk to your doctor /tobacco specialist before starting Champix weaning because it requires medical attention.

13. Rely on your phone

Some apps can help in tracking down and reducing your cigarette consumption. Repeated healthy actions induce you to maintain a healthy lifestyle gradually. Several free apps can help you track your progress.

These applications often use the principle of gamification. They challenge you and put your smoking cessation for a game to motivate you to quit. For example, the Kwi app presents graphically all your stats regarding the number of cigarettes not smoked and money saved.


Cigarette withdrawal is a long-term process and needs constant motivation to continue. You may not succeed on the first attempt. The key is to maintain patience and continue with withdrawal. If you succeed in quitting smoking,

it will not only derive your health benefit but also saves your loved ones from passive smoking health hazards. It’s time to take action and quit smoking without a ‘second’ thought but ‘yes’ with a backup plan.

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