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How To Quit Smoking: 11 Best Tips

How to quit smoking? It’s the big day, you’ve decided to end the fingers that stink of cigarette smoke.

Stop making your money (literally) go up in smoke and simply: lead a healthier life.

How To Quit Smoking

We are not going to replay you the moralistic discourse that you probably hear from your very first years of smoking.

But it is clear that stopping smoking is probably the best measure to take in terms of prevention against cancer.

Just remember that lung cancer is all the same:

  • nearly 50,000 new cases in 2017 for about 30,000 deaths
  • a survival rate of 17% at 5 years after diagnosis
  • the leading cause of death in France and around the world
  • And I leave it to Michel Cymes to remind you of the (harmful) effects of tobacco on the body:

As for us, we will see things with a little more cheerfulness, because we must not be fatalistic!

Yes you smoke, yes you are an addict, but it is not something irreversible, no matter how many cigarettes are on your counter.

How many daily packets are burned? or how long you have been a smoker: you can Stop smoking, you are perfectly capable!

And you can even get help in this process.

Best Way to Stop Smoking

How can your mutual help you in your decision to quit?

Because yes, you can receive help elsewhere than in call centers and with your loved ones, and often, we do not think enough!

Your mutual, for example, may offer support options.

For example, offers the following panel:

  • treatment of drugs not reimbursed by the compulsory scheme for smoking cessation
  • the possibility of using a tobacco specialist AND the reimbursement of alternative methods to help stop smoking (you could try acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, hypnosis or sophrology depending on the level of guarantees chosen)
  • an online telephone coaching provided by a tobacco specialist
  • participation in a prevention and health promotion workshop (PPS workshop)
  • free relaxation classes for members with a sophrologist sensitive to the issues of each, which gives wellness techniques to use daily to manage his anxiety and other symptoms related to stopping smoking.

I’m not telling you it will be easy because, for most smokers, the urge to smoke can be very powerful.

When such a need arises, keep in mind that as intense as it may be, however catastrophic the situation may be, the desire will probably pass within five to ten minutes, whether you smoke a cigarette or not.

Every time you resist a desire to smoke, you get a little closer to the final cessation of smoking.

10 ways to quit smoking

Methods to quit smoking, we count a lot, and everyone goes for his little trick.

Solid, your uncle used the only force of the will, adventurous, your cousin, she was made hypnotized.

How To Quit Smoking

Anyway, there are basically two ways:

  1. Stop the cigarette suddenly
  2. Gradually quit smoking or slowly reduce consumption, then permanently stop

Searches that compare the two methods show that they are equal, so choose the one that suits you best. For the next, here are now 10 anti-smoking tips to get in the best conditions and maximize your chances of success to end the nicotine, because it is she, your main enemy.

1. Call reinforcements!

When you stop nicotine, the first thing to do is to inform your family and involve your friends in your decision-making (as well as your family, your colleagues, etc.).

Not only will they help you, but you will then be afraid to disappoint them, so much so that you will think twice before succumbing to “one” cigarette.

Contacting a family member, friend or support group member for help is not ridiculous, it’s a great help to resist a desire to smoke.

Chat on the phone, go for a walk together, share laughter or gather to sympathize with your cravings.

2. Give the Allen Carr method a chance

Under his airs “too beautiful to be true”, the Allen Carr method is nevertheless diabolically effective.

It is based on awareness, a mental trigger that will make you understand that no.

You do not need a cigarette in your life, that it is the nicotine that makes you feel addicted, and that this addiction can be Fought in as little as 21 days of weaning!

This method is available in the book, besides it is a bestseller that helps future ex-smokers to overcome the fears that keep them dependent on tobacco.

One study found that Allen Carr smokers were six times more likely to have smoked after 13 months than those who smoked after 13 months.

In addition to the book, I invite you to learn about the “live sessions” of the method.

These are over 2 hours during which a trained speaker speaks to you and invites you, at some point, to smoke what will be your last cigarette.

How to quit Smoking Easily?

3. Avoid all “trigger

You know them all too well, these intense cravings that occur in situations such as parties, after work with colleagues at the bar, or when you feel stressed or drink your good little coffee!

Your goal, identify these situations and set up a backup plan to avoid them completely, or overcome them without resorting to tobacco.

For the end-of-meal cigarette, for example, maybe you could change your food. In fact, an American study revealed that certain foods, including meat, make cigarettes more satisfying.

Others, like cheese, fruits, and vegetables, make cigarettes very bad. So, change your steak for a vegetarian pizza!

