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How to Increase Sperm Count by Food? 10 Super Foods

There are so many foods available in the markets, but which one is the best to boost sperm, count. And how to increase sperm count by food?

Sperm count is essential to factor for fertility. If we check current World Health Organisation guideline sperm count 15 million per millimeter, it is crucial for male fertility.

How to Increase Sperm Count by Food?

Anything change in the hormones control the production of sperm and works as anti-oxidant. And talking about testosterone level is most important to increase sperm.

Foods that increase testosterone level fast and easy. They help you to increase sperm.

Exercise and sleep, and remedies are the best ideas to increase sperm in the body. You can seek the advice of your doctor medication.

In this article, we will discuss the foods and which diet is the best to increase sperm count in the body.

Let me give you some examples that which are the best foods to boost your sperm banana, dark chocolate, walnuts and more.

They all are good in sperm count, nutrition, many health benefits even good for weight loss.

Let’s learn how to increase sperm count by food?

Food For Healthy Sperm

Check out the list of foods which are proper nutrition and good count sperm.

  • Walnut
  • Whole wheat and grains
  • Garlic
  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk product
  • Banana
  • Fish like – salmon, cod
  • Zinc
  • Cheese
  • Eggs

So they all are the best food to increase sperm in the body. Add into your diet plan and follow.

How to Increase Sperm Count By Food?

Using the best and healthy diet can help you to increase sperm. But people don’t know which food is the best to stay healthy. So don’t worry! You will learn and get the perfect idea for a healthy diet. You will love the foods and nutrition which we are going to share here.

Follow all foods to increase sperm count in your body:

  • Mushroom
  • Beef liver
  • Sweet papers
  • Kiwi
  • Fruit juice
  • Strawberry
  • Yogurt 
  • Green leaf, beans

You can add these foods into your diet plan. They all have good nutrition, protein, and many health benefits.

Medicine to Increase Sperm Count

Doctore can help you to increase low sperm in men. I help you to improve your health before taking any medication, talk to the doctor.

Get Answers From a Doctor in a Minutes, Anytime.

If you have any question talk to the Doctor Online. The specialist available 24/7.

How to Increase Sperm Count by Food?

Ask A Doctor Now

Medication which you can use to boost low sperm count:

  • exogenous androgens
  • Serophene oral
  • antibiotics
  • human chorionic gonadotrophin
  • clomiphene citrate oral

Way to increase sperm count naturally

According to ‘studies’ 2019, the sperm count was low in 1993 and 2011. In America, Australia and New Zealand, the sperm count was only 59.3 percent.

Many research has been done, and figures out that sperm count and fertility grew low.

Natural ways to boost sperm count include:

Stop smoking

Stop smoking if you want to improve sperm. Smok reduces sperm count. It has been researched in 2016 study. Try to avoid as much as you can, and there are many health benefits to quite smoke.


Exercise is the best way to boost sperm count in a man body. Many researchers have shown doing an exercise can improve sperm count. Doing 30-50 minutes of exercise can make more sperm count. It is good for health and weight loss too. Here is an example of weight loss “Crissy Metz.”

Avoid alcohol

Avoid excessive alcohol use and drugs. Excessive alcohol decreases sperm count. Too much alcohol is not good for health. Research has been done and shown excessive alcohol, drugs, cocaine, and marijuana decreased sperm count.

Reduce stress

Reduce your stress if you really increase the sperm count. Doing exercise every day and a healthy diet reduces stress. But the doctors give you the advice to take antidepressant medication.

Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep to increase your health and stress. Sleep helps you to increase your sperm count. Even it is good for weight loss. Take 7-8 hours sleep which helps you to stay healthy and energetic.

Get vitamin D and calcium

Get enough vitamin D and calcium to raise sperm. Vitamin D and calcium impact on health and sperm. Some research has shown that low dietary or low vitamin D diet reduce sperm count.

Vitamin D and calcium supplements are available online

Eat anti-oxidant rich foods

An antioxidant is the best way to remove and deactivate and free radical damage cell from the body. Several antioxidants have been shown and increase sperm.

Here are some antioxidants which contribute to the health and good sperm:

  • vitamin E
  • selenium
  • coenzyme
  • Vitamin C
  • glutathione
  • Vitamin D

Reduce unhealthy fat

Reduce unhealthy foods which are not for health and nor for sperm count. Unhealthy foods spoil your health and can increase your body fat and weight. Try to avoid as much as you can.

Get enough zinc and folate

Get enough zinc and folate study shown that using enough folate and zinc help you to increase health and sperm count. It is good for overall health.

PeasRed meat
Green, leafy vegetablesDairy
Fruits and fruit juice like orange juiceWhole wheat grain


  • Eat healthy fat
  • Don’t eat junk foods
  • do exercise
  • get your sleep
  • reduce stress
  • take medication

That’s all! I hope you like the articles about “How to Increase Sperm Count by Food?” Click here for more health information.

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