How To Make Delicious Vermicelli – 9 Ways [2022]

How to make delicious vermicelli: Vermicelli is one of the delectable delights which everyone loves to enjoy. Especially when you are stuck with your hectic schedules, you look for quick meals that are tasty yet healthy.

How To Take Delicious Vermicelli

Vermicelli is one of the healthy breakfasts which is versatile to cook. Vermicelli Upma is an incredibly popular breakfast in Southern India, where vermicelli is mixed with a blend of vegetables and local spices.

Vermicelli: How To Make Delicious Vermicelli: 9 Ways

If you are looking for some delicious vermicelli recipes, here we go:

1. Vermicelli Biryani Recipe

( How To Take Delicious Vermicelli? ) Are you a Biryani Lover? Well, if yes, then this Vermicelli Biryani recipe is undoubtedly for you. Loaded with vegetables and delectable spices makes this recipe a perfect meal for any day.

This recipe is surprisingly light to eat as vermicelli replaces the rice of Biryani. The medley of vegetables makes it a healthy delight too. Garnishing it with coriander will make it tempting than ever.

2. Ragi Vermicelli

Looking for a savory breakfast that is packed with nutrition, this recipe is for you. If you are unable to add nutrition-packed ragi, this recipe is a blessing for you.

The crunchy vegetables are the best way to pamper your tummy with health. But it would help if you were careful with ragi vermicelli as it turns mushy very quickly.

So avoid overcooking it by merely steaming it instead of boiling it. Prepare the vegetables and spices, and add the cooked vermicelli gently.

3. Egg Idiyappam Recipe

Surprised to see a combo of egg and vermicelli? Well, this is a super healthy combination that offers you a wholesome breakfast. All you need is spices, rice string hoppers, and a few eggs.

Rice noodles are considered a balanced meal as they are easy to digest and quick to cook. Scrambled eggs are a great addition to give a flavorful twist to their taste.

4. Chettinad Style Tomato Vermicelli

Loaded with the fragrance of spices, this spicy recipe with tickles your taste buds with flavors. If you need to cook a quick early breakfast, this is one of the best methods worth considering.

It contains the tanginess of tomatoes. The mouth-watering flavors of ginger, onion, and tomatoes intermingle with vermicelli. The mesmerizing flavors of cinnamon, curry leaves, mustard seeds, and cloves make it irresistible.

5. Thayir Semiya Recipe

Prepared with curd, this is a great morning or evening snack recipe. It is a suitable replacement for monotonous curd rice. The goodness of curd and the lightness of Semiya make this outstandingly delightful recipe.

You will not resist drooling seeing the spluttering mustard seeds and curry leaves extending the taste of this fabulous recipe. Do not forget to add some roasted cashew to give a kick start to your day with high levels of energy.

6. Karnataka Style Pudina Shavige Recipe

Another flavourful recipe made from foxtail millet vermicelli to tickle your tastebuds with flavors.

The exotic flavors of mint make this recipe very special. Few roasted peanuts and urad dal not only adds the crunch but also make it a nutritious-packed meal. Although foxtail millet gives you the best taste in this recipe, you can also use rice vermicelli or any other vermicelli.

7. Vegetarian Semiyan Upma

Roasted vermicelli is easy and quick to quick. It is best paired with any South Indian chutney, although you can eat it alone as well. It is a traditional South Indian recipe (1.), and most of the houses in South India enjoy it as breakfast most of the days. You can add some vegetables to make it more nutritious and keep the spices from mild to strong, depending on your taste.

8. Kara Sevai Recipe

Love lemon rice? This recipe explodes your tastebuds with flavors too. The tanginess of lemon is added to the sewing gives it a completely different taste. The is no onion no garlic recipe.

You can enjoy it at breakfast or even at your lunch. It goes well with tomato-cucumber Raita or Boondi raita. Adding a few roasted peanuts gives it a crunchy taste.

9. Sewaiya Kheer

A treat for the people with a sweet tooth. This easy-to-cook dessert will fetch you accolades for your perfect cooking style. Boil the milk and bring it to half to add vermicelli.

Cook it further and add sugar and cardamom. Don’t forget to top it up with chopped dry fruits. You can enjoy it at any time of the day. So next time, when you crave a healthy dessert, this kheer is worth trying.

FAQ’s of How To Make Delicious Vermicelli

What is vermicelli made out of?

Vermicelli is made out of refined flour. Three core ingredients are required to make vermicelli – refined wheat flour, water, and salt. At times groundnut flour or soya bean flour is also added to add its nutritional value. It is a rich source of protein

Is vermicelli good for health?

Yes, as it is low in carbohydrates and cholesterol, vermicelli is a healthy option. Compared to other forms of pasta, vermicelli is an excellent alternative.

Are rice noodles and vermicelli the same?

No, the composition and the cooking method for vermicelli and rice noodles are different. While rice flour is used to make rice noodles, vermicelli is made from refined flour. Rice noodles are fragile and hence need to be kept only in the boiling water to turn soft.


Vermicelli is an old, rich, and traditional form of pasta made by coiling long strands of dough around a spiralizer. In Italian-reading countries, it’s usually thicker than usual spaghetti, while in English-reading countries it’s usually thinner. The actual name comes from the word Versicolor which means ’round spiral.’ Either way, vermicelli noodles are some of the best and most authentic pasta out there.

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