How To Lose Weight Fast With Exercise? 15 Best Exercise & Tips

1 out of 5 Americans is Obese ‘2.8 million people worldwide are dying every year due to obesity. Obesity is becoming a global pandemic. It was once associated with high-income countries but today it has affected the middle-income and low-income countries as well.

Not just adults, but children are prone to obesity due to erratic eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. The researches show that early-age obesity leads to many cardiovascular diseases.

However, with growing health consciousness. people today are frequently looking for tips on how to lose weight fast.

Losing body fat is not a one-day phenomenon. It takes considerable changes in diet and lifestyle to lose weight fast. A healthy diet along with consistent workouts only helps you to reach your target weight loss. This article focuses on the best exercises to lose weight fast.

Why Exercising is Important Besides Losing Fat?

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Besides reducing body fat, there are several other benefits of exercising as follows:

#1 – Helps to boost one’s mood

After a long day, exercising is the best way to uplift your spirits and get re-energized for the next day.  After a strenuous exercise session, a warm bath, and a good meal you need to make your day perfect. Exercise boosts one’s mood and reduces stress. Exercising also improves the blood flow to the brain and other parts of the body.

Some exercises like running, swimming, hiking, and walking let you enjoy nature, Breathing exercises are also helpful in keeping a calm mind and relaxed body.

#2 – Helps to rectify posture

Specific exercises are designed to stretch specific parts of the body. For instance, squats aid in improving back posture. There are many yoga postures that help in improving the overall posture of your 

#3 – Improves stamina and strength.

By continually exercising, one increases the body’s ability to withstand pressure and other stressful situation. It improves the agility and overall strength of the body.

#4 – Better concentration

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body! Researches show that people who are physically active are often more mentally alert as compared to people following a sedentary lifestyle. It is highly recommended to exercise at least 4 days a week to improve concentration levels. Hence, exercising is not only beneficial in burning excessive body fat but also helps in shaping up your mind and body as well. As we have discovered the importance of exercising, here are some of the exercises to lose weight fast at home.

How To Lose Weight Fast With Exercise at Home?

How To Lose Weight Fast With Exercise

1. Running

Running is an excellent cardio exercise as it involves the entire body. To shed weight quickly is one of the highly recommended exercises. The effectiveness of running varies depending on the speed and the time allocated for running. However, you cannot win a marathon in the beginning. The key is to start slow and steady, You can take frequent breaks to manage your breathlessness initially. 

  • If you run for 30 minutes,= with a speed of about 5 mph,
  • then you are likely to burn 298 calories.
  • If you run at a speed of 6 mph,
  • the energy used will amount to approximately 372 calories.
  • With a speed of 7.5 mph,
  • the amount of calories you burn is about 465 calories.

2. Cycling

When you consume more calories than you burn, it leads to weight gain. So, to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. What could be better than Cycling which helps in burning more calories and toning your legs as well? 

Research has shown the number of calories one loses while cycling ranges from 400 to 1000 calories depending on the intensity of the cyclist. No doubt, cycling is a fun exercise that lets you enjoy pleasant weather too. 

3. Bodyweight exercise

Bodyweight exercises are important to turn extra body fat into muscles. You can easily do many bodyweight exercises in the comfort of your home. Unless you are a newbie, you don’t require a trainer. Some of the recommended bodyweight exercises are as follows:

4 – Push-ups

Push-ups work best for your chest and arms, it takes just a few weeks to get impressive biceps and pectoral muscles.

5 – Planks and Side Planks

these exercises work for your abdomen. If your body fat is highly accul=mulated around the abdomen, planks and side planks are highly recommended. 

6 – Jumping jack

Jumping Jack will not only help you shed those extra pounds but will also increase agility. Jumping jack involves the overall movements of your body. Hence, it is a total body workout that pays full attention to each and every part of your body.

Squats, crunches, sit-ups, mountain climbing, and Russian twists are some of the highly recommended exercises which help in burning body fat fast.

Tips To Lose Weight Fast And Easy

Losing weight is a balanced approach. Relying solely on exercise or a healthy diet will not give frequent results as expected. You need to maintain a healthy diet and an active lifestyle to lose weight fast and easily. Here are some important tips which help in losing weight fast and easily:

1. Have a Goal

Write a list of the things you would like to achieve after a certain period; this will help to remind you why you started this journey regularly. Having a clear plan also keeps you motivated. For instance, if you set a two-week goal to lose 5 pounds but end up losing 2 pounds, you can analyze the reasons for failure and work towards your goal in a better way.

2. Have an Accountability Partner

Our second pro tip involves starting the workout journey with someone who will motivate you when you feel like giving up. In the initial days of exercise, it might be hard, and if you do not have a reliable support system, you may end up giving up before attaining your goal. The good news is, after a few months you might be able to do it on your own, so if you are thinking of exercise, let your spouse know about it, your best friend or better involve a gym instructor. to keep yourself going.

3. Be consistent

The third pro tip for succeeding in the exercise regime is consistency. To achieve maximum benefits, you need to be consistent with your workout. If you have decided to work out every three days of the week, you need to push yourself to work out three days. Great tip, sometimes you might not feel like working out, but even on those dull days, try to take out some time for exercising like walking, running, or jogging to maintain consistency.


What exercises burn the most belly fat?

Cardio exercises such as walking, running, cycling, and elliptical training are highly beneficial in losing belly fat fast. it not only burns

belly fat but also sheds love handles and is helpful in building six-pack abs. 

Is working out 30 minutes a day enough to lose weight?

Yes, 30 minutes of workout a day is an excellent regime that shows great results in terms of weight loss. Studies show that people working out for 30 minutes each day are able to lose more weight than people working out 60 minutes a day.

How much weight you can lose in a week with exercise?

Depending on your calorie intake, the weight reduction varies. On average, if you consume 1200 calories a day and exercise for 1 hour a day, you will be able to reduce 3-5 pounds a week easily. 

What is the fastest way to reduce weight with a little exercise?

You need to reduce your food portions and cut down on carbs in

your food. it is recommended to increase the protein intake which helps in building muscle mass and also makes you feel full for a longer time. 

Bottom Line

To lose weight fast there are several things to consider including the duration of the exercise, your consistency, your diet, and most importantly your motivation. to get the best results healthy eating habits together with long workout sessions are what you need. It is recommended to start with a shorter duration and then increase the duration gradually to avoid any excessive strain on your body. I hope you liked the post How To Lose Weight Fast With Exercise?

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