Also change your routines, for example, do the dishes immediately after you finish eating or sit in a non-smoking room.

Finally, keep this in mind: the tobacco/alcohol combination increases the risk of oral cancer by 38 times.

Avoid putting yourself in this situation by reducing your consumption of alcoholic beverages

4. Always try to delay the deadline

Are you about to crack and light this cigarette that would make your iron on the smoker side? Do you say that you must first wait another 10 minutes, then do something quickly to distract you during this time? This simple trick can allow you to “hack” your brain.

Note that it is also useful when you want to buy crap like a piece of cake. Push the deadline (“no, tomorrow Julie”) and forget!

5. Just a little

No, no and no!

There is no “one cigarette” after quitting. Never be fooled into thinking that you can smoke from time to time just to be sociable or overcome a difficult time.

If you do, you will find yourself again as a nicotine slave.

6. Play sports!

This advice is almost obligatory! Stop smoking and play sports is the winning combination that generates a virtuous circle:

  • Stop smoking so we find breath
  • we find breath so we take pleasure in moving
  • we find pleasure to move and the perf’s increase, we stay motivated
  • fatally, we are much, much less attracted to cigarettes
  • Especially since physical activity helps to distract from cravings and reduce their intensity.

I do not ask you to register for a marathon, you can simply run several times in the week or just go out for a walk.

A review of scientific studies has shown that exercise (even just a 5-minute walk) reduces cravings and can help your brain produce antidepressant chemicals.

If you are not interested in physical activity, try manual work, housework, or any new activity that may distract you.

But physical activity is still the most advisable, especially since smoking cessation usually corresponds to weight gain, what better than a sport to counterbalance?

How to Quit Smoking Weed?

7. Practice relaxation techniques

If in the past, smoking could have been your “stress cure” (completely counterproductive by the way), you will have to deal with it now.

Resisting a desire to smoke can be stressful in itself. Relieve stress by practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, yoga, meditation or Tai Chi.

A study published in the Journal of Addiction and Therapy actually suggests that practicing.

three times a week is an effective way to help people “quit smoking or reduce bad habits.”

On the other hand, improves blood pressure and reduces stress.

This kind of mind-body practice such as yoga, meditation or tai chi provides an ideal non-medicated treatment option for those trying to quit smoking.

8. Get it full of vitamins

Various studies have shown that smokers generally have lower concentrations of B vitamins and lower levels of vitamin C than non-smokers.

Smokers often cite stress as one of the triggers that increase the urge to smoke. B vitamins are known as “anti-stress” vitamins and can help balance mood.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help protect the lungs from oxidative stress caused by cigarette smoke.

Therefore, taking supplements of these vitamins can eventually help stop smoking. The best thing is to draw these vitamins from your food.

How to Quit Smoking Naturally?

9. Use your phone

Some apps can help track down and reduce cigarette consumption.

It’s possible to acquire healthy habits by repeating healthy actions consistently, and there are a variety of free apps that can help you track your progress.

These applications often use the principle of gamification, which challenges you and puts your smoking cessation for a game you must triumph, keeping you motivated all the way.

This is the case of the application Kwit, which in addition, presents you graphically all your stats since you are a Twitter: the number of cigarettes not smoked, money saved and longevity earned!

I highly recommend reading this article on the top 10 anti-smoking apps.

  1. Quit Tracker: Stop Smoking
  2. Stop Smoking – EasyQuit free

10. Remember why you do it

Write or say loudly why you want to quit smoking and resist cravings, especially if you are craving for cravings.

It can be:

  • feel better, healthier
  • to save your children from passive smoke
  • to save money
  • enjoy a better quality of sleep
  • do not be out of breath at the slightest effort
  • have a good breath at all times
  • have clothes that do not stink
  • conquer this girl (or this boy) non-smoker (smoker)

11. If nothing works, try medication

In addition to the classic nicotine substitutes, there is a drug whose name often comes up when it comes to quitting, it is Champix (varenicline).

The drug has had ups and downs and debates, going from being a refunded to a non-refundable drug and then being reimbursed again by 65% ​​in 2011.

This medicine seems rather indicated for:

  • smokers who are highly addicted to cigarettes
  • people who do not support nicotine substitutes
  • to those who have already suffered several failures in the past

Note that Champix seems to be the most effective pharmaceutical treatment on the market according to 2016 study published in The Lancet.

However, it is not without side effects and you should talk to your doctor /tobacco specialist before starting Champix weaning because it requires medical attention.

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